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  1. kill_all_planes

    need a button to check if we want cvs in games

    Wrong, on all counts.
  2. kill_all_planes

    need a button to check if we want cvs in games

    IDC if he hates DD's, facts remain though, CV's ARE broken, DD's ARE the most countered class in the game. It's not a hate pot, I mean if you cant work out why there are soooo many CV hate topics created consistently for the last 2 years, I dont know what to tell you? You dont need to be a statistician to see somethings not right.
  3. kill_all_planes

    Flamu take on Secondary builds in current patch

    Yeah the same Flamu who is 100 times better player than you will ever be
  4. kill_all_planes

    need a button to check if we want cvs in games

    Really? DD's are the class you're using as an example? 12k battles and you haven't worked out DD's are the single most countered class in the game? Hmmm ok.
  5. kill_all_planes

    need a button to check if we want cvs in games

    Dumbest comment ever. You do realize playing this game has nothing to do with showing respect to a ship type or not right? IT has nothing to do with self entitlement, everything to do with wanting a fair engagement between ship classes. If anything, CV players are self entitled since they get to have their cake and eat it too.
  6. kill_all_planes

    need a button to check if we want cvs in games

    What would you have them do then? How can that be true when yourself and many other CV lovers say to "group up" for AA? You cant have it both ways. CV's discourage flanking and more aggressive plays, its a fact, you can try to deny it but you would be lying or delusional. How? Because they wont push into over powered HE spam from both BB's and cruisers? Or because they wont push flanks in a CV game because they will get focused down with nothing they can do about it? You just stating they are the cause does NOT make it so. Perhaps its because you play on the most boring and static gameplay server that your opinion is somewhat warped.
  7. kill_all_planes

    need a button to check if we want cvs in games

    Really? I suppose you expect a BB to just yolo in and cap do you? You want to blame something for the stale meta, blame WG for CV's and HE spam. Do you even know what happens when you push or try to flank in this meta? You either get HE spammed to death or the CV singles you out. WG, not BB's is to blame for this meta and nothing else.
  8. Really? You mean the CV that was at C cap while all his targets had just capped B? How far do you think they are going to get? None of them were fast ships, maybe the Yugumo escapes...maybe. So? Its a Midway vs T8 AA, and some Hindenburg AA, we both know that isnt stopping at least one drop. With such low health pools there was no escaping unless there was a miracle.
  9. What's the friendly CV going to do? Hug the enemy CV to death? The friendly CV cant do barely anything to help. Those 3 surface ships were dead regardless of anything they might have tried and you're a fool if you think otherwise. Name one thing they could have done that the enemy Midway couldn't counter, just one thing they could have done to win the game. Or do you have your head in the sand that deep you wont admit 2-3 quarter health surface ships cant do a damn thing against a CV with that many planes left.
  10. The CV would have hunted and killed them anyway. What are they supposed to do? Run off and try to hide? That's laughable at best, there is no scenario where the CV doesn't just win that situation unless he goes AFK. Its a classic example of the CV getting to attack continuously while not risking a damn thing, its disgusting. Anyone who doesn't see the issue with that has their eyes painted on. ANY other surface ship in a 1 vs 4 is losing that fight 99 time out of 100.
  11. kill_all_planes

    Brawling and Pushing is Far From Dead

    Trouble is dead eye encourages guys to hang back, why would WG introduce a skill that encourages that? It's dumb, between CV's making players clump up for AA(what a joke that is), Thunderer spam and now Dead eye, it makes for a pretty stale and stagnant meta.
  12. kill_all_planes

    How to cope with major reworks

    The trouble with balancing purely off stats is it completely hides gameplay aspects. CV's are a prime example of this. Perhaps they need to change their system since WG go and make ridiculous changes a trained monkey could see aren't going to work out well. As for being naïve, you must be or you are just ignoring WG's constant blatant mistakes regarding balance and introducing new ships. You yourself don't know for a fact that's how WG balance's this game either. Your guess is no better than mine so don't start saying I have no idea when you're just guessing as well. For all we know they could be pulling random ideas out of a hat, and honestly, that's what it seems like with the dumb stuff we get dished up. Yeah Ill change my attitude when I see WG start to make smarter decisions regarding reworks and game balance, not before. I have years of in game evidence showing a clear history of WG introducing dumb stuff that they have been told was dumb or broken or OP and they just ignore it. I suggest you consider any other view on this game that isn't your own for a change, judging by what I've seen you offer up I kind of doubt that's going to happen.
  13. kill_all_planes

    How to cope with major reworks

    So you're a guidance counsellor now? Analyze data? Listen to feed back? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OMG you are so naïve. Testers keep telling WG what's wrong with ships before they get release and WG keeps ignoring them. You want to know why players get steamed up? They spend LOTS of money on this game because they love it and then WG goes and throws it out the window with (in the case of this recent rework) largely uncalled for changes. Wonder why so many WOWS players have serious doubts about WG ability to balance things? Have a look at their track record. Look at CV's, still broken after 2 years! Yeah the dmg stats might say different but the game play between surface and cv is disgustingly in favor of the CV and if you say anything different you are either blind or a liar.
  14. kill_all_planes

    Carriers Nerfed?

    Amazing, WG gave their beloved even more buffs. What a surprise.......
  15. kill_all_planes

    How would you fix CV's?

    You can try lots of things to make them more acceptable but in the end those basic things you cant really fix without making planes ridiculously slow or something.