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    Bot Programming - Does Bethesda own WoW?

    Why should I?
  2. Does Bethesda own World of Warship? I ask because it seems with the bot programming or lack thereof, it feels like a Bethesda kinda thing. I know I can't be the only one that is sick and tired of the "friendly" bots firing on us, ramming us, turning right in front of us and US getting penalized for it. I mean it's bad enough we have intelligence-challenged living players to deal with but the bots are getting out of hand. I know I am not on the high end of this but I have spent several thousand between both of my accounts on this game and am about to take my money and go elsewhere, no matter how much I enjoy the game. The attached screenshot show a wonderfully programmed bot turning in from of me a little bit ago and giving me that penalty bonus again.