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  1. SteadyAsSheGoes

    An alternative to SBMM

    I think the MM should be looked at in not a skill based context. More of a fun based context. I have more fun when my teammates and opponents are trying to win the objectives. How to incorporate that into the MM? If they figure that out, it could be a good hit. I don't think that FUN based MM is too heavy on the skill though more on the effort and endurance. Effort = contributes to cap and defend objectives, tempered with can last more than 5 min in a match?
  2. SteadyAsSheGoes


    Looks like you have got to lob in shots above deck and at edge of superstructure or through the superstructure. Requires 146mm minimum if my math is correct. 220mm minimum at water line "below SS" and 300mm min, below turrets. I wish the Frenchie's hade an armor setup like that. You definitely have to catch this petro guy slipping.
  3. SteadyAsSheGoes

    Never say never: SBMM

    I would like to think that somehow the players percentage of helping capture and defend objectives be worked into that algo.
  4. SteadyAsSheGoes

    The premium grab SIDE EFFECT and some questions please.

    Rn I would have to argue it is. Those that are willing to stick it out and learn the ropes before jumping into premium are more fun to play with and against. This has been my experience thus far. Hopefully this will change as the "disappearing premium" hype dies down
  5. SteadyAsSheGoes

    The premium grab SIDE EFFECT and some questions please.

    This Probably good time for experienced divs in t8-t10s rn. I want in. Send an invitation please.
  6. SteadyAsSheGoes

    The premium grab SIDE EFFECT and some questions please.

    Somebody needs a hug
  7. With the influx of newly bought premium ships. You know the ones that are "disappearing" I see that I may need to go back to t5 t6 for a few months until those players get some experience in those premiums. Otherwise I notice that I am the only one alive and my premium teammates drop like fly's and I get a bunch of them ever since I change my Alsace build. I just got to the Alsace. I think I found the build that will work for me "equipment wise". I still have to tweak my commander. I planned to stop on the Alsace because of great aa. However I cant get a CV game now that I have specked for it? Not that I want a CV game but I was looking forward to shredding those planes when I did get one. The MM algo is protecting CV maybe? Stay at T5-6 for a couple months? Can some of you experienced guys allow me to div with you over the weekend?
  8. SteadyAsSheGoes

    Ahskance Reacts: Potato Quality's CV Video

    I just got the Alsace and changed to secondary aa build haven't had a CV game since. I was looking forward to shredding some planes for all those times I could not.
  9. SteadyAsSheGoes

    Custom armor schematic "Republique". Is this right?

    Are you able to share SeaRaptor's notes with us?
  10. SteadyAsSheGoes

    Custom armor schematic "Republique". Is this right?

    Do we have AP bombers that can pen through the top of turrets? Can the turrets be penned through to the citadel? If so is it a calculation of the top of the turret and the citadel deck armor? Also I can only find the damage I don't see the penetration capabilities of the AP bombs?
  11. Hello, According to objectives displayed on the map how should the team format? i.e. 3 caps 3 formations? 1 cap 1 giant formation? Also how should the divs be classed out?
  12. SteadyAsSheGoes

    Custom armor schematic "Republique". Is this right?

    Can you give me a formula or maybe point me to some documentation so that I might can extract a formula? Thanks
  13. SteadyAsSheGoes

    Custom armor schematic "Republique". Is this right?

    How many mm does the penetration requirement increase per degree of angle?