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  1. SteadyAsSheGoes

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Yes I agree. It would be much easier to balance ships with MM tier vs tier. I think they make money in the beginning with the now up-tier frustration system because it was the beginning "it had to be developed that way" and the company was growing and couldn't change it. Now the company is established and we are painfully waiting for balanced MM. Instead of putting in the work, have they doubled down trying to balance past and future ships with same the up-tier system as a whole with this one skill rework? It is impossible. That is Alien technology. Maybe humanly possible if they rebalance the ships first under the scope of the MM will always be tier vs tier.
  2. Yea like when your aiming at a ship but forget to lock on gives you that weird visual sensation as the ship moves, you cant focus. That's what my spotter experience is like now. Before it was fine like I was locked on. Something is weird. Ill try and do a quick vid and post up after next battle.
  3. The ships are harder to judge movement. its like the entire screen is moving instead of the ship in the water.
  4. SteadyAsSheGoes

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    They should probably keep the interface upgrades but scrape the rework. Is the purpose of the skill rework to nerf and buff ships on a whole with 1 interface? If so then no I guess their wont be a change to the MM tier system, yet. Nothing is smart enough to balance over 200 ships with 1 interface?
  5. SteadyAsSheGoes

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Yes, but I read they wont but they did put themselves at a standoff with their own stubbornness with this rework. So we'll see.
  6. SteadyAsSheGoes

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    It wont work unless the balance they tier spread. I do like the interface however.
  7. SteadyAsSheGoes

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    I bet money they screwed the pooch this time.
  8. At t6 they fill in the empty slots with bots occasionally "early am" I don't have a problem with it. I think 5 is the best tier right now for fun factor, I haven't tried 6 yet since the rework.
  9. Oh yea I'm sure Everyone is suffering. That is my point. It can end by way of tier balance.
  10. Looks as though WG will have to impose a same tier MM system to balance this meta. Example I just unlocked my Amagi but I cant enjoy it with 18km -19km stock range with this new meta. I don't understand it. If they keep the skills the MM has to be same tier. Joking about the islands. Oh well back to t5 for a chance at some enjoyable battles.
  11. SteadyAsSheGoes


    They only think they can rig but will find that there would be little to no rewards in a 1v1 game. Remember there are objectives and requirements to gain points that count towards your rewards. Stats and PR would be affected as well because it is the same rewards algorithm that is used in the 3 game modes we have now ie pve, pvp and a hybrid of the two. I think both of your PR's would go down and both players WR wouldn't move with so few points. A player will be more inclined to make and join the game where it can be more rewarding, Sure people can think there is an easy way to gain rewards but there is not. However there is a way to create MM that you have always wanted for years since the beginning of this game. This programing exists. WG has already created it and aplied it to the game modes we have now. They just need to apply it to the training room mode. The combined algorithms will listen for game standards during the game and if triggered will calculate balance distribute rewards as necessary at the end of the game. Your right smaller battles will net smaller rewards but some players don't mind this because they get to play they way they want and maybe aren't after huge rewards at that moment. Next day maybe they will feel like joining or creating a larger more standard battle. Regardless they get to create or join the MM that they want.
  12. SteadyAsSheGoes


    I'm sorry I have deflated your arguments. I'm not trying to one up you. My suggestions are very practical. Players are unhappy with the MM for years and want different game modes. Are we all trolls? I don't think trolls look for ways to make people happy?
  13. SteadyAsSheGoes


    In the game now there exists 3 rewards algorithms. PVE,PVP and a HYBRD of the two when server population is very low. Also the rewards algorithm cannot be triggered outside of the 3 tier scope, ie tier 1 through 3 vs tier 1 through 3. WG just has to apply these algos to the training room mode. The rewards will be calculated, balanced and received when the requirements of the algorithm are met. Hopefully we can test this on the PTS server next time its up?
  14. SteadyAsSheGoes


    Ok I got you. In order to trigger the rewards algo requirements have to be met. If the algo recognizes the game standards and is activated it will deduce your signals and camos as is does now in the other game modes. There will always be stats and depending upon the game type you create so shall the results reflect on your stats. I'm sure there is a fair way to distribute these similar as we have now.