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  1. KampKeema85_2D

    Expendable camo why?

    At least you can sell what you don't want for credits.
  2. KampKeema85_2D

    Crazy MM

    COOP was like that earlier today. Lots of cruiser games with no or few BB's and DD's
  3. KampKeema85_2D

    Weekend Spree, 27 to 29 January 2023

    Well done. I have been working on 21 point commanders pretty hard over the last year with the goal of having at least one for each navy. Couple weeks ago finally finished a 21 pointer for the Commonwealth. Only nation still lacking is 21 pointer is Spain. Have more than one for Japan, US, Russia, and UK. Finished off all the dockyard phases I needed this last week also.
  4. KampKeema85_2D

    Yodo My Beloved

    Glad to see someone posting nice things about them.
  5. KampKeema85_2D

    All campaign tasks complete - finally did it

    Congrats. That is quite a task to complete.
  6. KampKeema85_2D

    I QUIT! I hate this %$#@#$ Game, Final Rant+

    Well played!
  7. KampKeema85_2D

    non co-op Campaigns

    ping ping ping What are the beaons doing? Its been months and no attention paid yet.
  8. KampKeema85_2D

    Service Costs

    Yeah but I'm not sure they are working as intended [credit sink] because I see them being played in coop by live players a lot. Maybe WG needs to increase the service cost by another 20 or 30%
  9. I retired in 2018 and started playing this game in 2020. Play whenever I want but usually mid-day for awhile and again in the evening.
  10. KampKeema85_2D

    Been wanting this ship for a LONG time!

    I got GC out of a Xmas crate this year also. I really like this ship and is quickly becoming a fav T5 BB. The guns are amazing and I was actually using her to farm cits for this weeks dockyard BB mission.
  11. Congrats, the unique EB's have been pretty rare in the crates. I should finish up the battle pass either tomorrow or Sat. to get my last mega xmas crates for the year i will be hoping for equally good results.
  12. KampKeema85_2D

    Can we get an official update on West Virginia 1944?

    Whatever that means. He maybe WG'ing could pull some staff off of working on garbage Subs, CV;s and superships and get this long promised and overdue project done.
  13. KampKeema85_2D

    How often does THIS happen?

    Congrats, a lucky day for you. I have never had a ship drop from a SC.
  14. KampKeema85_2D

    Battle Pass - Pass or Fail?

    It worked fine for me. I played about the same amount of time I always do and had no problem getting well past level 50. I think the extra rewards of the Prem BP are worth what it costs.
  15. KampKeema85_2D

    Y can't we do campaigns in Operations?????

    I think RenamedUser has some good points. Maybe it's time for Wargaming, the testers, moderators and CM's to "EVOLVE" in their thinking. God knows the players have had to evolve with the changes that have come with the garbage of subs and superships.