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  1. KampKeema85_2D

    WG loves me!

    Very nice. I got more camo's to go with the thousands I already have.
  2. KampKeema85_2D

    Coop and subs suggestion

    I have to agree. Subs have changed the feel of the game and not in a good way. They do not work and they have taken the fun out of coop.
  3. KampKeema85_2D

    Coop and subs suggestion

    It's not so much a matter of balance. First of all the current game machanics of subs is very broken [sub speed, torpedo speed, lack of asw weapons on most ships]. At least if there was only one in the game maybe I could spend more time dealing with the other ships rather than dogging subs and their broken torps. Also with 1/3 of the ships being subs lately getting good damage games have become few and far between.
  4. KampKeema85_2D

    Coop and subs suggestion

    It would be better to remove subs from coop. Otherwise limit to only 1 per side.
  5. KampKeema85_2D

    Retire Shards and Give Us New Maps

    No Shards is fine. Get rid of Sea of Fortune, I hate that map.
  6. KampKeema85_2D

    Sub fixes

    Sub fixes? Thats funny. The only way to fix subs are to remove them from the game.
  7. I got mine on the 3rd bundle which was the last one I bought.
  8. KampKeema85_2D

    Battleship Ise Giveaway — Join us on Stream!

    ISE? As we still wait for Congress, Constellation and Napoli!