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    PSA: Prime Loot for Black Friday is available now.

    I got Asashio B... finally get a ship.. cool
  2. People respond with it's your fault is nonsense! You are absolutely correct, some folks hide in this game and watch their teammates get shot at rather than acting; probably because they lack tactical sense, and/or they just scared to get shot at in a GAME!... If folks would play this as a game and expect to take damage to their ships maybe they would push now and then, or get involved in the fight before as you mentioned once you got killed then its their turn. I see this all the time in an area where maybe its 3 vs 3 and the other 2 just sit there or hide; once you're taken out then it's a 3 vs 2 advantage to the other side etc etc... On maps where 2 zones are near each other I see someone type lets push the second zone, with wilco, wilco, wilco. Then you get there and people park in the first zone, even with having superior strength. It's the nature of the game, some folks learn to play like passive sheep and it's difficult to teach them anything else.
  3. Admiral_Jack_2021

    Never, never was I going to reset any lines, ever!!

    Not trying to highjack the tread, but which do you like better? In 14 days or I will reset a line for the 2x bonus and will have enough points to get one of those two.
  4. Admiral_Jack_2021

    So How is Ranked going for you?

    It is going about average for me, win some lose some.
  5. Admiral_Jack_2021

    First post after shutdown?

    Not sure but I still cannot log into game, how about you?
  6. Admiral_Jack_2021

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    1) Ships 2) Super amount of Steel
  7. Admiral_Jack_2021

    Have you served in the armed forces? When where?

    Served in the U.S Navy 1981-1986 Radioman Diego Garcia 1981-1982 USS Platte AO-186 (Plank Owner) 1982-1986
  8. Admiral_Jack_2021

    Will Helena be one of the better performing Tier 7 cruisers? NO?

    58K damage first time out in Helena....
  9. Admiral_Jack_2021

    Reminder: Resets resetting

    So you cannot reset any lines until you have 5 lines to reset ? I have a ways to go then, almost got 2.... Thanks
  10. I bought a 10 pack and got the Pom... So I was pretty happy.. Think I will quit while I'm ahead...
  11. Admiral_Jack_2021

    Are you on target to complete Hizen on time?

    Well new here, day 14 of playing. Bought the Stras and Hizen, currently have 37 ships, doing alot of research as I have made a few small mistakes while playing. Currently have 37 ships, did buy a couple Santa pack things and got about 5 ships out of them. From reading the forums etc, bought the Alaska, Hill, and with my coal and about 3500 steel since playing bought the X Thunderer today. Also picked up Mass BB. and Atago. I came over on a Verizon promotion which gave me Arizona and another ship to start. I have completed Ships and Fates a few days ago, finish In Pursuit of Stras today, on mission 9 of science of Victory, and finished the Dockyard stage 4 tonight. Had problems using CV, so ended up completing the non CV tasks. Thinking of picking up the Georgia before its gone, really wanted the Salem as I like cruisers the best, but went with Thunderer... Been knocking of the snowflakes every day, just realized today its a one time thing (smh)... Missed that in the reading lol. Oh decided to try ranked games the last couple days of the sprint and got up to bronze tier 1 utilizing VIII Mass, and Atago, and Container ship I got the Ochakov, played a few matches at level 1 bronze with Hizen broke even and figured, Although I can hang, I'm not ready for prime time with that ship. Fav ships so far: Strasbourg, Mass, Ochakov, Duca d Aosta, Arizona ok. Think I will like the Thunderer as I get more games in it, and Atago. Started researching Japans Cruise line, also looking at other Countries that have good cruisers. Been playing a lot of BB's since I have so many, but still like the Cruisers, looking for a fast, with good maneuverability cruisers. Alaska is good but not that... :)
  12. I was reviewing your Graf Zeppelin review from 2017, your last post mentioned when the ship came out you would do another review. Was wondering if you did that, or just skipped it?  My lack of searching ability hasn't been able to locate it. thanks..

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      I started reviewing all (yes) all of the tier VIII carriers in the Spring of last year after Wargaming started selling them again. They then proceeded to make core changes to CV mechanics and AA firepower which made the work I had done obsolete.  Until carrier gameplay stops changing every other month, I'm holding off on reviewing them.


    2. Admiral_Jack_2021


      thanks for the reply.

  13. Admiral_Jack_2021

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2020

    Searching for learning material as I just joined the game 4 days ago, so my first read of your reviews.. Guess I have some catching up to do, very well written and enjoyed reading it.