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  1. wotan_unconquerable

    What happened to the North Carolina

    You are right about the Bismarck and Tirpitz at tier 10 and to some degree tier 9, North Carolina for its low detection and sigma still cannot get around the fact that with subs, radar ships and dds, she cannot hide too well and because everybody knows shes a tin can and take cits very easily she becomes a target, except when the Constellation is in the game, then she becomes number two on the list. Northy can punish at its tier if its accurate but the overpens are disheartening, especially from up close. North Carolinas hit pool is also very low especially stock so she cannot last the gaame unless hiding behind islands or bow tanking but with tier 10 overmatch, 12 and 15k are the order of the day.
  2. wotan_unconquerable

    What happened to the North Carolina

    Its powercreep pure and simple, with WG having their thumb on the scale to balance things out. Also with tier 10 games the NC is not really a good ship for that, but as you said it the Overpens are quite prevalent and not just on the NC either. The NC has too much history as a real ship to be in the game without getting some love. I too have visited the North Carolina, and the Haida. Missouri in Hawaii is next along with paying my respects to those brave sailors who died on the Arizona.
  3. wotan_unconquerable

    Skip Zieten with free XP or not?

    You must be playing the Kberg and Roon in Coop alot, because in Random those ships are tasty treats for every red out there, the Roon granted is tougher but really is hit and miss with the tier 10 and 11s out there. The KBerg in Random is like the perverbial tin can, crushed and the long range of the guns is not going to help alot.
  4. wotan_unconquerable

    Skip Zieten with free XP or not?

    As someone who had over 1.5million xp on the Gnes and for then the top captain at 19 points, Gnes was a killer ship, great AA when speced or great secondaries, the wonky guns you knew about and can work around it, then something happened, the ship grew over the last 2 years to be almost imho irrelevant. There are too many tier 9 ships and one phoney tier 9 ship (you know who you are) that the Gnes faces, no hydro really hurts this ship as the phethora of dds with spam cancer hiding in smoke really has powercrept this ship. The Prinz Hienrich at least can overcome some of these limitations and can do in my experience much better for the Meta of today, Tier 9 and 10 still hurt it but at least it will work better. Zieten i got past as fast as possible as it was a complete steaming pile. I was not taking a chance with ruppy so i free xpd around it. The Schlieffen has been great so far.
  5. wotan_unconquerable

    Question on battleship lines/Vermont

    IMHO the Vermont is just satisfactory as far as BBs go, It works very well in todays game, in the past it would not have been tolerated but now you dont need to push up and get in the action, with your speed and the large maps it will take you ten mins to get there but you can if you want but be ready for being focused, HE spammed and Torp to death and dont talk about the Underwater cancer that is out there. You will be the belle of the ball with those pos around. Keep in mind that this is NOT a Team game no matter what WG likes to think so, its all about fortune and glory, and individual achievements. This ship can work and its not bad. There are worse ships out there.
  6. wotan_unconquerable

    Question on battleship lines/Vermont

    I did not play the Kansas and the Minnesota, I only played a couple of games with them to realize how much of steaming pile they were, if the buffs that were applied to Vermont also in some way helps the other two then they are worth it, all buffs are gratefully accepted, but keep in mind no matter the buff, both the K and M are both still uptiered ships especially the Kansas so they still would not be fun to play. Who knows, give it a try and see what you think, they are only tech tree ships so nothing ventured is nothing gained.
  7. wotan_unconquerable

    Question on battleship lines/Vermont

    The Montana is really worth getting. It is still like the Yamato very relevant in todays game and there are not many tech tree ships you can say that about. Its got good range and the guns really can go medieval on any ship out there, even the tier 11s can get spanked. The Vermont post rework is not bad either. You can expect everybody to be gunning for you and so act accordingly. With todays game, you can snipe pretty good and stay out of the HE spammers way. One thing i recommend today that i would never have in the past as I always believed in it was not free xp around ships. Today I would recommend it, if you can, Because of the really terrible trend of double tiering, you may as well 'Learn your craft' at tier 10 instead of being pummelled and a hp pinata at tier 8. I free xp past the Kansas and the Minnesota to get to Vermont and same with Prince Rupprechect to Schliffen, after the terrible Zieten, i was not going to take the chance and i did see how really bad the Kansas and the Minnesota really are.
  8. wotan_unconquerable

    Ise is a horrible ship

    It is a fun ship, and you are right it has no defense against subs, i think wg means for your planes to torp the sub and for the record its not the only one with no sub defense, I think all the dutch ships, i know the Kearsarge doesnt and the Tone. Another thing about ISE is, while its fun at tier 6 it is no fun against Tier 8 which is too common in todays game.
  9. wotan_unconquerable

    Tier 7 Battleship

    Its to bad that you have not got Gnes when it was a pretty good overall ship, it did have wonky firing but everything else was good, even the AA was surprisingly effective and with the three finger salute you can put away alot of Colorados as you just run rings around them. Now Gnes is just powercrept and undergunned. The Bismarck will be slightly better with two more guns but it does play tier 10 alot, so its effectiveness is going to be reduced, on the good side, it does have great secondaries and it does have hydro to deal with the DD.s. Good luck on the March to the Bismarck
  10. wotan_unconquerable

    Tier 7 Battleship

    If you are talking about the Hienrich, i dont believe it has a second set of torps only the one set of 4 per side. As far as the Gneisenau is concerned, the Heinrich is better balanced allround for todays game, the Gnes and scharn are yesterdays ships and while they might have a slight better armour and do very well in some scenarios, their lack of Hydro and the Scharn small caliber guns really hurt them. At least with the Hieny you can combat the dd cockroaches and send torps into smoke from a safer distance and then have hydro to take care of business with them. I do respect however that people can have good games with the Gnes and i was one of them but now forget it.
  11. wotan_unconquerable

    BB Tech Tree Lines

    With the Brisk commander skill, you can get the ole Vermont up to nearly 27knots including speed flag, now that is not a kick in the butt of the North Carolina at 24knots stock and 28knots fully decked, however that is not with the brisk and speed flag added. So with those, NC can do about 32knots. Since you got the Constellation for free, congrats. I have played quite a few games with her and she can be good but only within her tier, I am contantly uptiered to tier 10 and 9, and since you can be penned at any angle by any amount of ships in those tiers you may not like the Connie much. As far as the german BC and tech line, Tier 7 is the weak point for the German Tech line. This was not always the case as both the Gnes and the premium Scharn were really good but powercreep has made them only good for special missions and maybe a ranked game where they wont be uptiered. They both badly need hydro and the Hieney does have this so at Tier 7 and only Tier 7 the Hieney will perform very well especially against DDs who cower in smoke and spam torps.
  12. wotan_unconquerable

    New German BB's (BC's?) are SUPER SQUISHY...

    Having just completed grinding the BC line, i can readily agree with the comments made in this forum, although i am late to the party lol. Of all the ships i liked the most, the Heinrich was my favorite only because of where iit slots in at Tier 7. Compared to the Scharn and Gnes both of which have become irrelevant in this game due to power creep. The Hieny at least has 8 main guns and Torps and most important Hydro, a feature both sisters are sorely missing. They may have better armour schemes but HE does not Care. Its not just the Germams who need Hydro, other than Duke of York, most are blind as bats to Smoke covered Torp spamming DDs. Forget Zeiten as it was a waste, like the colorado used to be before the North Carolina which is no longer the prize it once was. I Free XPd around Ruprecht as i did not want a repeat of the Zeiten and the Schiffen has been a pleasant surprise, not the greatest ship but better than i thought.
  13. wotan_unconquerable

    Is Yamato worth grinding to in todays WOWS?

    The Yamato is still worth it, it still will kick butt unless you have cvs around then they will be on you like white on rice. It and the phoney tier 9 Mushashi are the only ones in the game that can dominate from over 30k away with spotter
  14. wotan_unconquerable

    Hindenburg Question?

    Alot has changed in two years, and its not just the Hindy... the Bismarck does not Bismarck very well any more and not withstanding some good games that people have with her, the Tirpitz as well, in fact i might see a Tirp only twice a week in battles as most of the German Line has been powercrept to being pointless. The Scharn and Gnes, both excellent ships are not so good anymore.
  15. wotan_unconquerable

    Pommern Secondary Build BUT...

    There are more quirks with this game, 1 I dont see 3 fires going at the same time 2, Not too many overpens 3 Your torpedoes are still intact 4. What did you offer to RNG jesus for that game, i would like to use it too, lol Well played