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  1. I'm getting a total freeze on startup -- locks up during the intro video, have to log out of Windows as the system won't alt-tab away from the locked screen. But NA server is up?
  2. Very yes. SAP is your primary choice, but HE is useful against angled DDs, and to start fires on larger ships.
  3. You're nuts. AR is one of the best captain skills for almost every build, unless you're planning on just not getting hit. And for a smoke-farming DD, AR is ridiculously powerful. When health runs low you just become an angrier smoke cloud.
  4. Totally off topic, but I read your thread title and instantly thought, "Now there's something I say to myself at work at least once a week."
  5. JamesTomb

    Matchmaking oddity in Brawl?

    Yeah, I wasn't complaining, just pointing out the weirdness of it. Had a couple wins all solo vs. divs as well, but admittedly not many. Even if the players in a div are if individually mediocre there's still a significant advantage just from choosing synergistic ships and/or playing cooperatively. FWIW I played another 20-30 matches since posting this and the observation held true -- multiple divs were on the same team every single time. Did anyone see a game where this wasn't the case? Did I just have a string of highly improbable luck?
  6. JamesTomb

    People quitting the game

    Would it be OK for the next TT line to be built around ion cannons and teleportation? (Slava guns and Kleber speed notwithstanding.) This debate happens all the time on the forum and it's always stupid. Two things can be true at the same time: It's a game. It's also a historical warship game. Because it's a game there's wide leeway for ahistorical or unrealistic mechanics. But because it's premised on historical naval combat there's a line that can't be crossed without breaking immersion. The line is fuzzy, and varies from person to person, but it's there. Plating 1.25" thick deflects 16" shells when angled? Ridiculous, but perfectly acceptable unless you're a total grognard. Same goes for torp reloads, 3-second reloads on manually operated 5" guns, destroyers that handle like jetskis, etc. For most people these things can enhance gameplay without feeling "wrong." Other issues will bother some people more than others, like radar going through islands, destroyers being invisible at 6km, or Russia having a surface fleet. But the real sin? The thing that really bothers a lot of people? Jettisoning reality for bad game mechanics. Like subs!
  7. JamesTomb

    Matchmaking oddity in Brawl?

    But that doesn't explain why the divs have to be placed on the same team? And from what I've seen they have to be, though obviously I've only seen 30-40 matchups. It's just the number of wins, not win percentage, even just in Brawls? That might explain this doozy:
  8. I've noticed something strange about the matchmaking in brawls: These are far from the only examples. I only started taking these after I noticed it: every time there are multiple divs in a game, all of them are on the same team. I've seen a single exception, and that was one where there were three 4-player divs, so they had to be split. Anybody else experiencing the same thing? ------------------------------- OK, FFS can somebody tell me how to remove the duplicate images below? I've edited this post three times, deleted 'em, and yet here the bastards still are. (While we're at it, can you tell me how to get the forum to stop telling me on EVERY PAGE I VISIT that it uses cookies?!?! I GET IT. THAT'S WHY I CLICKED 'OK'. NINETEEN TIMES. I think most web protocols have a technology that can be used to remember things from page to page, something named after some kind of dessert...)
  9. JamesTomb

    People quitting the game

    Thank you for this. My 8-year-old finished his schoolwork today, wandered over to the computer and was nearly in tears when he couldn't find WoWS. We've played together a lot, looked at all the cool ships and features, and have even visited a couple museum ships since we started playing. Needless to say, I explained it was a typical computer glitch and I'd have it fixed in [checks download speed] 20 minutes. While it's a shame I can't invest personally or financially in the game anymore given its direction, that's no reason to throw the whole thing overboard. Fewer randoms, no more grinding, no more matchups that set my teeth on edge. Find the fun where you can, as long as you can.
  10. JamesTomb

    People quitting the game

    I can't speak for that guy but there is an actual solution. Make it a full-blown Tier 11. It's inherently toxic to have a group of ships that are guaranteed uptiering in every match.
  11. JamesTomb

    People quitting the game

    I finally did it. Uninstalled after 12K games and a fair amount invested. Makes me kinda sad, actually. I really loved this game. I'm home sick today and played a frankly disgusting number of games. It really put in perspective how much things have changed just in the last year. Game...after game...after game...being chased across the map by the invisible all-pinging, all-torping subs, and/or getting dumpstered by super-CVs. The match I just wrapped up, the reds had a USS United States, Annapolis, Conde, Yamagiri, and a pair of divved U2501s. I ate a pair of 15K CV strikes and then spent the next three minutes trying and finally failing to shake the subs. I think they were trying a wolfpack style tactic where they were both continuously pinging me and torping 1-by-1 as they reloaded. I cannot adequately express how frustrating an experience it was. Honestly the subs aren't even that powerful except in niche circumstances, they're just like nails on a chalkboard. I might reinstall in a week or two just to finish off the dockyard, but I'm done for a good long while at least.
  12. JamesTomb

    AA hit chance and immunity mechanic?

    Wait a minute. Wouldn't this mean that Soviet planes and other single-flight squadrons can start an attack run outside significant AA range and remain untouched except during the climbout? I've played up to Serov and planes do die while you're lining up a strike. So when you say "attack animation" do you mean the period from when you initiate a strike (first click) until the ordnance drops?
  13. JamesTomb

    So…the Delny is a mystery to me.

    Delny is odd for me too. The only significant advantage she has over Grozovoi is the plating. Maybe throw in the extra 4 knots of speed and a little bit of health as advantages. Other than that Groz is better in almost every way -- usable conceal, slightly better agility, significantly better DPM (!), more utility, faster torps, better AA. So Delny might be a little better at full-time open water gunboating due to the sustain. But Groz can do that too, and do more damage when she does in addition to being much more flexible for playing other roles. And if I wanted to play a pure gunboat harasser I'd just play Kleber, which has much better agility, similar staying power, and better DPM than Delny even without reload booster.
  14. My record is 11, but that hardly counts. It was in my protected MM days in a Hermelin, and half the other team were bots. Still looks nice on the profile page tho.
  15. JamesTomb

    Coal ships?

    More shells in the air, actually. At 10km Gearing HE shells take 8.3s to arrive, while Sherman manages it in 5.8s. So Sherman's effective DPM is much higher than Gearing's. You can actually hit things at range. And that's without factoring in SAP, which adds another 50% to the damage output without even factoring in the ability to directly damage BB and cruiser hulls with that 36mm pen. I'm not saying that Sherman isn't limited in a lot of ways. But as a gunboat she's in an entirely different league than Gearing.