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  1. BigGD3

    What tf happened to wows-numbers

    Same and like @Superczar stated I was on the board with the Aquila. Going to miss that info, hopefully it will come back in some form.
  2. Much better match than my previous post...
  3. BigGD3

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Reward Drop

    I had the 10K coal drop which I'm perfectly good with. I have the three ships and more than enough premium time/camos/flags after Christmas crates.
  4. BigGD3

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Added two more to port over the weekend. Tier X Italian Cruiser Napoli for coal and Tier VII US Cruiser Boise which was in the Tier VII crate I got for finishing the KOTS collection. Loving the Napoli in brawls...
  5. BigGD3

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Nice... I highly considered it but went with the Napoli cause secondaries.
  6. This happened to me a 2 (maybe 3) times in a row and sounds like it has gone on intermittently all day speaking with folk I div up with a lot. If this was a server issue we should get some kind of compensation for lost flags and camos. I wish I could get my naval battle attempts back for the clan as we're in a tight contest with another clan. Did open a ticket up; wish I had documented the screens though.
  7. BigGD3

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Crossed over 150 today with the Tier V Podvoisky as I suddenly feel compelled to push the Russian DD and German BB lines the next couple of months.
  8. BigGD3

    Premium Ship Review - Marco Polo

    Thought really hard before picking up the Marco with my coal stash when the coupons were re-issued. There are many conflicting reviews (mostly negative) on Youtube and the various avenues for chats about Warships. Some people I division with warned against her. BB's being my best class so far and already having the Pommern I decided to pick up the Marco. First match I took into the Grand Battle and racked up 150K in damage. Have had several 'solid' games around 100K in randoms. (Yes, a time or two I did get blapped sooner with lower scores. It happens to all of us). So far I think Marco is a decent performer if you respect her drawbacks. Don't get many citadels with her but can consistently get 12k or higher damage hits with the SAP. Like Mouse said, if you think you might enjoy a ship don't let a 'meh' dissuade you. Lots of players make ships work for them that many others regard as 'meh' or 'garbage.' See you on the digital seas!
  9. BigGD3

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Just joined the collector's club today. Actually filling in some lower tier ships for streaming purposes. Have tiers I-IX. Hopefully will have my first tier X soon. 51 ships in port.
  10. BigGD3

    New Mex new favorite ship...

    I've had some great games in the New Mexico. Today it was the one who gave me my first 5 destroyed game since I've been playing. I thought it would be the one to break 100k damage (I have been in the 90's with it) but the Colorado took that honor. The NM is really quite a tank of a ship.
  11. BigGD3

    Who have you seen in game

    Yeah, I've had that happen too often where my team's flank in front of me collapses and I'm left alone and outnumbered. That said I'm also working on staying more aware of the mini-map so I don't get in those situations. Scores are improving and finally broke my first 100k damage game today in the Colorado and destroyed 5 ships in the New Mexico. Thanks also to watching and picking up pointers from a few good WoWs streamers like yourself.
  12. BigGD3

    Who have you seen in game

    Was in a battle about a week ago with @SeaRaptor. I was in the Arizona and the group I was with collapsed and I was left out to dry. He was in a CV but I was a goner. I jumped on his stream after I was destroyed and chatted a bit about it. I look closer know for others I might now in the battles.