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  1. Count_pott

    Smooth Supply - What did you get in your SC?

    15k Coal. First time I didn't get 100 credit flags! Very well worth-it; with the Coal from the subs, I got a special upgrade.
  2. 33 bundles and no Missouri (I have resources, I do not have playtime: the special flags help). I will not pull further. Boats I got were Krasny Krym (meh), Marblehead (eh), London (no clue), Hood (eh), and Orkan (yay!). So overall, not great on the ships, but one I wanted, at least. I had bought Doubloons with the Visa special offer, so at least there was some sort of discount. Had these been ships I were more into, it may have been more worth it. I did get plenty of flags, a few million credits etc... I did not feel mislead and had fully grasped the odds and overall value (= negative) of whaling this, even stopping short of the full Doubloon investments. I have a newborn baby and I'm lucky if I play once a week. The campaign is out of the question. Note that I was NOT interested in Missouri itself. Had they kept the previous economy, I would have wanted it. But keeping the economy only for long-time players who already have it, thus further increasing the gap between veterans and newer folks just trying to learn? No thank you. That was an absolutely trust-breaking move by WG and this is the last event I will contribute towards. It really shows how much they care for newer players... none at all. They keep removing great ships (I missed-out on Jean-Bart, which being French was important to me, Benham, Black, Smalland, Smolensk...), and are now removing benefits tied to ships I could still get (even in [edited], convoluted ways). Not to mention, all events are so time-gated that I can barely start them. But that's just me and my availability. Still, why time-gate grinds which are already long? Why not give every player a chance?
  3. Count_pott

    Tier 8 DD

    T8 is weird. It has some fantastic tech-tree and Premium destroyers, but the Matchmaker means you will face tons of radars, CVs, or be up-tiered, leading to a very frustrating experience. That being said, some of my favorite destroyers: * Fantasque is is a proper speed demon and a real thrill ride (it's also very close to Le Terrible. By the way, "Le Terrible" in French means "The Terrifying", not the Terrible, and it's 'Fantasque', not Fantastique). * Benson has the same firepower as Kidd or Fletcher, though slower torps. I really enjoyed playing it. * Lightning has great concealment and very comfortable handling. One of my top ships in the game overall. * Cossack is similar to Lightning but with an additional turret. * Akizuki is the first experience of a truly fearsome boat, from any tech-tree, I think. If you're familiar with T8 meta and enjoy playing gunboat DDs, Cossack or Kidd are both just excellent choices. I'd favor Cossack; Kidd feels a little 'generic' vs. other US DDs, with its heal being the main attraction. Cossack has much faster-reloading torps and better stealth, making it easier to play in T9 or 10 games. If you're in the lower tiers and aren't familiar with how to play against radars, it may take a while to make a T8 destroyer work, regardless of whether it's a Premium or tech-tree. That doesn't mean you won't have fun though. Up to you!
  4. Shira is a dedicated torpedo boat, while Akizuki is decidedly not. You could therefore plan to reserve a captain for Shira, or to pre-build an Akizuki one. Dedicated JP torpedo-boat captain example: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PJSD207&modules=12221&upgrades=135200&commander=PCW001&skills=5400609&ar=100&consumables=111&pos=0 My own Akizuki/Kitakaze etc... captain: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PJSD108&modules=12221&upgrades=133220&commander=PCW001&skills=4610081&ar=100&consumables=1111&pos=0 (Of course these are just sample builds, a lot depends on your own playstyles. If you're fine with turret traverse but really want situation awareness, maybe swap Grease the Gears for Incoming FIre Alert.)
  5. Only about half my team were humans, which helped a ton. Which is weird since it was about noon. How does one view results from battles which were in a past session?
  6. Count_pott

    Can't find the word to describe this....

    My last 2 super containers were 100 of the +20% credit flags. I have > 1k of these now. I play maybe once every couple of weeks due to just getting a baby (awesome little dude). I don't want to frown at 'free' stuff but...
  7. 100%. I found myself on top of a DD, shot depth-charges, then nothing for a while. I got some hit indicators as I was well clear of the DD; I have no idea if my first or last depth-charges hit, or how I could improve my aim in the future.
  8. Is the hydro issue (not detecting subs) an gameplay feature, or a bug?
  9. Back from Co-op where I got a 1.4k base XP game in Worcester, and this time I DID get to shoot at subs, so hurray; better experience. But. Hydro does not detect subs. This had me very confused. I was in my Mainz and a sub was surface-detected within 6km. My hydro was up. An island happened between sub and myself and... poof. It disappeared. Hence the spotting process for subs is still nebulous to me. I'll need to deep-dive (sorry) into it further.
  10. Count_pott

    Subs Feedback Thread

    For DDs, yes, they're easy kills; and on the games I played, our DDs racked-up a lot of kills. My issue was with Worcester though, a Cruiser. The ping making them visible is a good point; it confirms a behavior I couldn't explain earlier. I'll have to lookup the distance + general concealment values for subs. My questions weren't related to them being a threat or not; but rather on how a ship which has very little firepower against them can make it work in subs-heavy Co-op (and later, Random) games.
  11. Count_pott

    Subs Feedback Thread

    I just got Worcester and as usual, I went to try it out in co-op. Both games had a lot of subs. One game had 1 x cruiser and 1 x BB per side. All rest was DD and subs. I felt useless in Worcester. I could see subs being underwater when they got detected, but could do nothing. No depth-charges. Yes, I can shoot at them when they surface, but that didn't happen in both games within range. And since Subs are somewhat surface-speed when submerged, taking this time to run-away is tricky: they can go after you and drop-off detection. I don't want to be all 'OMG THIS WILL KILL THE GAME' because it won't, as nothing has killed it before. But I do want to know more about balance and about what a ship like Worcester is meant to do against them. This left me with a few questions: * Do subs get detected by radar? Given hydro's short range and subs' stealth, it would seem unfair that they do not, giving them to ability to ALWAYS sneak in. (yes, I will look that one up, I just saw this thread and wanted to ask as well) * Do subs' ping reload faster than a ship's DCP? If so, DCPing a double-ping would then guarantee another, and therefore a couple torpedo citadel hits * Do ships in smoke remain hidden to subs when they're submerged, or do smoke detection work differently for them?
  12. I also avoided a Makarov. ... and got a Yudachi... :(
  13. Count_pott

    So Ragnar is steel....what's the new FXP ship?

    Good for you. I DO play World of Warships and will face Ragnars in battle.
  14. Count_pott

    So Ragnar is steel....what's the new FXP ship?

    I am extremely disappointed here, but what's new. Not everyone plays Ranked or is in a clan. Steel ships = ships a TON of players will NEVER get near. Due to when I started playing, I missed-out on Black and Smaland. I was HOPING Ragnar would be an option. Nope. Neither was Druid. Neither was Vampire II (due to lack of playing time making RB not a valid resource for me).
  15. I got up to Black Friday and got... nothing useful. Some FXP which I could easily get in a few games with flags, but playing time is my constrain right now. 2 weeks of Premium time which, again, is useless to me. Some camo. I have tons. Some doubloons. No ship. This was expected. I'd be WG's ideal whale if they'd only let me: plenty of resources, no time to play. But they focus solely on folks who spend tons of time playing the game, NOT those who play little and wish to maximize rewards/time invested ratio. Still, I hoped for at least a ship but well.