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  1. OuijaApologist

    What does a WG supertester do?

    I'm guessing WG makes you sign an NDA before telling you what a supertester does, hence the sekrit squirrel routine. It's like fight club.
  2. OuijaApologist

    What does a WG supertester do?

    You want to share some of that sekrit squirrel knowledge?
  3. OuijaApologist

    What does a WG supertester do?

    And they seem overeager to earn brownie points by defending WG's bad decisions. The current commander skill rebork threads for example: try to find a comment from a supertester criticizing the rebork. I haven't read one yet. When I read their comments I think, you're a part of why the game is going downhill!
  4. Ah ha, I guessed it! You have ZERO experience with how fun the game used to be prior to the CV rework and I understand now why that to you we are all sounding like a bunch of change hating whiners.
  5. Alright, alright, I'm a "dummy whiner" for being concerned about yet another rework that literally nobody asked for... so, in your opinion, did the CV rework increase or decrease fun gameplay? I want an honest answer, not something that reads like a press statement from Pravda.
  6. Yep, just a few whiners. Let's not consider WG's prior history of reborks draining the fun from the game.
  7. please delete duplicate posts
  8. And seriously, what's up with that title? Joe jimbo reacts to Suzy doe reacting to a dog barking reacts to the washer running...
  9. OuijaApologist

    Oh Look - Jingles on the new Skill Reset - Logic??

    How could most casual players like something that's not even released yet? Most players don't even read the news site, they are gonna be blindsided by the commander skill rebork. As for me, WG's history of screw ups with major game changes speaks for itself.
  10. OuijaApologist

    WG BANNING players for making game play errors.

    What makes me instantly question the ban is CS history of making/approving bad decisions. One that comes to mind is the WG employee that had a 3 player division banned for dev striking them during a random match. Yes these things happen and we players have every right to know the full story.