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  1. Maddanny311

    Tier 10 gameplay really sucks

    Actually the higher tier seem more realistic, closer to real distances, and people aren't driving the boats like a sports car then, are more conscious of protecting there ship, etc, its a good arcade simulation, best I can describe it, definitely not super realistic obviously 😉
  2. Maddanny311

    Tier 10 gameplay really sucks

    Yes the dds are nuts , haramungo, or whatever will Def go toe to toe with any light cruiser at that tier, the des monies is nuts to fight against, u get a des monies that has planted himself in a good place, they'll be alot of deaths, and the bbs are nuts, I had no ide they had 20+ range, and was getting wrecked by a Montana
  3. Maddanny311

    new Pan-Asian cruiser line.

    He's just saying there mostly American based designs
  4. It's practically useless, u gotta be like 4km away, it gives u like a extra 1 km of automatic detection, so u gotta get super close still, and what happened to u always happens...it's good if u think a dd is tailing you, like you spotted, and keep getting tops sent ur way, but can't see the dd...because you'll see the tops coming from a good distance, rather then like 3 seconds before u get hit....
  5. Maddanny311

    How to 'hydroacoustic search'?

    Lol...I've been playing for about a year and a half and I never totally understood it, still don't cause I swear sometimes I'm dosent work, hydro seems useless, it give u like 1km father of detection, big whup, and radar a Lil but more, like 5km max, I barely use it, and when I do it usually doesn't work, lol. I think I'm close enough to the smoke, but no, u gotta be like 5 km away and u get torpedo, its pretty useless,
  6. Maddanny311

    Community Tokens, new currency for 0.10.5

    Totally agreed, I'm coming over from legends, and it's kinda confusing figuring everything out, oil coal, how the blueprints work, etc, I mean I get it, but remembering to check everywhere for everything can be pretty tedious, and I hate the exclusively of certain ships, so there pretty much impossible to get