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  1. SureBridge

    torp tube camera

    All of the German cruisers have side mounted torps, as do the French DD's from T7 up (if it's a "DD" problem). I'd recommend trying the Vaquelin and the le Fantastique, since they both have one center mounted torp rack and one on each wing, similar to the GJM, but another nationality.
  2. SureBridge

    Which of the following violation is worse?

    Details of our Rules Violations policy are located here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/132269-2020-forum-guidelines/
  3. SureBridge

    Which of the following violation is worse?

    Because the moderators care. And most of the moderators are volunteers who don't work for (or have much contact with) WG. We do our best to keep the forums from becoming a steaming pile of trash talk, and judging from the change in tone over the last 6 months have largely succeeded. The forum rules can pretty much be summarized as "please discuss in a civil manner, and don't bring in politics or religion, because this is a forum to discuss a game about digital boats". Thanks to all the folks who have been working hard on discussing the ideas, not the person presenting the ideas. It's probably also worth mentioning that these forums average 500-700 posts *a day* and someone looks at every one of them. We have had days where there were zero warnings issued, Other days not so much. We have had a lot more "civil" days in the last 3 months. So how about we just don't do ANY violations, and just discuss the game that is apparently interesting enough to drive people to have impassioned arguments discussions?
  4. SureBridge

    Stat shaming in ranked

    This is useful. As a (relatively) new player I'm unlikely to be the one making the plays, but *learning* requires actual *support* from the team. Comments like this, or "please spot Cap C and I will support you" tell me BOTH what the player wants, and lets me know that they have my back / are playing a team game. Punching the "Get back" or "take that cap" key are not useful, and a chat torrent of abuse when running a "risky" play (like sneaking in to ambush a radar cruiser holding a flank) is a distraction from actually accomplishing the objective. And if we actually accomplish nuking the Russian monster that has been pinning the flank because we have a DD fast enough to close the space while his radar is on cooldown, maybe sending a "thanks" would be in order... This is of course a purely fictional example. Maybe It's probably also worth noting that watching an elite player do things on YouTube when they can consistently hit a weaving DD at 12 km *isn't* something that us mere mortals can do, and doesn't help us "git Gud" Thanks to the (many) folks who have been willing to take the time to explain why certain positioning matters, and allowed me to watch CB training to understand why certain strategies (vs tactics) are useful.
  5. SureBridge

    How to Defeat Stealthier DDs?

    The "Radio location" commander skill is also useful if you are playing a fast gunboat with large detection (French or Russian) - it allows you to chase the pesky monsters down, and keep your nose toward the torpedoes that will be coming :) Remember to make sure you have support, because once you are spotted a rain of fire will be coming your way (assuming that the red team has a clue) and the best way to reduce that is to have "friendlies" shooting back.
  6. SureBridge

    PR is a money grab BTW

    The British also built some "light cruisers" with 15" guns: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courageous-class_battlecruiser The joys of democratic budget cycles in both the US and the UK.
  7. SureBridge

    Sevastopol absolute disappointment

    I really enjoyed the ship (in testing) and found that it was an excellent sniper. Had a game where I was getting solid pen damage at 15-16km because I was undetected before firing. Fire, reposition, wait for broadside, fire, reposition… heal periodically, and just let the fires bur. As long as you can keep the range open you can (eventually) heal that damage In that battle I had to head back and protect our cap, smashed a Japanese cruiser (2 cots and some “regular” pens). Took a toro because this ship is *not* maneuverable the (short) speed boost is useful if you get too close: it helps push you past someone angling and into “kill shot” land. Avoid getting close, but that 45 second boost can be a life saver. It’s also useful to reposition somewhere “unexpected” since the improved AP angles often just need another km or two to get a better angle - and that’s what your shirt speed boost can get you. since it’s a RB ship There are a LOT of ships that are on my list ahead of it, but I wouldn’t say that it’s “weak” - but it does have a high skill ceiling!
  8. SureBridge

    I have a dumb question.

    I had an image of a cat madly chasing around a pile of track ball mice, before getting tangled in all of the cords and "mewing" for help. "I have a friend who loves their track ball mouse" would have stayed happily in the singular Yes, I do a lot (too much?) of report editing for tense and singular / plural, because engineers don't english (but they do math)
  9. SureBridge

    I have a dumb question.

    are they feline?
  10. SureBridge

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    I also miss epicenter (in both game modes) but I am probably biased since I like playing DD's. That said, epicenter was one of the few modes where brawling in BB's actually happened (sometimes)
  11. SureBridge

    CVs and Subs

    At the risk of disrupting a perfectly good argument discussion, I thought that I should point out that the original topic was submarines and CV's (and some sort of weed bush with yellow flowers found in Scotland for some reason) While interesting and generally respectful, we do seem to keep having discussions around whether or not one can have a representative sample from a community forum. While I have my opinion I think that both parties have concluded that one cannot assert that an unbiased / representative sample exists. In my opinion, the discussion really boils down to "can you draw a useful conclusion from the sample we have here" or to paraphrase, "all models are wrong, but some are useful" so the "sample" from the forum (and other internet based media) may contain something "useful" or it may not - and how can we tell if it does? If one of the "principals" of this discussion would like to start this up as a separate forum topic I anticipate that this one would get a *lot* less replies, and might get swept up into something botannical (since the other name for "Gorse" is "Scottish Broom")
  12. SureBridge

    Looking to Cruise

    I really like the Hipper, it's the first really "tanky" German cruiser. I just need to remember that in PvP the torps are mostly for deterrence, my first few games in it I tried to get torp hits like I did in co-op. Lots of cruiser HE spam and Battleship blap to reinforce the "NOPE" aspect of doing that. I'm hoping to use it in clan battles - preferably in the "rubble field" that is present in the new Faroes map. That is a seriously fun place for DD's (and torp carrying cruisers) to hang out. Be aware that unlike the British, US and Russian cruisers, you have "standard" AP angles, which makes knife fights a bit dicier...
  13. SureBridge

    Aquila; for me, it's there... (mild rant and review....)

    You *used* to be able to solo qualify (my clan was *very* inactive) but then they put in a maximum number of BXP that could be contributed by any single clan member, which was below the qualification threshold. That would have been about a year ago. Maybe they have removed the cap or lowered the qualification if there is *only* one person in the clan, but I remember playing HARD for a week to discover that the "total" BXP to qualify wasn't going up any more (IIRC at something like 40,000 BXP) I probably played 30+ hours of WoWS that week...
  14. SureBridge

    Aquila; for me, it's there... (mild rant and review....)

    Unfortunately operations, clan battles and brawls do not count for Naval Battles EXP wins, so this doesn't help. You get >250 BXP, but you don't get the naval battle "win". On the other hand you also don't expend a Naval Battle "attempt" so there's that...
  15. SureBridge

    What is the Point of Being Forced to Buy Useless Camo?

    I have at least two friends who paid for their last 2 years of university by selling First Edition Magic cards (admittedly in Canada where you don't need to win the lottery to attend). Back on the original topic, I haven't picked up the T7 Camo for many of the previous dockyard ships because the "expendible" camos that I had for "grinding" ships was generally better (+100% exp instead of +50% and FXP or commander XP bonuses as well) so I generally skipped it and turned my "event tokens" into cash to buy tech tree ships instead. Soe of the Premacamo's were pretty, but there are a limited number of T7 ships that I like playing, and most of the early access lines are not in that list. Rooke is pretty fun though. It was amusing to rip shells down the nose of the Yorck and insta-delete it in the last brawl :)