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  1. SureBridge

    Any regrets?

    Hey- I represent that remark!
  2. I have waaaay too many folks to send well wishes to (or "at" ping) - many of them on this thread. Until we meet again. SB
  3. SureBridge

    It all returns to nothing

    Hope to catch you all in game, I've had th chance to play with many of the folks mentioned in this thread (and active in others) Thanks for all of the useful input, and (as a mod) mostly saying "between the lines".
  4. SureBridge

    best DD killing ship

    Or if you have someone to spot, Smolensk is the DD killing mosnter
  5. SureBridge

    Somers auction - it won't cost you a cent, BUT...

    Flight Rising (A dragon collectable game my kids like). You can trade other players for in-game premium currency, and it's one of the only games I know of that allows players to trade for stuff from other games on their internal forums. It's going for 10 years now and still seems to have legs...
  6. Excellent advice - unfortunately I've been playing French, Russian and Euro DD's. 2/3 have light cruiser detection and 2/3 have no smoke... I'm thinking that I need to run clan battles commander builds (with RPF) an any DD's and cruisers I run into Asymm, because the bear hunter's rifle is only good until multiple bears get close... French DD's are fun because they have high detect AND no smoke, but holy cow are they fast and agile. Mogador is a beast because it pushes the MM "down" a bit and eats low tier DD's, especially if you have RPF to go hunting. Once the DD's are down open water gunboating at 12+ KM means that you can dodge an amazing amount of fire, and in the endgame you can use islands as cover to torp the last few BB's with those monstrous (but short ranged) torpedos.
  7. It's a bit odd taking the Hindy into a PvE battle mode and acting like she's fragile, but that's what I needed to do. Had good teammates to help for the win, and picked up around 2M potential damage. Always nice when you hear BB shells go "Ping" off your nose, Asymm is definitely a good testbed for learning to angle properly. I would NOT want to take a "squishy" cruiser into asymm, and DD's definitely have some trouble with getting swarmed - not fun when your Priority Target counter kicks up to 8+ in a DD or cruiser...
  8. SureBridge

    Before the Fun Police arrives!

    Resistance is futile... you will be assimilated!
  9. I also run DD's a lot in asymm, and they are "challenging". I find that T9 DD's tend to push down the number of BB's and the ships aren't all t8 anymore - the difference in capability between a T9 and a T10 DD aren't huge, but my win rate is ~80% running T9 and closer to 50% in a T10. I generally get 1-2 kills and not a lot of spotting damage, but I also don't farm ships in smoke. My job in Asymm is to suppress DD's and keep tabs on the other ships so that the cruisers and BB's can play "hide and seek" and wreck stuff. My Current go-to ships are the Euro and Russian gunboat lines. If your DD's can keep stuff spotted, and your cruisers / BB's can keep from getting uber-focussed then you're usually golden. As a DD I periodically need to apply massive alpha to kill a ship and keep my "friendlies" alive so they can heal, which is easier in a fast DD. Sadly Euro DD's can't kill stuff with their fluffy bunny torps, but keeping the red DC cycling with fires and the occasional flood is worthwhile...
  10. SureBridge

    Depth Charges on Cruisers is Pointless

    CA mounted DC's would probably work fine on WW-2 speed subs (8 knots submerged) or even post-war 1950/1960's subs. Not so well on subs that are faster than an LA class SSN, and with "enlarged propeller shaft" pushing Alfa Attack sub speeds (41 knots - fastest sub in the world). Compare and contrast to the Juliett class post war diesel electric attack sub, at 18 knots max speed... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles-class_submarine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa-class_submarine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juliett-class_submarine
  11. SureBridge

    What ships to bring to Asym battles?

    @Estimated_Prophet we have a render bot in our discord, and you can pull the link from those and download to your local PC, then upload to the forum. Not sure how WWP does it, but that has worked for me.
  12. SureBridge

    Clan Training Methodologies?

    I'd definitely be interested in picking your brain on *how* you do your training. I'm hoping to develop a consistent set of exercises that build on one another, rather than throwing the plate of spaghetti against the wall and hoping some of it sticks. Part of this is going to be figuring out how to assess whether the training has been effective (and whether ineffective training is because of the student, or the methodology). Appreciate the input @GeneYuss, that's a useful checklist. I think that @HogHammer may have video from the first session (angling) which may be worth posting, although I think there are a few areas where we could make it better...
  13. I'm using Asymm to figure out the T9 Euro dd before I go and use it in randoms. Mediocre guns, and the euro-centric "no smoke" without the speed of the French DD's to get out of (and into) trouble. The "fluffy bunny" torps are a problem, particularly in trying to get BB's down - need to stagger torps so that floods stick, likely less of an issue in Randoms where you have more team mates to lay on with the fires after a DCP. I might go Kleber and see how that works as a contrast, I suspect that Shima is a decent go-to boat (probably with 20 km torps. since BB's seem to be the primary obstacle to winning, so high alpha is needed. My Battles in Pommern were entertainingly stompy, although I was careful to use large rocks to hide me from the milling mob of Battleships that tend to congregate in the center caps...
  14. This is because you have always been a good player, unlike us mere mortals I remember when shooting the bots was challenging and I lost a bunch of matches (with similarly terrible players). If it had been Asymm, I would have lost most of my matches, and just stopped playing. I see a similar issue with periodic "new player" posts when they enter unprotected MM at T5, and it goes from "I got this" to "HOLY MOTHER OF..." stomp-fests. We need new players to "stick" and get better, so we need to minimize any "speed bumps" and make sure that we don't stack them on top of each other so they become crash walls! We may need to start another thread, since we are now veering a loooong way afield from "has anyone won..."
  15. Major issue with being Co-op 2.0 is that it's only T9-10. I suspect that Asym would be difficult to balance at lower tiers: can you see players in T5/6 and bots in T3/4? How about players at 7/8 and bots at 5/6? Do you just leave co-op at lower (T4 and under) tiers for new players to understand what's going on (with the weak bot AI)? If so, the "jump" at T5 will be absolutely brutal, with co-op becoming asym (and much harder) and leaving protected matchmaking for Random battles. I like the idea of a larger Asym MM spread, but I think that "Co-op 1.0" probably needs to remain to enable training.