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  1. You trolling me? Couldn't actually check was in a battle still. corrected it. Doesn't matter 9hrs ago when he was playing I am sure the server was claiming even higher than 7k yet he has matches like that and just like he stated it is ridiculous.
  2. Is desperation on WG and the MM to fill battles and not resort to bots. Since player base is shrinking and we all know the server census is a lie, like right now NA claims there is 7.4k online...yeah right.
  3. Phenom_Rentier


    some times best solution is try to engage auto pilot to try to get unstuck.
  4. Phenom_Rentier

    Still enjoying this game?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Therein lies the problem. Yep, get every last dime out of this trash IP before it totally goes bust. WG probably lost their [edited] on WoP IP.
  5. Phenom_Rentier

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    Yeah they like to conveniently omit that part.
  6. Phenom_Rentier

    Still enjoying this game?

    Almost to the point of only playing CB,Operations and Ranked (but only in div with clanmates). CooP is boring and Randoms is farce anymore. Soon as get emblem I want won't look back at Randoms again.
  7. Just another hard pass...
  8. Phenom_Rentier

    Coop population

    Yet they can't even fill Randoms 4pm EST only 9 player games, supposedly there is 8,5xx people on server right now if you believe that tripe.
  9. Phenom_Rentier


    Means zero and was added for the beta crowd, just as CVs were. Now BL (Black Listing, don't want any misunderstanding here) does have a function.
  10. Phenom_Rentier

    If you can not say anything good

    Never ever...Who gives a flip about Operations it's against moronic bots. You seem to confuse too what people ask for vs. pushing trash that people don't want and when WG gets pushback they do nothing.
  11. Phenom_Rentier

    Sub Feedback: Searaptor's experience

    Typical game now, a blowout. Only 3 ships sunk by so called opposing team.
  12. Phenom_Rentier

    Blatantly Fixed MM

    To OP (original poster) I find it funny some people are just starting to figure this out.
  13. Phenom_Rentier

    If you can not say anything good

    Wasn't a question was a statement. :-)
  14. Phenom_Rentier

    If you can not say anything good

    A truly strong person does not need the approval of sheeple any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.
  15. Phenom_Rentier


    Right and yet we have ships that can attack other ships with impunity and give away their location to other ships that can hammer them and they themselves can't be attacked back (aka CVs). Then on top of it probably +50% of the games in random the CV escapes like a coward toward back of the map saved by the points or clock...pull my other finger Mr. CV Bias.