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  1. For the last two weeks, I've been trying to get in contact with Wargaming support. I have a second account that needs to be deleted and I'm unable to do so. So far, I've put in two tickets with details of my situation. Both times, Wargaming emails back after 8 days saying, "it's been 8 days. Your ticket is closed" without ever answering the ticket. They leave you an option to survey, but that link is now dead. There's an option to login and view your ticket, that is on another site. Which wargaming does not allow you to make an account; they provide one to you. Of course, I didn't have one. Wargaming has no direct support and this complete lack of service only further reflects the lack of attention they put into their games too. The level of help they provide their community is so sub par that sites and surveys related to it now no longer exist. As if they are phasing out customer support all together. Wargaming has a lot to learn on customer service, help desk service and respect for their players.