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  1. toadster_2020

    Web Server Unavailable

    IT'S FIXED with this release!!!!! only took since November 2021...
  2. toadster_2020

    I need an NA recruitment link pls

  3. I noticed when I'm in full-screen map (M button) and I try to chat, it types double characters lliikkee tthhiiss
  4. toadster_2020

    Scrolling to next ship

  5. i've noticed that I can't switch ship views after I die (and I die alot) to watch their progress - I have to go into float mode first (hitting shift key) then shift back to my dead boat, then I can click around to other boats...
  6. lots of great input guys, I'm still trying to get a Confederate and 2 heroics in one match - believe it or not, I haven't gotten this WHEN I have the campaign selected... hindsight is 20/20 right? I've been enjoying the fire rate of Hindenburg, but it's pretty frail from the side... Atago is fun as well trust me, I'm no expert, just having fun ;)
  7. Is there a good way to see the ships in the tech tree in a way that shows 'this is your next best option' instead of country by country? I'm working on the Honorable Service Campaign, so it's a lot of Tier 8+ Cruiser work so far... I have over 110 ships, with 11 open slots, some regions are zero, others are up to Level X (e.g. Germany Hindenburg, and Italy C. Colombo) my current selections I can make: Japan Ibuki, Yugumo U.S. Baltimore, Benson, Kansas U.K. Icarus Pan-Asia Harbin still short on Netherlands Halland, Haarlem should I hold out on Halland, Haarlem? or get one of the above?
  8. I can't seem to earn/get any more Transformer stuff - how can one get more?
  9. toadster_2020

    no birthday 100% coupon?

    ah - i see it on the web browser version! so if I buy with $$ it won't benefit me -right? I have to use doubloons?
  10. I received the email but I don't see a coupon in my store?
  11. mine is cranked up - nVidia RTX 2070 Super at 1080p
  12. your preferred boat in this case?
  13. I cannot seem to get Confederate to save my life, trying to get Campaign Science of Victory Tier 4-10 what ship would make Confederate achievable? it seems the lower the tier, the less ships to shoot at... anyone?
  14. toadster_2020

    Web Server Unavailable

    will this ever get fixed?