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  2. TIL Alsace has MBRB and 457mm caliber is not gud because it cannot overmatches 32mm. Confronting Alsace and Georgia and not stating short repair CD ? Amnesia pills needed. NA people are fun, I keep getting entertained. PS : yeah AP overmatch is weak, Musashi shells need to cause flooding to be relevant again. WG pls buff
  3. OhMonCroissant

    WG what have you done to my Atago

    I can agree for PM but I really dont think Atago needed BoS anyway, nor FP if you're talking widely about all "survival skills". And you still have SE which is a valid option. For Atago's place with the rework, I wont say it's "absolutly nerfed" - still I'd have to do some games in randoms past rework -, you have a bit under average range, but exceptional good conceal to position and disengage, very good manoeuvrability and speed, plus the repairs most of cruisers dont have. You'll have hard time probably especially in t10 "deadeye" MM but it's not that catastrophic. But I really disagree saying it was "very dangerous" for the rework, not with the rest of Atago's traits.
  4. OhMonCroissant

    WG what have you done to my Atago

    We were talking about Atago I think
  5. OhMonCroissant

    WG what have you done to my Atago

    Classic guy not being able to admit he made bad choices in game, get a lot of tips and critics yet cries about them. Hope if he keep playing at least he'll remove his IFHE :') Guess topic has now no utility, all the answers have been given -in a large way they are useful to any player willing to improve and correct his mistakes - by the people that responded here. Bonus point for putting historical talking in an arcade game.
  6. OhMonCroissant

    WG what have you done to my Atago

    This post is really laughable, couldnt expect a guy to play over 800 matches without knowing whats the base pen of atago. I'm gonna answer in chronological order. First, dont take IFHE on Atago. It has been widely said before, you have 34mm of base HE pen, which is enough to pen any DD (exception on armored ones, such as Khaba or Paolo), can pen UK and FR BBs deck, and all the bows and sterns of t10 BBs, and below. You pen most of cruisers, and for the ones you couldnt pen IFHE wont change anything (Atago IFHE is only 42mm of pen) Then for your Warspite example, you have a 25mm of bow, which means any BB with a caliber >380mm can froncit you, and in rare circonstances, devstrike you. This is why you shouldnt nose-in with Atago, but instead give sharp angle to lead enemy shells to your 27mm sections (your armored belt). This will help you getting less damage. Yes you gonna get a lot of t10 MM, even if it has been improved, so you have to be really careful in those MM, not saying it's impossible to do something. Sadly with the actual meta you still kinda suffer if you struggle in Atago vs t10 generally, so even before patch. I can show you good games in CBs, not really played Atago recently in randoms. In skills you can take Turret rotation and/or Last stand (since your engines are rudder can [edited] up quickly), then I'd say Priority Target if you get deleted quick, this should helps you knowing who could be shooting at you and when to disengage, then Adrenaline Rush and finally Concealment expert. Then you can take Superitendent, and you still have 8 points (max) left. Perfomance-wise yes Zao is not the top pick t10 and is in fact below average, still you can have a lot of fun if enemy allows you too. Be sure you have range mod. If the "red" zao get oneshotted thats surely because he played badly, and thats all. I have only been playing Atago for one year and a half (roughly), and for me manoeuvrability is the same (excellent), same thing for dispersion (perfect). Turret rotation speed is a bit below average but it's correct if you take the right skill. You have 35% hitrate for the ship which is correct, but could be better. If you feel the dispersion to be weird, thats probably your aiming. To conclude, even pre and post patch you have done errors such in build, and positioning I'd assume, and you lacked of data for your most played ship. Follow the tips given in this topic by the players, try different builds if you need (you still have free respec, feel free to test any skill that seems nice for you EXCEPT IFHE), and that should be ok. GL for rest, Note this is my NA acc, I do have Atago on my EU acc.