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  1. I_Know_Putin

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    Amen to that stop nerfing things!!! The worst way of managing game = making player's ships less valuable... cuz people won't be happy about it they spent so much time and money to get that ship and who likes to see their ships getting nerfed??? So, when you make it, make it right. don't make broken ships at first place. and stop nerfing ships!!!!! Seriously!
  2. I_Know_Putin

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    So disgusting.... WG made a big announcement that they will remove Thunderer so that people are "forced" to buy and they nerf it... I want my coal back. If I knew this was going to happen, I would have bought Georgia instead.
  3. Can I be honest? With dead eye being removed thunderer should be buffed. because it was so wicked to nerf coal ship that WG announced to remove from armoury to rush people to buy...
  4. I_Know_Putin

    So nerfs to premium ships huh?

    I would not have bought thunderer with that much coal if I knew they were going to need that ship... how evil that is that they said they were going to take it out... and then nerfed the ship out of nowhere. p
  5. Well... to be fair each team has one CV its not like other teams starts with CV while you don’t. Actually, it is a matter of skill. if you lose because of enemy CV then blame the CV in your team and his skill, not CV per se
  6. I_Know_Putin

    CVs overpowered vs. CVs balanced: a debate

    what is the definition of "balanced?" That he has to like it? Who is Flamu anyway? telling WG to do this and that? did Flamu made this game?
  7. I_Know_Putin

    In response to Flamu's "CV Imbalance" video

    I fully agree
  8. I_Know_Putin

    NERF CVs

    Well, I respectably disagree. Just because I play CV a lot, it doesn't mean I have no right to present my opinion. In fact, it makes perfect sense that CV players support CVs. And putting someone's record saying, "CV's your crutch" that is very disgusting. What do you expect me to say? Should I say "Nerf CV?" There are so many OP ships, and not mentioning those ships and just putting a person's record on public is nasty. What makes you think that your opinion matters more than mine? Just because I play CV? and you play Cruisers and BBs? What kind a stupid logic is this?
  9. I_Know_Putin

    NERF CVs

    much better than yours I guess. why don't you post yours before posting mine? lol Nice cheap shot :)
  10. I_Know_Putin

    NERF CVs

    Rather, they should buff CVs.
  11. I_Know_Putin

    NERF CVs

    stop crying. I think we should nerf DDs their torpedoes are too devastating. We should nerf Cruisers Their HEs are so annoying. My ships constantly burn. We should nerf BBs They got heals. When do you stop?? suck it up
  12. I_Know_Putin

    We needed the Flamu! Reinstate it immediately!

    Don't get him back please. His already violated many rules. And he made some racist comments. We don't need another trouble maker.
  13. Glad he got fired he has been an A h***
  14. I_Know_Putin

    CVs or Deadeye - Not sure which I dislike more

    No no u got wrong options to choose it should be dead eye vs AA too much AA! they should nerf AA
  15. I_Know_Putin

    A small change to planes

    We should double the damage and no RNG. Then I am okay with doubling turning circle.or let’s double all ships’ turning circle.