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  1. It's take so long to start the game. And i got kicked out like 5 games... Is server unstable?
  2. I_Know_Putin

    Give Dutch Cruisers depth charges

    No i got a better solution. get rid of subs!!
  3. I_Know_Putin

    3 more ways to make subs better

    Just remove subs and reverse that stupid rocket patch
  4. I_Know_Putin

    Can you pull submarines now

    Bravo bravo! I totally agree! pull it now. and reverse that stupid rocket patch! Or give CVs depth charges on planes.
  5. Are they going to???????? if they do… then what will you do? 1. Quit 2. Keep playing
  6. I_Know_Putin

    Subs in General

    Just get this stupid subs out. and reverse the rocket planes back!!!!!!
  7. Just get rid of the subs!! and reverse back cv rockets! Damnit!
  8. I_Know_Putin

    I am done

    Stupid subs….. is that why they nerfed rockets??? To do this crap?
  9. I_Know_Putin

    FDR got nerfed again in 0.10.8

    Compared to Graf zeppelin, that is not even “nerf”
  10. I_Know_Putin

    CVs are Overnerfed

    I don’t know about other CVS but I know GZ is over nerfed for sure. they should at least bring back GZ rockets
  11. They already nerfed rockets… don’t you see? they don’t want CV be able to kill subs when they dive in or even when they are up on the surface. stupid WG.
  12. I_Know_Putin

    Since sub is useless and meaningless…..

    That is not true, They said it had something to do with the subs several times in forum.
  13. There is no reason to nerf rocket planes. The only reason why WG was so stubborn and insistent on changing the rocket planes was because of subs. now subs are proven to be terrible idea, WG should reverse rocket planes back. thank you!