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  1. ReinDM2A4

    What's up with the API?

    Agreed, we need the API fixed.
  2. Lots and lots of AA
  3. I agree, but I think the PTS rewards need to have at least double the number of community tokens if you want people to spend time on it. Right now its just now worth the time away from the real game to play on the PTS.
  4. In my experience with corporate hierarchy and also Eastern European cultures, admitting a mistake publicly is seen as EXTREMELY HUMILIATING and will also adversely affect your career prospects. It’s sometimes seen as better to just brazenly lie and try to exert authority than admit error. At least it sounds like that to me.
  5. As one person on the spectrum to another @Ahskance I say this with the very best of intent, just let this one go. Watch a movie, read a book or just go out for a nice dinner. I’m beginning to hurt just watching this. I’m not saying you are right or wrong, but there are a lot of emotions going on here and as someone on the spectrum, I know for a fact empathizing with that is difficult and you are continuing to unintentionally stomp on other peoples feelings and hurts. Know you don’t mean to but you are. On another note @LittleWhiteMouse I can understand how WG is behaving from a maximizing of profit standpoint. I am not supporting it but there is a certain “evil corporate” logic to it. However, what doesn’t make sense is them trying to “nickel and dime” the earning coefficient on the Mighty Mo. So what if they sell a ship that has a great earning bonus. It doesn’t seem like that would break the game, or am I missing something.
  6. Hope you are still doing reviews and will continue to support you on Patreon.



  7. ReinDM2A4

    The Weekly Review: Celebes

    I’ve played her 8 times, most matches at T5 but 3 at T7. If you play carefully she is surprisingly resilient and capable of setting BBs on fire and her AP will consistently most broadside cruisers inside 10km. I really like her.
  8. ReinDM2A4

    Napoli's Release is Immanent

    Based on what I read I have to disagree slightly. Her armor isn’t perfect but it looks to have a strong turtle back, but only actually battle will tell how good or bad it is. Her secondaries are not just 90, but 4x3 152mm and 6x2 90mm. More importantly they fire SAP not HE so their pen and damage are much better. Additionally they have a good rate of fire and the best secondary accuracy in the game so far based on what’s been written. They are of course limited in range to 9.2km with a full secondary build. We will have to wait and see but I am interested in her
  9. ReinDM2A4

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Thank you both for all of your incredible work. I’m happy to support your patreon and as a whale who was looking forward to buying a new premium I can promise that WG will not see a dime from me for the Yukon. If I get it in a crate I will sell it back for credits. I hope that you both recover quickly from this.
  10. ReinDM2A4

    Mouse's Pirate Schedule

    Yay I will be there with bells on in my Mainz
  11. ReinDM2A4

    Our next OnlyReplays release!

    Nice job, good luck on the patreon
  12. ReinDM2A4

    Just Tried Start Game Up

    Same issue so I ran check and repair which found nothing