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  1. Bandi73

    Read with me

    Btw Ahskance thanks for asking the question about operations. The answer was the same noncommittal "almost dodge", to which we are used to, but its not your fault and the gesture is surely appreciated.
  2. Bandi73

    Read with me

    Erm......im sorry but that is a non issue. The devs themselves did that. Initially the eco and combat flags occupied the same slot. So now they create problems which they don't recognize as problems for a looong time and now they want to "correct|" it?? Furthermore, one of the main appeals of this game was the relatively relaxed economy compared to other titles Like WoT. So what now "lets just gimp everything because we are soo frakkin ...."competent""??
  3. Bandi73

    Read with me

    Of course.
  4. Bandi73

    Was the CV Rework Worth Losing Old Operations?

    That would be a very good point if someone would actually care in Petersburg. But....yeeah.
  5. Bandi73

    Read with me

    I would like to underline a point. Flags are "naval stuff" and they absolutely contribute to the appeal of the game. If the bonuses would be removed there would be no pint mounting them. This aint WoT where you have basically s box...
  6. Bandi73

    Read with me

    And they also tied to one specific ship. And.... please no missions .it will complicate matters possibly multiplying errors.
  7. Bandi73


    Little tings. Like trying to get dd's which could torp BB's running hydro when needed and alike. But yeah doing enough stuff while remaining a team player
  8. Bandi73

    Read with me

    Well... it was claimed that the cap rework will offer more possible builds then in reality reduced the possible builds not to mention removing entire playstyles so.... I'm making it clear that I understand that these are not your words. But Wedgie's.
  9. Bandi73

    Read with me

    Ok. People don't go hard on Ahskance, he cant give more..... details as he can. But I'm making this clear, more clarification is needed and removing the possibility of stacking, won't be taken lightly. And.... how the problem of permacamo's will be solved need urgent clarification. Please don't make it a mission.
  10. Bandi73

    Read with me

    Erm...... i cant believe this.... Can you please explain the highlighted part for us? .
  11. Bandi73

    Read with me

    Erm......we understood the concept. Please don't bother with that. But......again, 1)flags will be removed, or not? 2) the possibility of stacking..... you know a + b + c will remain in place?
  12. Bandi73

    Read with me

    Soo...let me rephrase a bit. Cut the chit chat, cut the yadda yadda stuff and tell us what "you" actually want to do. I know..... you cant tell us that, but..... I think you got the point. In short, please stop insulting us by pretending inexistent stuff.
  13. Bandi73

    Read with me

    We know........
  14. Bandi73

    Read with me

    Well......will flags be removed?
  15. Bandi73

    Read with me

    Yep. Btw people don't buy into this whole "we want to change the look of the ships' and......" yadda yadda stuff. There are mods which do that for years now for free. I'm not a modder and i was able to completely remove the camo's by changing quite literally two lines. So ..