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  1. Well I don't hate the player. However I do hate the class. WeeGee made me to.It is the most dishonest class in wows. We all do. However I will not play cv's in PvP in their current form. Ops...yes.
  2. While I question and expose MANY of their ulterior motives I'm pretty sure this is only good ol' laziness on their part. Meaning that they just don't give about it
  3. Meanwhile let's enjoy some interesting footage. Maybe Wg will take notice for further development. A man can dream, right?
  4. Wish him well and speedy recovery from my part. I know ( all too well)the difficult road he is facing.
  5. Oh bud:)... Just remember...karma is DA b*tch.:).....
  6. Oh bud karma does a lil bit more than just a number next to your name :)
  7. Ah, so you actually understand the concept of reciprocity?? No sh*t :)
  8. Yep, you are. Edit: I bet you are also totally proud of yourself
  9. Imagine a dreadnaught era weekend. Imagine a pure battleship vs battleship (Jutland) Sunday. Imagine more scenarios even if they are conditioned to having premium time and take place on already existing maps. Imagine Averoff being in the armory .And then imagine cv vs cv battles.
  10. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I didn't said it as a negative thing, merely as a fact The (actually our) problem is that they don't care (about) and don't understand the game. They don't go for the win-win scenario (at least anymore).The game has soo MUCH potential ( even to make money) and they just don't care.
  11. You misunderstood me. I said not too much, but I also said that they care about their interests. Well, If something is contradicting their interests, guess what they will choose and what will they ignore. All valid points, but there are (as always) many other aspects to it. No they didn't. They totally not understand the game, its main appeal is totally lost on them. and simply don't really care about it. Also there is a finite number of gimmicks to be distributed and they think that they cannot produce more. And are other factors too..
  12. Of course. They have multifaceted motives and interests. Hmm....their perspective is:" we built the stadium, set the rules, but we try to not too much control the game. Let the players play the game and we will flourish. And sometimes we push the boundaries, just to see what's happen" Also as I said before I strongly suspect, that the entire dev team was changed, possibly as the result of the Cv's perceived fail. Disclaimer: While I play for more than a year, i wasn't present then.But adding 1+1 usually yields 2.
  13. Useful advices. But none of that is actual (counter)play, it is merely avoidance, in the same way that ships ( try) to avoid islands.And planes are mere consumables not the actual ship, the same way as the torps of dd's or incoming shells.