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  1. thesovietmenace

    Soviet CV Line Suggestions

    Imagine if they call one Smirnov. They'll say it's a flying ace, but we know the truth.
  2. thesovietmenace

    Soviet CV Line Suggestions

    Alright, I've scoured the Kremlin archives and dug up some Soviet CV paper ships that will undoubtedly be added, probably in 2021-22. Here are my suggestions with name proposals. The line will start with cruisers I ORLAN, then go through II NOVIK, followed by DDs II STOROZHEVOI, III DERZKI, and IV IZYASLAV, keeping in line with existing routes to get to CVs. Then, the actual CVs will start: Tier IV KOMSOMOLEC Displacement: 12,000 tons standard Length: 143.2 meters / 465 feet Deck: 137 m. / 445 ft Width: 22m. / 72 ft Speed: 15 knots Capacity: 42 aircraft 16 bombers 26 fighters Armament: 16 x 102mm (4xbow, 4xstern, 8xdeck), 10 x 40mm This training ship was planned to be converted into a carrier in the mid 20's, but the project was never realized. Tier VI Project 72 Name ideas: {Pavel} Argeyev, {Ivan} Smirnov, {Alexander} Kazakov, {Vasili} Yanchenko (All flying aces, like German CVs) Displacement: 29,000-30,755 tons (standard), 37,390 (maximum) Length: 255 m Width: 28 m waterline, 45 m flight deck Draft: 7,0 m (standard displacement), 8,5 m (full load displacement) A light CV project from the late 30's, cancelled due to WW2. Tier VIII Project Kostromitinov Name ideas: Kostromitinov, {Pavel} Argeyev, {Ivan} Smirnov, {Alexander} Kazakov, {Vasili} Yanchenko. Aircraft 66 Fighters 40 bombers/torpedo bombers Guns: 8×2 152 mm, 4×3+6×2 100mm Flak, 8×4 – 37mm, 22×2 – 23 mm Catapults: 2 Armour (mm) Deck: 50+130 Side: 100 Hanger: 40 Top Speed 32 kts Range at 18 kts: 8000km Displacement: 48,000 tons. This was a study of the german carrier Graf Zeppelin by Comrade Kostromitinov, who then designed an improved ship. The project never saw the light of day. Alright, onto what you're actually here for. Tier X Project 85 Name Ideas: Kalinka, Korobeiniki, Pobeda. Displacement: Over 50,000 tons Armor: Belt: 90mm, Deck: 20mm-70mm Armament: 8 dual AA 100mm, 6 quad AA 57mm, 8 quad AA 25mm Aircraft: 40 "Tigr" (Mig-19 variant) fighters Might wanna swap those planes out....hehe... BONUS: Premium VI Project 71 Name ideas: {Pavel} Argeyev, {Ivan} Smirnov, {Alexander} Kazakov, {Vasili} Yanchenko Full speed: 34-35 knots Armor: Belt - 100mm - 75mm, Deck 90mm, Command center 50mm Armament: 8 AA 100mm, 4 quad AA 37mm (range Ver - 5km,160-180 shots/sec). 20 AA 12.7mm HMGs. Aircraft: 10 recon-bomber aircraft, 20 fighters. ALRIGHT!! We're done. Now we have a potential new CV line to take advantage o- I mean, grind. To be honest, it was a little scary how easy it was to find these and how carelessly WG could implement them into the game. I was thinking their gimmick would be a strong emphasis on Quality over Quantity, like VII Saipan. So maybe high HP planes with more powerful bombs and torpedoes, with a slower speed. But I'm sure balans will make that average speed. The premium could have faster planes. Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED Talk. I really appreciate it, and want to see your responses down below! Mark my words: We'll have a Soviet CV line by 2022. I SERVE THE SOVIET UNION!
  3. Hello! I have a WOWS account tied to steam (@ShipStyle) and want to transfer my Coal, XP, and FXP from those accounts to this one. I'm sure the answer will be no, but just want to see Thanks you so much, this'll help my grind!
  4. thesovietmenace

    Get Smolensk in containers?

    Hi! I know you're judging already, but hear me out: I would get the Atlanta if it wasn't power crept, and the Colbert if it wasn't... Colbert. Anyway, I want to know if it's possible to get Smolensk (or even something like Kutuzov) in a container, and which container to get. Thanks for all your help! I kno it can be hard to help me out like this. (Also, my profile has only 44 battles, this is my second account, other is tied to steam where I have a LOT more experience. Might have deleted it tho) THX!
  5. thesovietmenace

    How to HE spam?

    (New to the forums, this might be the wrong place) HI! I've a WOWS player for months now. I've tried many of the nations and vids and decided the Soviets are my favorite with their good dispersion, concealment, and ballistics. (Or just bc I'm Russian) But I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to use he cruisers. Does anyone have tips on how to HE? Thanks!! PS I'm not a noob, 250+ hrs. EDIT: Oh my god, wow!!! so many responses in just 2 hrs. Im on teir 5 kotovsky, halfway to Budyonny, for those who want to know. I'm aiming for teir X, nevsky first. I have another account, so if my profile doesn't match up, that's why. thanks!!!!!