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  1. verdefire

    Time for a break

    Are you talking about your experience playing in lower tiers, why is everybody wrong and you don;t?, the story is keeping the players at 50%, even the wost players are minimum in 40%, play a little in upper tiers and you will see the down.
  2. verdefire

    Time for a break

    I hope that you teach me as you do with your stats and experiences, and sorry by the way, English is not my first language, not even second.
  3. verdefire

    Time for a break

    No. not always, but here it's. If you like to be a bling trusted player is your problem,
  4. verdefire

    Time for a break

    Extremely wrong and a little humble, that's happened to everyone here, but you prefer to make fun of the player and not see the real problem. MM is the real problem, wargaming is the problem, Open you Stats and let us see how you are doing so well
  5. verdefire

    Yolo Emilio nerf really needed?

    that's really nice to see.
  6. verdefire

    Again.. why no skill based MM?

    Soon than later you will feel how this game died, and you with them, money is the only interest here, competitive and dedicated players are not welcome here, even the worst players will be above 40 %, the most you play the most you lose, all win-win for Wargaming, but everything has a final. you are losing the best players with these monetary decisions, in a really (could) beautiful game.
  7. verdefire

    Glorious Wargaming Matchmaking

  8. verdefire

    Glorious Wargaming Matchmaking

    You are made claims to evryone here, where are you proof?, if fat every single youtoover is made this same statement that me, do you work boy.
  9. verdefire

    Glorious Wargaming Matchmaking

    Do the study, don't be lazy. I.m, not your secretary.
  10. verdefire

    Glorious Wargaming Matchmaking

    Of course, study the stats according to game plays and you see the differences, talking about proof, do you have some?. some people never learn.
  11. verdefire

    Glorious Wargaming Matchmaking

    False, If you play more you lose more and you spend more if you play less, WW encourages with wins and you continue in this game, money is the only reason, stop talking the same lie over and over.
  12. verdefire


    My god, I have never seen so many ships together, please boy.
  13. verdefire

    So, the Missouri "sale" is here

    Apparently, everyone here is in drama with WG, no you of course.
  14. verdefire

    Jingles out as CC

    Ah ok,