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  1. verdefire

    WOWS End of life?

    Then why are you so salty here, his's arguments are fine.
  2. Thunderer had an initial shell velocity pretty slow, is a really good ship but nop overpowered, balance are simple excuses for creating sales new pixels.
  3. verdefire

    Best top tiers coal ship to buy?

    Brilliant like always, thanks for your hard work.
  4. verdefire

    Premium Ship Review - Flandre

    Impressive review, thanks
  5. I follow every single video of flamu because one of the best criteria and information about this game out there, I never see a bad behavior about any player, in particular, he complained about the player base and the majority do the same, sometimes even worst, his arguments are clear and justified the majority of the time even he has to much use of fck world, especially annoying for people out of USA, it's sad for the game, I hope that's resolve in the future. Sorry for my grammar.
  6. verdefire

    Wows CC's who is the best

    Flamuu for me per sure.
  7. verdefire

    So, proof of my insanity is here.

    Thank you, I understand what you said only that I lose some games even with 6 kills, it’s a little frustrated.
  8. verdefire

    So, proof of my insanity is here.

    I love you work, in the last two weeks I reading almost everything about your reviews and is incredible, thanks for that, but I believe that the quality of the ship is not the important, is the team’s, losing or winning team., how we could change that?, I’m new here but I think that not for much time, and it’s sad to me. thanks and my apologies for my bad English
  9. verdefire

    So, proof of my insanity is here.

    Agree whit this, in my opinion, no very time here (game), no matter how is the ship, if you’re in the wining team, it’s not more a skill game is random, sadly I could see a big bunch of players abandoning the game in a near future. Sorry my grammar