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  1. Hello, With the new combat missions released today, does anyone who had advanced in the Dockyard at least to Repulse able to start the combat mission for Weser or any of the other ships, or does they come available at another time? Thank you!
  2. trapper0359

    Question: Ship refund policy

    Also just curious, what ship is it you would like to get a refund on?
  3. trapper0359

    Question: Ship refund policy

    I think you should have no issue putting in a ticket as you never taken the ship into battle.
  4. trapper0359

    Coal Ships 2022?

    For sure the GK and the Khabrovsk will be removed from their Tech Trees and be added to the Armory for Coal
  5. trapper0359

    Decisions, Decisions

    Tier 9s do not get the New Years Certificates, you would need to get a Tier 10. or if you have enough FXP buy the Hayate. For Coal I would get Marceau for the long run as Yoshino can be easily citadeled...
  6. trapper0359

    Co-Op Update!

    I feel Co-op should be for testing ships and if a player needs to get an easy Win. I think some people might play Co-op for a more relaxing and positive experience for their game.
  7. You can still use a Premium ship if there is a tech tree for that nation and ship type. For example, US BB line exists so you can use Massachusetts (US Premium BB) for Naval Battles. Italian DD line doesn't exist which then means Leone can not be used for Naval Battles.
  8. trapper0359

    Is this guy a Community Contributor?

    He could in the future if he gains more subscribers and maybe then he can become a Community Contributer.
  9. Also the reason why they aren't included in Naval Battles.
  10. trapper0359

    Birthday Coupon

    My question is if you will get it every year if your Birthday is February 29th...
  11. trapper0359

    Server instability issue

    BGZ also experienced issues during Clan Battles and caused some players to not be able to reconnect...
  12. trapper0359

    2 Desktop Icons

    Is one of them "Game Center" and the other "World of Warships"?
  13. trapper0359

    Mount Recommended Signals

    I would go by what the Wiki says what you should mount on a specific ship as with the Wiki, you know a human is recommending what flags you should use.