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  1. WaywardVariable

    Sometimes there is no love in this game

    Elementary my Dear Watson... You're getting reported as you deserve because you are a CriMiNal__ Get used to it, that's how society treats your ilk, if you don't like go legit.
  2. Against what rules? I thought intentionally giving away your teams positions was against WoWs rules? Isn't that was streaming a match in real time does ? Seems to me this is like an NFL Team broadcasting their play calling from the sidelines live on television and then complaining when the other teams listens in.....
  3. Thanks for the info. MUCH appreciated ! BUT Anyone that's dumb enough to broadcast their teams positions and moves in real time where their opponents can see it deserves to lose.
  4. LOL, what is "stream sniping"? Do I even want to know ?
  5. WaywardVariable

    There was a time I was anti CV.

    I considered that option myself and then... I realized I'd be too embarrassed to play CV's; something about them just screams "WANNABE BULLY", not to mention the fact that's it's become pretty clear to me that CV's just ruin other peoples in game fun. To each his/her own though.
  6. Good point, I guess you could just increase the victory point total as well (make it like 1500 to win instead of 1000)?
  7. Be easier (and probably more enjoyable) to just add more Bots to the enemy team, make it 9 (humans) vs 12 (bots) or something like that. More fodder for everyone.
  8. WaywardVariable

    How Do You Deal With Losing Streaks?

    I go write code, tinkering with the dozen or so half finished "just for fun" software development projects I have going.
  9. WaywardVariable

    Can someone explain this no concealment go in reverse thing?

    Good stuff @warheart1992 very informative and useful!
  10. Not really since a good % of the time you can just disengage (if you've made sure and planned an escape route ahead of time like you're supposed to) or if you're paying attention you don't engage in the first place. IMHO it's FAR worse to be playing a DD and having one or more CV's focusing on you the entire match, you basically can't really fight back and you can't help your team win.
  11. Silly AND pointless, nice trick; you're wasting your own time while accomplishing absolutely nothing except perhaps invoking the ire of your team mates. Alternatively maybe you should strap yourself into a CL and show everyone how DD cap support is supposed to be done ?
  12. WaywardVariable

    Favorite ships?

    Mine change all the time, but here are a few of my current favorites: T-61 (German DD) Z-46 (German DD) Fiji (UK CL) Mainz (German CL) Minotaur (UK CL) Fletcher (US DD) Seattle (US CL) Hindenburg (German CA) Alaska (US CA)
  13. WaywardVariable

    Why we need T8-10 operations

    Dunno, that must have been before I started playing WoWs.
  14. WaywardVariable

    Why we need T8-10 operations

    I agree, it would be great if Wargaming further developed OPs up to and including T8-T10 operations. I think it would be also be interesting to experiment with PvP scenarios, where you had something like a Newport Station where one team was assigned to defend and the other assigned to assault. I find the fact that Wargaming seems to be completely disinterested in the further developing Operations a bit perplexing.
  15. WaywardVariable

    Why even have game chat?

    One thing you can be sure of, it isn't "We the People". "I don't think we should be governing ourselves. What we need is a king, and every now and then if the king’s not doing a good job, we kill him." -- George Carlin