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  1. Pillbox_7

    Leone for $0, has 0 ASW and (basically) 0 AA

    Yeah! Me as well. They were basically really small colonial cruisers. The 8 gun broadside is pretty heavy even by ww2 standards but in the 20s it was a massive broadside for a dd. What’s upsetting is that irl it had 2x3 torpedo tubes not 2x2. Oh well…..
  2. Pillbox_7

    Leone for $0, has 0 ASW and (basically) 0 AA

    Hopefully they just slap an air strike consumable or depth charges on it for asw. Another thread from way back when gave the impression that this was a wg oversight and it was run up the wg corporate ladder…….
  3. Pillbox_7

    Leone for $0, has 0 ASW and (basically) 0 AA

    I like this ship. It’s basically a smoke cruiser with gangster conceal. The, slow, long range quick reload torps (even if only 4 tubes) are great for area denial.you can basically get a continuous torp river going into a cap. It can make it hard to capture for the red team. The long duration smoke is so you can cycle you slow guns and get fires. If you play it like a dd it’s not so great, as a smoke cruiser it’s good though. It sucks you are taking up a dd slot with a smoke cruiser though. IRL this ship was a ww1 era scout cruiser, so basically a huge dd, although by the time ww2 rolled around it was about the size of a regular dd.
  4. Pillbox_7

    Some things age like milk

    The problem with that "other" game is that it just looks pretty and nothing else. It is super grindy, the combat is no good, and the battles way too long. Also, its funny when people complain about planes in wows vs that other game. You'll get taken out by planes before you get in range to fire your guns or even get to the combat zone in that other game.
  5. I love it and mostly agree with ops assessment. The guns feel good. It can be tanky and is solid against he spam with the distributed armor. The turning circle is great. The bots at t5 make me sad.
  6. Pillbox_7

    Unpopular Opinion...

    OP likes to sail in a straight line all the time, I guess.
  7. Pillbox_7

    Ever have one of those games...

    I have games like that in the tiger. 12k damage, a cap, and you end up near the top for some reason.
  8. I recommend mackensen. Got my 3 million in 2.5 games.
  9. Pillbox_7

    So, about Leone...

    Irl, the Italians considered it a “scout cruiser” essentially a flotilla leader large destroyer. When built it was huge for a dd and the 8 gun broadside was considered heavy at the time. By the time ww2 rolled around, however, it size was no longer considered large for a destroyer and the scout cruiser concept was pretty dead. The Italians used the class the same way other colonial powers used small cruisers.
  10. Pillbox_7

    So, about Leone...

    Also, no asw at all. No depth charges, no air strike, nothing. There is a beach chair where the depth charges would be. Seriously.
  11. Marco Polo has a 1.9 sigma, Verdi has a 1.7 sigma. Considering that you will use your main battery way more often than your secondaries, especially at high tier, having a better sigma and access to sap main battery shells makes Marco Polo the better ship IMO….not looking to start an argument. The armor doesn’t hold up well at range, I’m not sure how it will hold up at secondary range. High tiers just aren’t really a secondary meta very much either.
  12. Pillbox_7


    Yes! No 16mm British CL bow armor, this is an underhyped perk of tiger over other British CLs. I’ve had really high xp games where I did less than 20k damage. It’s just a different kind of ship and play style and it’s a refreshing break from the dpm race. I really think this ship is underappreciated but it will hurt your PR because PR is heavily damaged biased, as the formula below indicates, and this is just not a damage dealing boat. Damage average/PR is everything for a lot of players and in that case most players will probably hate it. PR = 700*nDMG + 300*nFrags + 150*nWins
  13. Pillbox_7


    I suck in it but I love it. It’s different and forces you outside of your comfort zone. I take the approach of what can I do to help my team and don’t even try to max out it’s damage potential. Provide aa , light up dds, timely smoke, etc. It’s a great ship if you are willing to acknowledge it is a support ship and not a damage dealer. I think people mostly say it sucks because of the dpm. If you only care about your damage avg, look elsewhere. As a support ship though? It’s got to be one of the most versatile and capable out there. It is excellent in that role. On a side note @Soshi_Sone helped me up my game in it big time. Thanks again!
  14. Pillbox_7


    Every time see another tiger 59 when I’m out in mine, it makes me excited!
  15. Pillbox_7

    ASW Air Strikes, AA, and Detection

    The worst thing about asw air strikes is everyone constantly dropping them on surface ships. I haven’t tracked it but it happens regularly to me.