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  1. Ditto this is me as well. Have several drops, says accounts are linked......claim.....nothing in game. I have had several drops waiting for over a month.
  2. Pillbox_7

    WOWS End of life?

    Nobody was guaranteed to get a mak. You could have gotten no ships, so no it’s not possible for it to have been a probability of 1.
  3. Pillbox_7

    Agincourt coming to WoWS!

    I was excited about agincourt until I saw the sigma change a few days ago. Now I won’t be getting it. I get that people can play 1.5-1.6 sigma ships but I consider them unplayable for me personally. Who wants to be that frustrated by a video game when several perfectly placed salvos a game bracket a ship with no hits. Happened to me in fuso and Andrea doria enough times that I stopped playing those ships. a side note on vb. The no aa is overstated I think. Between the excellent conceal and the fact that tons of games have 1 or no CVs , it’s rarely an issue. I play bunches of games in a row without CVs and in games with them, the odds that they are gonna find you and focus you all game is low. It happens but not enough to be enraging.
  4. Pillbox_7

    Premium Ship Review - Viribus Unitis

    I enjoy it. Cruiser detection and good guns. It’s slow, but a lot of BBs are just as slow or slower around that tier.
  5. Pillbox_7

    Premium Ship Review - Viribus Unitis

    Alright, well thank you for the information, I did not know that hidden armor facets were that extensive.
  6. Pillbox_7

    Premium Ship Review - Viribus Unitis

    So are these plates just not visible at all in the armor layout inport? From where you describe them as being they don’t seem like they should be 100% obscured by anything. Should I just trust that they are there?:)
  7. Pillbox_7

    New dockyard free ships

    I wondered about this also but really every Japanese cl save one is already in the game. Japanese CLs have always been my favorite from a history standpoint. Tenryu or 3500 ton class-in game. Kuma or 5500 ton class type I-in game (plus kitakami) Nagara or 5500 ton class type II-not in game Sendai or 5500 ton class type III-not in game(the Nagara and Sendai are basically the same as kuma. I fail to see how they’d distinguish 5500 types II and III from 5500 type I(kuma) they could reduce the reload or show them in a late war configuration with more aa. Maybe one of the conversions of those ships like the Isuzu (sort of a Japanese atlanta). Really though the differences between these ships irl was negligible. Probably why they were referred to as 5500 types I, II, and III. yubari-in game katori class-in game agano class-in game(Yahagi) oyodo-not in game. They have limited options unless they are gonna just release tech tree versions of ships already in the game. The oyodo is really the only class of Japanese cl not represented in game already.
  8. Pillbox_7

    New dockyard free ships

    I got my first 100 battles in a Yahagi. It is my favorite ship by far. Maple syrup can attest to the fact that I play a lot of Yahagi, lol. The torp angles aren’t an issue for me unless you are in a brawl, which you should never be in in a Yahagi. Set BBS on fire, clog channels of advance with 12 km torps, kill solo dds. Upgrade the detection with captains skills(9.9km). With a flag and boost it does almost 40. You can reposition quickly and run down a dd with ease. The armor is pretend BUT it unexpectedly shows up when gunning down a dd and they try and shoot back. I’ve noticed that I win more in that ship without getting big damage numbers all the time. You can force a pushing flank into disarray while they try and evade your torps without connecting on any of them. This exposes them to retaliation by larger cruisers and bbs on your team. It’s a good ship. Not sure why so many hate it. YOLOing in a Yahagi not recommended, lol.
  9. Pillbox_7

    HELP I have a simple question about Yahagi model

    Issue with hauling aircraft below is there's no room below for the aircraft, and the ship's crane can't reach the platform, so planes have to be put on the catapult when recovered then moved to the storage cradles. The torpedoes would need to use a pierside crane or one on the ship resupplying it. Blow out panels would be really surprising, as the torpedo storages are actually underneath the plated portions of the platform. The platform is open on all sides as well. I didn’t mean storing planes below, I meant working on a plane already on the deck from below. Replacing pontoons, other maintenance, etc. might be easier, IMO. Your loading theory is actually the best one I’ve heard. The blowout theory isn’t mine. It’s from a modeling forum. I don’t buy it either. I do know that the agano was not overweight though. In fact from a pure design perspective its their least borked ship, along with oyodo and tone. Not surprising since they were designed by the same guy.
  10. Pillbox_7

    HELP I have a simple question about Yahagi model

    This is true for all of their cruisers except the tone, agano, and oyodo class. They were the last designed and the least messed up in terms of design errors. They had that problem in a lot of ships though you are 100% right about that.
  11. Pillbox_7

    HELP I have a simple question about Yahagi model

    Seems like a totally reasonable explanation. The earlier agano class ships did not have the “open “ flight deck. Maybe it was an adaptation to experience loading the torpedoes. I haven’t heard many others other than these two theories: That it was so if the torpedos exploded the explosion would have a pathway to escape and not blow out the flight deck (not sure on that one myself). Another thought: loading planes from below or for from below plane maintenance or getting aa ammo up to the deck? This is from lacroix and wells Japanese cruisers of the pacific war. It’s in one of the diagrams as such.
  12. Pillbox_7

    HELP I have a simple question about Yahagi model

    Better late than never.
  13. Pillbox_7

    HELP I have a simple question about Yahagi model

    So I can help a little here. It’s from period pictures. I’ve seen them. I have some modeling magazines around here somewhere with them in them. As for what they are for? Unclear. Models have been built with that area actually fenced off with railings. Not sure if this is authentic. I DO know what the shed next to the wood is for: AA gun crew rest area. The armor modeling on Yahagi is actually pretty good although there is steering gear armor that is missing and the deck is actually a wee bit thicker.
  14. It’s not the # of respondents it’s the sampling methodology. A 2000 person sample properly selected would be more generalizable than an 8500 person internet poll, which has no sampling other than “I can has vote?”
  15. People in college level research methods classes can’t get sampling, sample representativeness, sample error, and probability and non-probability sampling techniques, I doubt there is gonna be a breakthrough here. I’ve seen a lot of threads in my short time here that mention online polls. An internet poll doesn’t involve any sampling methodology, it is just who takes it. Not to mention, you can vote in a lot of online polls like a million times. Maybe a truly representative survey would show similar results to an online survey that shows everyone hates CVs, but unless someone does it (and pays for it) or wg shares, it’s probably not gonna happen.