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  1. I've been seeing Schroder's do well in battles....
  2. I have never completed a dockyard, or gotten the half way ship even.
  3. mashed68

    It's bad enough in COOP...

    Exactly. The servers can only handle so much use. Co-ops only make half as many people happy playing as a random game does. I'm sure they could make the servers better, but they are too busy giving us content we don't want instead.
  4. I have never, nor did I intend to, use free XP to buy ships.
  5. They've always restricted ships in the effort to make it more even and fair. How this is disgusting [they wont let you use free ships!] is a bit beyond my ability to reason. Very few, if any, people play the game just for clan battles. So all those ships are still very much usable, just not this season in that specific format.
  6. mashed68

    Have ships become too powerful?

    Cv's should be nerfed by a large margin yes. Subs too. Otherwise no.
  7. mashed68

    Question on High Tier Games

    Tier 7 is where its at.
  8. mashed68

    100% doubloons return?

    Don't tell WG that then. I did this last year. Bought enough dubs to buy scharnhorst. Bought the ship with the coupon, still have all the dubs. This year, I'm gonna buy another ship and still have my dubs.
  9. mashed68

    100% doubloons return?

    Its simple. You buy $50 worth of doubloons, but get $100 worth. You wait until next year. Get the coupon again. Spend that $100 worth of doubloons on a ship, get the ship and still have $100 worth of doubloons to do it all over again next year. Pay once, return on investment every year.
  10. mashed68

    Happy Login Reward Supercontainer Day!

    25x 2400% free XP
  11. mashed68

    Skip Bombs, Oh, how I hate them

    Turn into them so you give a nice broadside to a BB across the map duh
  12. mashed68

    Lost but...

    Loosing isn't the problem, its the dumb "whoever wins gets more rewards" mechanic. Rewards should be based on play alone, not who randomly got the better lineup of players and/or ships.
  13. mashed68

    Vote with your wallet

    I love the people that try to claim "but the forums are only a small percentage of players!" Ummm yeah sure, but if the majority on here feel a certain way, logic dictates that the majority of players overall feel that way as well.
  14. This wouldn't have resulting from you steaming at the borders or just sitting in back would it? I usually only see people throwing these accusations out when the person they are annoyed with is not helping the team but off on a 1 man mission. Just being the last alive doesn't mean you played well. /devilsadvocate
  15. You mean it went from fun to everyone sitting in back while DD's go around the outside and try to attack from behind while everyone ignores the blimps.