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  1. From a real world perspective, subs have always been a part of naval combat... Why would you try to ignore/segregate that?
  2. Subs are like wolfpacks?? Really dude? What country are you from? Subs rarely group up and are designed to 'snipe' strategic targets... I'm new to this game as well but I think subs will be an awesome addition to the game. Cheers to our differences :)
  3. USS_Juneau

    More codes

    If I had to guess, they're all about that virgin blood. That's fresh dollar bills they haven't tapped into yet.
  4. USS_Juneau

    More codes

    Yeah, only one code per account. Once one code works, none else will work. The reason people are posting codes is some people never got the email with included codes.
  5. USS_Juneau

    More codes

    Well, the email said you can only use one per account so if you used one on yourself already, I don't think anyone else's code would work for you.
  6. USS_Juneau

    WG get a clue, don't put subs in this game

    I disagree with the OP.. Put subs in the game, please!
  7. USS_Juneau

    More codes

    No one elses codes worked for me but I did in fact get the email... Here ya go dudes: CRET-2DS2X-S9E8R CRET-2DS3W-8FRZA CRET-2DS4T-C7FGK CRET-2DS82-KGDN8 CRET-2DSBM-7UPSA
  8. USS_Juneau


    None of em' worked for me.
  9. Aww that kinda sucks.. In that case, not worth it to me, but thank you for responding with your knowledge on the matter.
  10. The only reason I like Steam client is it shows how many hours i've invested in a game... Since I started this game, I've only used the Wargaming client... Will I notice any issues/repercussion's switching over to the Steam client to manage my connectivity/account with this game?
  11. Disregard, I found it.. thanks for the suggestion!
  12. That's a hell of a lot better than what I'm working with, how do I get to that filter screen?
  13. Right now I have one long ribbon that I scroll through (left to right) to try and find a ship I want to battle with. I've seen screenshots where people have several of these rows they can scroll through, stacked on top of one another... My question to you all is, am I stuck with the one ribbon/row of ships or can I methodically organize them somehow? (ie, all battleships in one row, all cruisers in row 2, all carries in row 3, etc)
  14. Today I had a player on my team who opted to grief people instead of offering constructive advice... It was today that I learned how to report a player for "being non-supportive" in a match.. My question to you all is, what are the consequences of being reported and how many reports does it take to actually see anything happen?
  15. USS_Juneau

    Received my first in-game offer?

    After a bit of googling, found this helpful article: above right where its your name you will click on your name then click on activate wargaming code there is a menu bar up top with 2 options click on my coupons Done, its that easy.