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  1. Jarl_Hasteinn

    Welcome our new Community Manager, Ahskance

    I would worry if WG took any feedback from CMs, CCs or community, but they don't, so it doesn't matter who is a CM. Carry on!
  2. Jarl_Hasteinn

    Its time to nerf Destroyers.

    I remember when I first started playing, I thought DDs were massively overpowered and games against them just weren't fun. It turned out it was a "learn to play" issue on my behalf as I was mostly sailing in straight line like a complete mongo. Maybe it's the same issue on your side? I'm not trying to insult or be mean here. All I'm saying, it's easy to perceive something as "not fair" when you don't know how it works or how to deal with it.
  3. Jarl_Hasteinn

    Submarine Testing

    No, go away
  4. Jarl_Hasteinn

    Suggestion for coal ship to get?

    Thunderer or Georgia would be best picks right now. Yoshino is fun for exactly 3 games. I got bored of it rather quickly. But if you like to sit at max range and spam HE entire game sure, it's could be a good pick for you.
  5. Jarl_Hasteinn

    Naval Battles

    You have a set goal that you have to achieve, game doesn't care if you barely passed it or passed it tenfold. Perfect example by @Snargfargle
  6. Not even close. Enemy deployment of ships is known 40 sec into the match. Any ship that goes wide, flanking, is signing suicide note. Hugging an island with radar ship, holding angles, defending cap is a big NO-NO. Dropping fighters over your friendlies does absolutely nothing to protect them. Only saving grace is that you probably rarely or not at all encountered a clan with amazing CV player. Wait till/if you get to higher leagues then come back and share your experience.
  7. Jarl_Hasteinn

    New player with some questions

    Forget about youtube vids, Flamu, Chase, etc... Best way of learning is by doing and being corrected on the spot. Join a clan, division up with players better/more experienced than you, learn from them, don't be afraid to ask questions and don't get insulted when you get critiqued on the way you play.
  8. Jarl_Hasteinn

    Clan Management Question

    If only there is some application where you can ping everyone. Or assign roles to different users then ping certain roles. If only such application was free and easy to use. Just imagine the possibilities.
  9. It's so much fun when your deployment is known 20 sec into the game. You don't have to bother with tactics.
  10. Jarl_Hasteinn

    New CV Lines (Suggestions/Ideas/Predictions)

    Just what the game needs, more CVs
  11. Jarl_Hasteinn

    When T7 play against T9

    Tier 6 against tier 8 work as well. Who would have thought
  12. Jarl_Hasteinn

    Upgrades that Can be Skipped

    Some comments here are top level
  13. Jarl_Hasteinn

    When T7 play against T9

    But...but....what about "stupid +/-2 MM, REEEE"