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  1. t0uk14

    I think I struck a nerve : )

    "Oh look let me come to the forums to mock this person who got angry at me for using a blatantly overpowered t5 ship to seal club!!!" Seal clubbing especially with a kamikaze is honestly kind of pathetic...
  2. t0uk14

    My Longest Loss Streak

    Wrong. If you can't list the so called numerous reasons, then your claim is invalid. It's been stated over and over again the WR is reflected within a person's skill and their impact in a game. This is why people can have above 50% WRs. People cannot have 100% WRs because there are always those small amount of games you cannot carry. On the other hand, people cannot have 0% WRs because MM is random and will match them up with teammates that can carry the potato. People like you need to stop being ignorant and realize that you need to improve, rather than blaming MM, teamates, "soviet programming", etc.
  3. t0uk14

    Report Triple Well Dones

    Well done! Well done! Well done! You are spamming quick command chats too quickly You are spamming quick command chats too quickly You are spamming quick command chats too quickly Well done! Well done! Well done!
  4. There is one bote I despise: I will give the number and you shall figure it out, 17900
  5. Imagine using match making monitor...
  6. Because of balance. Grozovoi gets a heal, smoke, speed boost, and DFAA because it lacks firepower compared to other gunboat destroyers. Daring gets a heal because of its playstyle of DD dueling, but lacks anything else because it would make it overpowered. Khabarovsk either chooses a smoke, or heal. It cannot carry both. Gearing and Shimakaze don't get a heal because they are meant to be played as torpedo destroyers, meaning you shouldn't be getting into gunfights frequently. Halland gets a heal and DFAA in compensation for the lack of smoke, as well as a speed boost. There are other DDs but yeah this should give a general idea.
  7. t0uk14

    New German BC line nerfed

    I find it funny that people are complaining about a 0.2 second reload on their 105mm, which is the majority of their secondary armament. Also the 0.4 second reload on the 150s. Honestly how do u even call this a nerf. It's literally like a slap on the wrist lol. I'd also like to point out how everyone is complaining that WG is catering to DD players with this laughable "nerf", when this ship was performing well against literally everything. 32mm pen on secondaries with IFHE meant that you'd melt DDs, CLs, CAs, and some BBs. Even against BBs without 32mm plating, your volume of secondary fire would still deal damage and cause fires. I think WG needs to take more action against this ship where you can just be AFK and get a free 100k damage. Everyone complains that this ship is squishy... just don't be an idiot and get focus fired. Literally every ship dies quickly under focus fire. I would make the claim that if a Schlieffen and GK had similar HP pools. they would die in the same amount of time under focus fire.
  8. t0uk14

    New German BC line nerfed

    The nerf wasn't because of DDs, but because they were overperforming as a whole against every class.
  9. t0uk14

    Burning Down the House

    Oh no.... anyways!
  10. t0uk14

    Co-Op Torp Blockers

    Your torps, your fault.
  11. Daring is a very strong DD. Great guns, decent torps, good short duration smoke, good maneuverability, decent conceal of 6 km. The only downside really is the slow-ish speed of 36.8 knots (with speed flag).
  12. t0uk14


    Georgia is overpowered mate. What are you on? 6, 18 inch guns with battlecruiser dispersion at t9... You are going to be hitting things. Obviously German BCs have the better secondary armament, comparing anything to them is just stupid because they are the best. Georgia has Massachusetts secondary armament, they are still very good.
  13. t0uk14

    Yoshino or Salem?

    Salem is one of the best coal ships to purchase, Yoshino... is not. I recommend Salem.
  14. Like I said, its piss easy to get achievements in operations, so just do a few of those. There is not a lot of effort or time needed...
  15. I mean then just play randoms or any other of the available game modes? If you don't want to, then don't complain about not being able to get the rewards. No one is forcing you to get these rewards and it can't hurt to play another game mode... Also achievements are super easy in operations, might as well do those.