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  1. How do I use a controller? asking because there is no such settings? is it even possible?
  2. YES!!! I’m realizing more and more just how rigged this game is. I truly believe the MM knows who is going to win and who is going to lose, thus nerfing the losers, I have matches where I should be getting citadels, from a close range and hitting directly in the middle and other times a little closer to the bow, and I’ve noticed that I will get 3 or 4 hits, but no citadel. Just a measly 6k damage, apparently the 3 or 4 hits are overpens lol. While the enemy that I’m facing bow first, is getting [edited]citadels with one or two shells, and again, my ship is facing straight towards them and they’re either full on broadside or close to it not too mention I’ve also seen the exact same number of damage dealt 4-6 times in a row. There’s no way I’m hitting a consistent number of damage 6 different times. There is a consistent balance of winning and losing. You’ll literally have days where every match is a lose, along with a [edited] performance, and other days where it’s nothing but wins, nearly 200k in damage and a crap ton of citadels.
  3. EAG711

    Is this an actual 07 clan member?

    Ya but isn’t this the best clan the game has ever seen? Lol
  4. EAG711

    Is this an actual 07 clan member?

    Ya, actually it is. Now what?
  5. EAG711

    Is this an actual 07 clan member?

    I played with him and didn’t even know it until the end. His colored clan tag made me curious the most, I’ve never seen that, and his stats are through the roof.
  6. updated and now it gets stuck at the loading page, going on 15 mins now. Anyone know the fix?
  7. I know, which is why I mentioned Pomm, based on how he likes to play. From the sounds of it, he'd enjoy it way more than the thunderer or the Georgia, and you can still obtain Pomm, not from coal or steel though. Seems like my post has rustled our cruisers jimmies though, so my apologizes If I brought out your PTSD
  8. Sounds like you'd love pommern, the secondary build is great for memes and does quite a bit of damage, sometimes after games I'll have 350+ secondary hits that accumulated in about 2-4 mins, and that's with the secondary fully built, as well as the signal, in total 12km range and a 2.5 sec reload and the other guns have a reload of 5 secs but with AD rush all of that will just become quicker, everybody and I mean everybody usually runs from you, because once their within 6km you just torp them, and it's worth showing broadside to send the torps because pomms citadel isn't easy to hit, in fact she'll rarely fall victim to a citadel when you have the concealment modification equipped which adds another 5% of dispersion for any enemy firing at you, now factor 3% more dispersion when using a camo lol. I also have the Georgia and at first I regretted purchasing her, I was already iffy about her guns and not understanding them just paved the way to a bad experience, but just recently I started using her again, and the secondary build is meme worth too, not as much as pomm but it'll help take down enemies that's for sure, I added the quicker reload for slower traverse speed, but it's worth it, all you need is just one of the guns, any of them, and you'll love the results, I've taken upwards nearly 30k damage out of enemies with just her rear guns firing, TWO shells LOL. The only downside to Georgia is that she is a paper boat, she's extremely vulnerable for a cit and you can expect one or two if you show any broadside for any amount of time. Nonetheless, if you make it out alive you'll almost always have the enemies broadside to you because once they see you going broadside, they do too because they want the cit, if its a cruiser who's still broadside when your rear guns are aligned with their ship, then they're 1: Stupid 2. About to be back at port early from just two AP shells. All in all, you'll have tons of fun in any of these ships, I enjoy useful BBs as well, and these are def my top two (that I own at least).
  9. The cirlces which are usually align with the reticle, are not. Anyone know the fix? 2021-03-22 16-48-59.mkv
  10. I have quite a few, so I guess it could be.
  11. I made a post about this issue months ago, back in 2020. Was told its a bug when having certain mods downloaded?
  12. Are you sure? Because I almost never have any stats after games. Theres no way I'm being reported by more than 1 person when I'm in usually in the top 3 or 5.
  13. Hi, I have a question about the dispersion. I mostly play with BB's, and some have the extended range consumable. Looking at the max dispersion on Mass, it says 272. The max firing range is 21.2km and thats before the consumable. I'd imagine the max dispersion is what we will always get when we fire at a target 21.2km away, so, when I use the consumable which extends my firing to 25km, the max dispersion of 272 is now based off of firing at 25km. So instead of using it for longer ranges, If I use the consumable for a target at lets say 10km away, then the dispersion should be much tighter as opposed to firing at the same target without the consumable active, right?