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  1. no doubt... luckily my clan OG's are always down for training and division work if i need it. I'm happy with how I'm progressing for being very new. and every cluster of battles I do I start to look at my original post as whiny.
  2. this is spot on... i absolutely rushed to tier ten because i wanted to be able to contribute to clan battles- which did pay off... my contributions to each battle increased significantly... the rentals were just not comparable to my play style... i will definitely be moving back to fundamentals... and the next clan season being t8 will keep me from getting too big for my britches. But that success was limited to clan battles, where i did well following orders and receiving directive through comms... took me a while to get warmed up in randoms. I have since picked up the camo, lol. Now I'm grinding back all my spent converted XP and trying to come up the right way, thanks the advice of players like you folks. Concerning the the youtube research.. also spot on... before I owned my own t10... i was averaging 20k maybe per clan battles (I got a clan invite 3 weeks after I started playing lol, gimme a break), after reading and watching a lot about the wooster before I decided to convert I think my first 3 battles were 70k-80k+ and the 4th match I hit 114K. so yeah anybody reading this, do your research. Any way because of that I was full aware of her blappiness. So luckily I ended up not wasting that commitment. Also lucky enough to have clan mentors who ran some battles with me to warm up. Without all that though I would have been matchstick out there though.
  3. i did pinhole into american light cruisers heavily. the goal was to be more relevant in clan battles as a newer player, and not be limited to rentals. but yeah 100% have been working through multiple lines now that i achieved that, and have noticed new skill sets developing. good call.
  4. that was before my time most likely... and again i may just need to up my skills... but the wooster consumables are easily worth 120k and I dare say Ive never lost silver in another ship... another given... my first t10... but a an OG clan member told me the worcester costs were so high they seemed broken even compared to other t10's. but i was reduced to ignoring the ship until CB's lol.
  5. this happens to me as well... the game gets super quiet and the torpedos freeze in the water... quick tip... if you zoom in you can still see riggings and the railing along the deck... not ideal... but at least a way to salvage some damage... thought it was my computer's problem... relieved to see others experience this. i've noticed this happens when there a lot of torps in the water
  6. maybe I'm just new and not skilled enough... but without the permanent paint job the Worcester loses silver unless you absolutely reign supreme. Maybe an issue with my skill level... but it does seem excessive. IDK just throwing it out there.
  7. ericrubel

    Spruance class DD artwork

    Spruance was my favorite unit in fleet command.
  8. ericrubel

    I think people forgot about this ability

    you're 100% correct... all that came from my more experienced clan members... and no offense taken. I was hoping to improve the experience of other noobs that may stumble across the thread. The advice helped me enjoy the game more and survive longer. and to clarify... not offering CV strategy for people who know how to play... just some ideas for people who don't want to deal with them.. because as you said... not qualified to offer expert methods to seasoned players.
  9. Playing against higher tiers was invaluable to me. quick way to gather good habits. i found out real fast what happens when I don't monitor my broadside... what happens when I fire first... what happens when I engage a superior ship... or stay zoomed... or ignore my ship's role in the team... all that translates to massive success when you face peers later on.
  10. ericrubel

    I think people forgot about this ability

    Speaking from my earlier playing days... I wanted to CV's to go away... until I learned to address them properly... if I'm a DD and there are two enemy CV's... maybe I don't rush to capture with AA turned off and wonder why 2 BBs and 3 CAs deleted me 35 seconds into the battle. Maybe I hang back and support ships with significant AA and watch a red DD get lit up when he rushes the cap. I mean it is a simulation right? I'm sure the Japanese wished we didn't have carriers, but they were there to deal with. I think CVs piss you off if your Random team doesn't form up and the enemy CV decides you are the opportune target. I personally love the free plane buffet when I run my American cruisers.... please feed me that AA damage. If you just don't like sailing against them... sail into the middle of the map and go out like G real fast and get to the next battle... maybe you'll snag a match without em. But if you hang back in death ball you may enjoy the experience a little more... the team doesn't need your spotting if your carrier is doing the job right.
  11. ericrubel

    Des Moines / Worcester Setup

    I like this setup... and i agree with the reasoning for sure. But i tend to be on the other spectrum you mentioned do my setup is almost a polar opposite. I opted for the 19.2km range, and use the spotter consumer. I like the reload boost, but reload is already quick so I can hang without that. the adrenaline skill kind of mitigate because in the woostah I WILL lose HP lol. I'm impressed you can use her to push enough to make the radar relevant, but i love catching those reversing ships off guard when I can reach and touch them from a far enough range to make their counter attack almost irrelevant. Your point is super important though... if your long range placement isn't well developed, you're going to miss A LOT. I tend to hang back and support at least two other ships and enjoy opportunistic targeting, i.e exploiting ships sailing constant bearing, firing from cover, and kiting. I love using spotter consumable when i have a good carrier doing early spotting... the reload speed makes it possible to fire salvos into the trajectory of several ships beelining to their initial positions, making sure to cycle targets. Spotter is also good for me when, say, we've successfully shut down a push on one side of the map and I'm heading to support the other side of the map. The extra range allows me to engage targets en route to a new position. Even if i don't do significant damage the crossfire helps with forcing enemy ships out of a preferred positions. Also, again polar opposite, I favor HE... but I'm really good at super structure damage... but of course if i get into with a cv inside of 15km ill switch to AP and usually shred up even heavy cruisers. That being said... in clan-battles when I know I wont have a carrier for early detection... and when I only have 6 allies, I'll be darned if I don't mount reload mod and switch to radar, and switch my entire play style to be more aggressive in close quarters... I dont prefer it.. but without a bigger team and early scouting i feel like you contribute more with the quoted setup. ALSO bite the bullet and grab the permanent camo, or you'll lose dubloons every battle unless your doing 100k damage every time... she's expensive to run
  12. ericrubel

    The "worst" ships in the game

    Yeah... I am currently grinding with the Devonshire for the Drake specifically because I despise the alby. It’s a matchstick. Frequently get aircraft detected and blapped for 9/10 my hp in the first minute. Seems like the only tactic is to play up to a group of cruisers and reverse with bow forward straight back to try and snag 40k before death. And it isn’t maneuverable. And the main battery doesn’t arc and then also lacks a tight spread... they sure want you to work for that Goliath .
  13. ericrubel

    Massachusetts: So far very underwhelming

    I literally shadow another bb. Not a boat I like to engage one on one. I tend to also hang back and wait til the enemy cruiser positions develope... it doesn’t seem like a great match for brawling other bbs... but I’ve done well exploiting weaker classes.
  14. ericrubel


    My favorite aspect of the Visby is the maneuvering. In no other ship have I dodged aircraft rockets, or had the ability to dodge incoming salvos already incoming like I have in this boat. If you can maneuver and shoot you’ll have great success hunting dds. But yeah... it’ll never have the damage potential of other DDs in the tier if you play it the same way. It’s not a spotter or a great capper. It does scoot around well... like others say it’s fun.
  15. ericrubel

    Do not buy MAINZ!!!!! Save your money!!!

    I get your frustration. I also had buyers remorse at first... buuuut then I watched a few reviews and realized my play style needed a little tweaking. Try hanging back with bbs. It may look like a brawler but Mainz is a sniper. I don’t fire unless bb turrets are turned away and I ghost when they start traversing and move to a new target. And don’t fire while broadside. You want to be angled diagonally away from the engagement because if you have to show broadside in a upturn you will get blapped. Also I don’t engage heavy cruisers alone...