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  1. lonelylincoln

    If True This Is Concerning

    CN only have one day delay beginning from patch 12.0.
  2. But it seems that you're unhappy that next version introduces Lunar New Year event like usual, and it overlapped Australian day. I'm also aware that WG gives too little care about commonwealth stuff, but Spring Festival is definitely not a great time to introduce them. WG definitely have their reason to hold Lunar New Year event every year instead of other events (revenue from countries that celebrates Lunar New Year is enough for WG to put some effort in it) Also I'd like to tell you the importance of Lunar New Year event in Asian regions, it equals to the christmas you guys are going to celebrate soon, that's why WG care that much about it. Maybe WG thinks that you guys are already satisfied when playing Royal Navy ships, since Royal Navy is the major source of commonwealth stuff. If you want a commander in armory, at least a tech tree is required, and WG still doesn't make one for commonwealth.
  3. What's the point of introducing commonwealth stuff during lunar new year period? There's no link between the two. And Lunar new year happens every year like Christmas, you want Christmas event be replaced with others?
  4. lonelylincoln

    DevBlog 388 - Pan-American Cruisers - Closed testing

    They've changed the texts. Now it's: In order to reduce the space taken up by the funnels in the superstructure, the decision was made to unify them into two funnels.
  5. lonelylincoln

    Worcester DESIGN in 1948 and 1949?

    T8 is a real design. But I wonder what 'design' is T9 and 10 based on.
  6. From the recent devblog: One of the preliminary designs of the Worcester-class cruiser from 1948. During the preliminary design process, the US Department of the Navy considered the possibility of building a 3-gun 152-mm main battery turret instead of the final twin turret for this cruiser. But the idea was abandoned due to the complexity of the task and the uncertainty of the terms of its implementation. The Santander is a model of what a Worcester-type cruiser with three triple 152mm turrets could have looked like by 1948. Another version of the Worcester-class cruiser design, this time from 1949. The cruiser is a further development of the Worcester-class cruiser. The general layout and architecture are similar to Worcester. And we know that Worcester entered commission in July 1948, so how is a "preliminary design" for Worcester still possible in 1948? Do such designs really exist, or it's WG altering real Worcester designs to meet the gameplay needs?
  7. lonelylincoln

    DevBlog 388 - Pan-American Cruisers - Closed testing

    Anyone knows what designs are T9 and T10 based on? Or they are Worcesters modified by WG to meet game balance needs?
  8. lonelylincoln

    DevBlog 388 - Pan-American Cruisers - Closed testing

    It's too late, they've already made the models WG is too good at trying to make stuff that they think can attract certain people while making things not appealing for their target customers, I've seen similar fiasco when Pan Asian cruiser was about to release.
  9. lonelylincoln

    Predictions: 2023 New Ship Lines/Branches

    It's not THAT radical if you use lines like USN BB/French cruisers/German DDs for comparison, but still different enough to form a separate tech tree line. The degree of difference between the two, is similar to USN CA/CL line imo. With torpedo-focused design in mind, WG makes them have bad ballistics (so long range HE spamming is a no-no, can't hit anything besides slow BBs over 16km), low DPM for CL, but long torpedo range and good torpedo firing angles. In fact IJN CL took IJN CA's "original design" as torpedo focused cruisers, because the most popular playstyle of IJN CAs has transitioned a lot after these years. The same happens on KMS BB line, people are doing less brawls and more sniping when playing them, so WG introduced German BC line, whose playstyle is almost limited to brawling only.
  10. lonelylincoln

    Predictions: 2023 New Ship Lines/Branches

    My point is "WG will intentionally make ships in another branch play differently from the initial branch", not by any means talking about the effectiveness IJN CLs, a KMS CL line doing the exact same job as KMS CAs is very unlikely to happen. If you think IJN CL line can't represent anything, just look at other lines Soviet Cruisers: CAs has high penetration AP shells with enhanced richochet angles and seldom use HE, they also has a unique dispersion formula to make them more effective at close range fights; CLs are just typical long range HE spammers equipped with radar German DDs: First branch has hydro+smoke combo to make them effective against other DDs (in some cases), and second branch adopts cruiser playstyle, having penetration and ballistics on par with 8 inch guns, mainly shoot AP, even has enhanced richochet angles, but bad maneuverability and large hull make them very risky to get close and take caps or fight other DDs at close range The playstyle difference is too obvious on lines like French cruisers, USN battleships, IJN DDs, I think I don't need to explain them further. Whether the second branch works, WG will intentionally make them play very different from the first branch.
  11. lonelylincoln

    Predictions: 2023 New Ship Lines/Branches

    1. I'll always prefer historical ships/real blueprints/ships based on historical designs than fictional designs, and WG proved how well it can recreate historical blueprints. 2. For now, whenever WG creates a new line, it's to increace the diversity of playstyles, Mainz/Weimar's design concept did work well, but the playstyle is heavily overlapped with current German CA line, which is against WG's work principle. The most recent example is IJN CL line, WG intentionally make them: (1) have long rudder shift time, on par with most cruisers of the same tier, significantly longer than current IJN CA line. (2) have large turning radius that surpassed many large cruisers, increasing the disparity. (3) have very good torpedo launch angles, the exact opposite of IJN CAs. (4) have very good turret traverse, again the exact opposite of IJN CAs. (5) have even worse ballistics than Des Moines to force them to get closer to fight (for the 150 mm guns used at T8~T10) In short, intentionally making them play different from the current IJN CA line. The same will happen if WG is going to make a new branch of German cruisers. You can observe every line that has a branch to verify my points, making a new line is pointless if the ships of two different branches has little difference in playstyle.
  12. lonelylincoln

    Predictions: 2023 New Ship Lines/Branches

    Making a line of German Large Cruisers would be much more easier than CLs, since German had a lot of CB blueprints, meanwhile only very few CL blueprints.
  13. lonelylincoln

    Dockyard CV

    Knowing WG, they'll certainly make two HMS Victorious and sell her twice for more profit
  14. lonelylincoln

    What do you think of new Hostess

    WG introduce an English speaking host (in fact Dasha can speak English, she did so in a previous New Year celebration vid) to represent update content for every server except CIS, so that no one would be asking the boring question "did WG really leave Russia, if not I'll del the game" or some sh*t similar to that again.
  15. lonelylincoln

    DevBlog 373 - New Ships — Closed Testing 0.11.10

    Ning Hai is surprising, I thought WG forget T4 & below