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  1. This now makes it the fourth time my ship took damage, fire/flooding, and when I hit the 'Repair' key, it doesn't stop it, and I die like a chump. wth's going-on, WG'ing? It's a simple key/function/mechanic. Fix it.
  2. Spiciest_Wolf

    Waste of time and effort

    Seems reading comprehension isn't your strong suit. First off, I didn't harp about other real life, breathing players. I harped about the lack of them. Try harder before you strive to talk salty to your betters. For those who did take some time to help me understand the hows and why of this games very strange mechanics, I have replied to them in kind. Now, if you/others still insist on making ad hominem attacks against me, instead of actually responding to the problem(s) presented? Feel free to kiss my gluteals. Both of them. Thank You for taking the time to reply and explain things. I gave the Forum a quick preview when I began, but most of what people were talking about just went over my head. I enjoy the graphics and sound, and the huge selection of ships. It's a shooting game played on a level surface. Pretty much cut-and-dried stuff. Now, the mechanics are starting to wear thin with me. Stupid bots that have cost me wins, often putting my butt in the time-out corner because I don't expect a friendly teammate to just charge right into a group of enemy ships, after I've already thrown my fish at them. Live and learn, but it's still an incredibly stupid programming decision, that doesn't teach new players one damned thing of value when they finally face other real people. Yes, being new means I don't know jack shyte about how this game works. Should I have to be an Expert from the gate? If the answer to that is 'Yes', I'll just go back to playing Dark Souls, because I know that game will happily end me at every opportunity, but at least the mechanics stay reliable. As for the Forum? You can keep it. I'll limit my participation to reading only. I don't have the temperament to respond to trolls and folks just out to piss me off. Game's doing that quite well, all by itself.
  3. Spiciest_Wolf

    Waste of time and effort

    Thank You
  4. Spiciest_Wolf

    Waste of time and effort

    First ship at Tier V was the New York. Which is utter crap. So I sold it, and will continue trying to reach/find a ship worth playing. Also, this [edited] that is the carrier mechanics, that see me being nothing but a floating turd in a gigantic bowl of crap, unable to maneuver or evade floating kelp? Planes that magically vanish the moment they've dropped their loads, but should still be in range as they flee back to their carrier to reload? What's not to love?
  5. Spiciest_Wolf

    Waste of time and effort

    Where did I say a damned thing about 'Cheating'? Other than, of course, all these lovely little basement dwelling [edited][edited] IN Co-Op Gulag matches, that seem to enjoy firing on me becuase WG'ing put me in that lovely pink street-hooker dress, and cannot shoot back in self defense? Reading through the replies has convinced me of something- Far too many gullible and [edited]-kissing players choose to ignore or actively support stupid gaming mechanics, while offering nothing of value except insults. Great way to attract and keep new players, all.
  6. Spiciest_Wolf

    Waste of time and effort

    The idiots are easily amused. Take your bows darlin.
  7. Spiciest_Wolf

    Waste of time and effort

    So, three/four days of playing, and the vast majority of matches sees me being the only real person playing on my 'Team', the rest idiotic and suicidal bots that either swarm and win the match before I can earn anything of value, OR swarm and lose the match before I can earn anything of value. The absolute worse and most insulting? All the matches where 'I' am literally the only real person playing the match, all the rest (teammates and enemy fleet), are idiotic bots. So I quit two of these utter waste of my time and effort matches, in a row,,,, only to be handed a punitve 'Co-op ONLY Matches', x 18? You're seriously trying to prevent people from playing your game, aren't you WG'ing? I've never seen this degree of stupidity and laziness from an MMO. How many years have you been online now?
  8. Spiciest_Wolf

    Server not working?

    Well, hell. So much for options. I'll just play my Skyrim then. No ques, plenty of things to kill, no worries about a bot ramming a 'Friendly torp' up my backside.
  9. Spiciest_Wolf

    Kicked From Que for Techincal Reasons?

    I suspect the gerbils running the wheel finally expired?
  10. Spiciest_Wolf

    Removed from queue....

    Oh, sorry! I just made a post about this problem! (that'll teach me to read the Forum OP's first!) Yeah, I tried five times to play and got the same results.
  11. Spiciest_Wolf

    Server not working?

    N. American (I don't know how to choose another Server to play?) Server seems to be borked? I keep trying to start a match, I can see other players in the que but after about fifteen seconds I get a message stating the match couldn't be started because of a problem with the Server.
  12. Spiciest_Wolf

    Team killing bot teammates

    Sorry fornot clarifying in my OP- This is happening in Random matches.
  13. Spiciest_Wolf

    Team killing bot teammates

    We were at our spawn, and I had barely begun to reach full speed in my Bb, when a cruiser bot pulled up right behind me, and shoved two fish up my [edited]. No enemies had even been spotted yet. I've seen and heard other players (sometimes its bots torping other bots) If I'm in the mix doing hand to hand combat with a group of enemy ships I can't be surprised if I catch some friendly fish because at least it seems more reasonable: they're trying to sink some of the enemy I'm so close to. Way outside of any enemy and they still do this crap? This is some seriously broken mechanics.
  14. Spiciest_Wolf

    Want people to play more? Fix Match making.

    Thank You! I was just about to delete the game! lol I'll just keep grinding-on then.
  15. Spiciest_Wolf

    Want people to play more? Fix Match making.

    What, you mean after three days of playing, most of the time I'm the only real person on the entire team, everything else is :bots:, isn't normal here?