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  1. alexrfy

    Jutland Brawls!

    Warspite is Tier 6 and served at Jutland. But you are correct that most warships that took part in Jutland are Tier 5 or below. Considering this is a Tier 6 brawl it would be more possible for the order of battle to resemble Surigao Strait from WWII and not Jutland from WWI. List of just the BBs at Surigao Strait: IJN Fuso and Yamashiro (Fuso Class) vs USS Mississippi (New Mexico class), West Virginia and Maryland (Colorado class), Tennessee and California (Tennessee class), and Pennsylvania
  2. Italian BBs have horrible vertical dispersion and poor horizontal dispersion. The prevailing theory from the forum back when they were developed and released was that they were designed with the Deadeye skill in mind to fix those issues. They did receive sigma buffs after Deadeye was removed to try to compensate (because they were terrible ships that made Gneisenau look accurate), but obviously sigma =/= dispersion so it wasn't a 1 to 1 solution. I honestly wouldn't recommend anyone grind the Italian BB line. They usually only serve to be big inaccurate XP pinatas for the enemy team to farm and not nearly as scary as other tech tree BB lines that can actually hit what they aim at.
  3. Agreed. The new mod is worse because it doesn't calculate the angles the same way as the original. The original navigator mod, both your angle and the enemy ship angle was calculated from the vertical axis independent of the direction the ships were facing ie 2 ships pointing their bows at each other would both display an angle of 0 degrees and 2 ships pointing their sterns at each other would also show an angle of 0 degrees. In the new mod, the angles are calculated based on where your bow is pointing ie 2 ships pointing their bows at each other display an angle of 0 just like before. But now 2 ships pointing their sterns at each other show an angle of 180 degrees. This means halfway through a turn you have to begin doing mental math (180-the number displayed) to get the true impact angle of shells. The old mod did this subtraction for you and only ever displayed angles of 0-90 degrees which was definitely better. I hope the old navigator gets updated soon.
  4. alexrfy


    I think the T6 BB Brawl is going to be Bayern's time to shine. She has better armor than Warspite and Repulse, same 15 inch overmatch capability and decent secondaries too. She also has way less superstructure than Warspite and Repulse to get farmed.
  5. alexrfy

    Convoy battle mode

    I think Dirigible Derby would be a better mode to consider for inclusion as a permanent mode. Convoy mode still too heavily favors the attacking team in my experience. This attempt is more balanced than the last iteration of Convoy mode, but still not refined enough that I think it's ready for normal random battles. I think convoy routes should be randomized so each map has 1-3 different routes AND those routes should only be shown to the defenders of the convoys, not the attackers. Then maybe it would be a fair fight for the defenders. Dirigible Derby is far more fair since you can't just snipe convoys and win easy. Each team actually needs to fight to move their circle along it's path. Yes it's a bit more arcadey than convoy mode, but it avoids the balancing issues convoy has with the super squishy bot liberty ships.
  6. alexrfy

    Opinions on the Convoy game mode.

    I enjoy the convoy mode, but it can get frustrating being stuck on the losing side defending the convoys over and over because it heavily favors the attackers. Even though I like convoy mode, I think dirigible derby was superior at rewarding aggressive tactics, encourage brawling and had nail biting finishes due to the fact that the objective was simply a moving circle on the map. Convoy mode ends very quickly if the attackers simply focus on the squishy transports and ignore the defenders.
  7. alexrfy

    Fire prevention Expert

    Max 3 at once. Usually you can get 4 fires lit on your ship at once: bow, forward superstructure, aft superstructure, and stern With the skill your ship only has 3 areas that can be lit on fire: bow, entire superstructure, and stern. The 2 original superstructure fire zones get combined into 1 with the skill.
  8. Convoy mode shouldn't show the convoy routes to the attacking team. Makes it way too easy to win as the attackers if you know the exact route the convoy is forced to sail at a constant speed. The attacking team definitely seems to have a big advantage in the mode compared to the team forced to defend the convoys which seem to do their best to sail into cross fires and get sunk. Besides removing the convoy route from the attacking teams minimap, I think it would be an improvement if the convoys took breaks in cover behind islands like how the carrier does in Operation Raptor Rescue instead of just sailing along the line. This would give time for the defending team to catch up if they got caught out of position, but would give the attackers an easy target if they got into a good position previously. I'm very glad brawls is actually brawling this time around with very small team sizes. Brawls should always has a team size of 1-3 per side, maybe 4 v 4 max. The 9 vs 9 last time wasn't a brawl, it was just smaller random battles. Smaller brawl teams gives a chance to shine for ships like Pommern that have been overshadowed in the meta of randoms and ranked for a long time.
  9. alexrfy

    Brief comment on Convoy Mode

    This was suggested last time the convoy mode was around. I also agree this is the easiest possible solution. Giving the attacking team the exact convoy route(s) makes it too easy to ambush the convoys and wipe them out faster than the defenders can sink the attackers.
  10. Went 14-3 in Pommern on my lunch break. Definitely superior to Prince Ruprecht due to having 18k more health. 1 loss to a Fletcher who detonated me. 1 loss to a Mogador torp rush. 1 loss to a simply being outplayed by another Pommern player. Reminds me why brawls are my favorite mode.
  11. alexrfy

    Convoy "detailed" info??

    Same. Been happening to me too on this version of the convoy mode. Didn't happen last convoy mode for me though.
  12. Logging out and back in fixed the calculator for me as well
  13. alexrfy

    Monthly Super Container time

    14 days Premium
  14. alexrfy


    Your stats: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1014719770,grumpy_ole_man/ over the last 3 weeks aren't bad at all. Not super unicum but not certainly not mashed potato either. Stats simply don't tell the whole picture though. Anyone who simply says "Stay alive more" or "Do more damage" is technically correct, but you can farm 200k damage from 2 Tier X BBs and stay alive until the end of the match, but still lose because you gave up map control, capture points, and were so focused on farming for 15 minutes that the rest of your team got flanked and obliterated. Apologies if you have already been linked Mouse's guide on win rate previously, but she explains it better than I can: I've been currently following these steps to improve the win rate of some of my first tech tree/premium DDs when I was terrible at the game. I'll be continuing to follow this approach as I go through my older CA/BB ships from years ago and attempt to improve their win rates up to my current level of play.
  15. alexrfy

    Idea: German Destroyer Buff

    I think German DDs are fine just as they are. But, if you are used to other DD lines your tactics may need some adjustment to use them to their full potential. I love gunboat DDs (even the hybrid ones that could be built as torp boats as well) and hunting enemy DDs down mercilessly. 1. Quick overview: German DDs are not the type of knife fighter than can simply trade HP and win on raw HE DPM alone. Their HE has terrible damage, but get 1/4 armor pen which helps when farming CAs and BBs but not great against other DDs. Their AP is great and has amazing DPM compared to their HE. but obviously can overpen or bounce. They have great Hydro that gets very good range at tier 8+ and okay smoke. You need to take advantage of these strengths to win knife fights while minimizing any usage of the weak parts of the ship. 2. Hydro: You have hydro so you can farm enemies who think they are safe in smoke or when you are smoked up. This is the bread and butter of any DD with long range hydro. Baiting the use of someone's smokescreen to lull enemies into a false sense of security. Either they stay in their smoke and die, or they rush your smoke and die. You need to manage your hydro usage to assure kills when hunting enemy DDs. I like to think of it as a game of chicken where I want one of us to give up and smoke up to try and disengage. It comes down to which DD captain has the greater tolerance for punishment early in a match. It's high risk, high reward, but more often than not, the alive DDs can decide which team wins more often than not. 3. Torps: You have relatively fast torps, give your enemies something to dodge while trying to keep their main battery on target. Also great to use them to force changes of direction by the enemy DD, either to force him to rush/disengage, or force a nice flat broadside for your AP to bite into. 4. Ammo Selection: You need to be fast with changing shell types to take advantage of flat broadsides and use AP to boost your practical DPM when knife fighting. Using only HE will just get you gunned down instead. Even though you have more health on average than many other DDs, but your lack of easy HE DPM means it's not as great an advantage as it may look on paper. This means anticipating the enemy DD turn and having your AP loaded at the right moment to chunk their HP off. That usually makes them think twice about continuing the rest of the engagement. 5. Captain Skills: If you want to hunt DDs effectively, invest in the captain skills for it. I use PM, LS, SE, CEx, AR and then RPF+FB if I'm not building into consumables (Gearing or other gunboat DDs without heal/hydro/radar) or SI+BFT+CEn if I am building into consumables (Z-52 or other gunboat DDs with heal/hydro/radar). Always having your guns pointed in the right direction is a massive advantage in the opening stages of a knife fight. Also RPF can be used approximate the distance to your closest enemy based on the other enemies on the map and your detection radius. FB is only good if you want the extra DPM during a straight up knife fight when both sides can see each other. If you are going to use consumables to stay hidden but reveal the enemy than FB does not help which is why BFT is in the consumable centered build. Captain skills are definitely a more personal choice (notice I don't use IFA or PT, play enough DDs and you'll get good enough to Just DodgeTM with WASD since you'll assume everyone is shooting at you anyways). Honestly, it sounds like you may be taking too many fair fights. German DDs aren't meant to play fair. You cannot just sail straight up to an enemy gunboat DD and expect to bully him and win like you can in a French gunboat with their special damage saturation and insane HE DPM with MBRB. I'd say it's worth continuing up the line to tier 8-10, but it never hurts to stay at middle tiers (5-7) and hone these tactics when there is much less radar around. Good luck.