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  1. ParceNautico

    What to buy with 100% refund birthday coupon?

    Coupon only works on one purchase, but if you are unsure, I'd go with doubloons. The max "cashback" you'll receive is up to 50,000 dubs
  2. ¡Comandantes! Como sabes, había una oferta gratuita para restablecer las habilidades de todos los comandantes. Por desgracia, debido a un error por nuestra parte, esta oferta terminó antes de lo anunciado. Nos gustaría informaros de que el problema se ha solucionado: ahora podrás restablecer las habilidades de todos tus comandantes de forma gratuita, dependiendo de la región, hasta: EU: 22.10.2021 5:00 UTC; NA: 21.10.2021 10:00 UTC; ASIA: 21.10.2021 21:00 UTC; CIS: 21.10.2021 2:00 UTC. Nos disculpamos por las molestias.
  3. ¡Buenas Capitanes!Vengan a disfrutar unas partidas en nuestro tiempo de comunidad para Latinoamérica con @Manuel_Moncayo el oficial ejecutivo del clan ARLAM 👉 El martes 19 de octubre a las 17:00 CDMX/19:00 Buenos Aires 👈 www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships  ¡Espero verlos ahí!
  4. ¡Comandantes! Debido a problemas técnicos, es imposible entrar en las batallas clasificatorias en las superacorazados en el servidor público de pruebas 0.10.10. Estamos investigando el problema y os informaremos cuando se resuelva. Nos disculpamos por los posibles inconvenientes
  5. ParceNautico

    PTS 0.10.10

    Hello, Commanders! Public Test Server Version 0.10.10 is live! Patch notes here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/public-test-01010/ Please leave feedback below! Any bugs you encounter in the PTS can be reported here Thank you! - Parce
  6. ParceNautico

    PTS 0.10.10 Bug Report

    Commanders, If you encounter any bugs or technical issues during the Public Test 0.10.8 session, feel free to report it in this thread. Please follow this template for submitting bugs. Description: Short description of an issue with required details. Example: spotting-aircraft doesn't work on Iowa battleship How to reproduce: Exact steps need to be made to reproduce the issue Example: Take Iowa battleship with spotting-aircraft equipped. Go in battle. Try to launch spotting-aircraft Result: What's the result of the issue. Example: after pressing spotting-aircraft activating button you can hear an aircraft sound but nothing happens, the aircraft stands still. Thank you - Parce
  7. ParceNautico


    It really was!!! I remember two battles, in particular, that had me on edge. I was in a BB and was against a DD. Most of the match felt like a haunted house waiting for the DD to appear. When it finally did, I was sooooo lucky I choose a ship with secondaries but it was a close call as I almost ate a whole bunch of torps. The other I went full noob mode, crashed in an island and got taken down by an CV hahaha! I still had a lot of fun though
  8. ParceNautico

    Season 15 Clan Battle Season

    I don't think we've announced the maps yet... Let me look into it further but so far here is some information we've released on the topic The Clan Battles Throughout the period of 17th of November to the 3rd of January, the 15th season of Clan Battles will be held as 7 vs 7 battles aboard the Tier X ships. The Limitations: Aircraft Carriers will no longer be allowed in battles There can not be more than 2 Battleships per team The team can not include 2 of the same ships. To diversify the format and to shake up the existing Clan Battles gameplay among Tier X ships, we decided to hold a new season without the Aircraft Carriers. In future seasons, Aircraft Carriers will be available in Clan Battles again. Further details on 15th Clan Battles season will be announced later. As this information was posted on a dev blog it is subject to change https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/217
  9. ParceNautico


    I'm glad you tried the "Brawl" mode and found it interesting! It's one of my favorites, and this is the 5th iteration we had. The first one I played was a 1v1 and it was super intense! So far I've played a few matches and the team composition has made the matches very dynamic. I'm usually a BB player so I used Tirpitz B and it was super beast mode because of the secondaries and torpedos. I also tried my luck with a Belfast'43 because of the radar and hydro which was really useful when going up against the DD. For this mode, you definitely want to take your consumables into consideration.
  10. ¡Buenas Capitanes!Vengan a disfrutar unas partidas en nuestro tiempo de comunidad para Latinoamérica con @TheWixard 👉 El martes 12 de octubre a las 17:00 CDMX/19:00 Buenos Aires 👈 www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships  ¡Espero verlos ahí!
  11. ParceNautico

    Server overloaded?

    Is anyone still experiencing these server overloads?
  12. ParceNautico

    How did your bids go?

    Looks like you had a nice amount of credits to spend! Congrats on your winning bid!
  13. ParceNautico

    Sub to sub fights

    These are some really good tips! Thanks for providing
  14. Comandantes! Hubo un error con el armamento Airstrike de los cruceros holandeses que se produjo después del lanzamiento de la actualización 0.10.9 El error provocaba un retraso mayor del previsto entre la orden de un ataque y la llegada de los bombarderos Airstrike a su punto de lanzamiento. Nos gustaría confirmar que el error ha sido corregido, y el retraso del ataque aéreo se reducirá a su valor normal. Este cambio se aplicara el 12 de octubre durante el día. Nos disculpamos por las molestias.
  15. ParceNautico

    dual account problem

    On the left-hand corner of the game client, you'll see the following section with a button "add account"