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  1. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    0.10.4 launched, where are the auctions?

    As a visual aid, you could compare all updates to any dockyard event. They build the ship and then launch it while it still has tons of work to be done. Ironic huh? I have found that even though I think I know what WG is trying to convey, I should not rush to think for a millisecond that I actually know what they are up to and should proceed with caution. Always.
  2. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Clan missions not resetting

    I'm not confused (on this one thing, at this exact moment) about the ranked/CB stuff. Talking about the clan missions part (recruit, change description, etc.) that is under the clan tab. So the only way to get the clan missions to change is to move into the next league. How would we accomplish that, by winning clan battles? Any other way? Trying hard to learn all the twists and turns of this game. Thanks for the info.
  3. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Clan missions not resetting

    Howdy, Can anyone tell me how often the clan missions reset? I have not found any definitive information about how often that happens, and we have completed the entire list and received the "Complete all Clan missions" reward. I read in one of the official guides that they reset weekly, but it has been several weeks since we completed the list and no new tasks are listed. Thanks for the info.
  4. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Collection items dry spell?

    I just finished the Yamamato campaign and it opened a collection. That triggered a lot of activity and now I get a collection item every container. go figure
  5. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Newer Players - Gifted Steam Items

    It is true that they won't combine cross platform, but if he has a Steam account then he can DL the game for free on Steam and have two accounts. Then you can bond over killing each other and make those big memories!!
  6. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Collection items dry spell?

    I did have two collections that allowed me to enable them. After that, nothing else mentioned it which makes it hard to determine how best to proceed. It's almost like a game where the devs are thinking "that's just what they think we are thinking , but that's really not what we are thinking. mehehehehehehehe (evil laugh trails off.)
  7. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Collection items dry spell?

    I have noticed a real lack of collection items in the containers since the update. I am glad for the coal but I was on track to finish several collections in a few days and now...............nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to "subscribe" to other collections? Thanks.
  8. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Make Random and Coop equal or make fairer Matches

    I think WG listened regarding making coop more challenging. It seems the bots have been practicing while we sleep. If you have not played coop in a while please take a minute to go take a look. I agree with the original poster, it is more fun to play a bot than it is to have all the BBs hiding behind rocks and have a dd mention and I quote "I'm scared" as to why they won't do their job during a RANKED MATCH. Not kidding, it happened.
  9. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Use Caution on the Italian BB "Random Bundles"

    I got the T9 Italian BB on my 4th container. I find that most of the containers are a good value, but there is a need to read all their fine print in some offers. People that are unhappy should not gamble with their money and then be upset.