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  1. I have been noticing that my rate of FXP earning is WAY down since the economic rework. I used to just FXP reset the Pan Asian DD line over and over, but since they buffed the YueYang I want to play it more so the Russian DDs are now the RP line. Will see how it goes, actually playing the damn things again will be excruciating.
  2. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.7

    Wow. I did the math and $277.20 for a meh ship that I rarely see in battle is beyond ridiculous WG. I have taken part in almost all past dockyards and have supported the game monetarily because I get enjoyment from it, but this has gone too far and as we say around here "Your about to pee in your chili". (Crass yes, but that is the path you are headed down) Might I suggest FIRING whatever idiot is driving your company into the ground? Do it before you run off the people willing to spend a little money (~ $1.5k yr) and then are left with nothing but whiny free-to-play players. Get it together WG. * $277.20 came from 40 stages at 1750 doubloons that cost $.00396 each.
  3. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Aslain's latest mod doesn't have ship movement markers

    I am not a fan of the new style at all. Not to mention it is only there when I press the 1 button and only in certain circumstances.
  4. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Collection Item Rest

    Did you ever figure this out? I have the last 2 of the Transformers will not stick and keep showing up as new after every restart. I also have ships that I set as "Primary" that jump back to the end of the line. Was hoping today's update was going to resolve it, but nope.
  5. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Is there a list of "Key" ships?

    ^^^^This person should be Emperor^^^^
  6. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    I miss Epicenter

    I am finishing up all the campaigns "with honors" and the epicenter map was one of the only ways I could do the task that needed multiple caps in the same game. Here is the saying I pasted into the chat at the start of every epicenter match: Behold the dreaded "Rings of Befuddlement" Named for those who LOSE because they refuse to fight from inside the rings. Get in the damn rings, focus fire, and win.
  7. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Is there a list of "Key" ships?

    I was noticing that my "Raider" achievement counter is not moving, so I did an experiment. Went into Narai battle and sank the CV King, along with a transport and 3 other ships- we did win with 5 stars. After the battle there was no change to the counter. I would presume that the CV King was a "key ship" but that does not appear to be the case. I this the Emperor's ship and therefore I am not worthy enough to spot a "key ship"? I ask because I have the same issue spotting the winning lottery numbers. Is there a list somewhere? Thanks
  8. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Campaign Identity?

    Great, I completed that campaign too and looked at the final icon under my achievements tab. It was close but not quite. Giving the link to the actual task was perfect and it matched right up. The timeframe kinda threw me off too. Mystery solved! Thanks
  9. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew


    Have you completed all the tasks? That gives you the "With Honors" Achievement. I have finished all the campaigns, but have only fully completed Five Epochs and Science of Victory with honors. Yamato and Halsey are both real [edited]kickers.
  10. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Campaign Identity?

    I watched a video this morning by Potato Quality about DDs and CVs. He posted it on 1/16/21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmaGUOZ8Mkg&list=TLPQMjUwNjIwMjLbTCIXoE31tg&index=19 At the end of the battle, there is a campaign he is working on that I do not recognize. I did check the wiki. Here is a snip. Thanks for any help on this.
  11. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    PR Rating Tanked

    @palestreamer https://na.wows-numbers.com Thank you for the information- I looked but could not find the notice you mention @Rollingonit. I do recall hearing that they were going to remove a lot of inactive players from the game, so thanks for triggering that recollection @OnociTsalk. As bad as my rating fell, I can't help but feel super proud that my skill rating was dependent on abandoned accounts. Yay!! What a confidence booster! lol
  12. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    PR Rating Tanked

    I noticed that my PR rating tanked on May 5th to May 6th (2022) in a big way. Looking around, it turns out many friends and clan mates also had a weird drop around that time. I could understand it better if my W/R had taken a hit too, but it did not. I am not a good player by any stretch of the imagination, but this seems pretty strange. Thoughts?
  13. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    As a fellow mellow central Texan, I can only say thanks for affiliating with Prime so I get free stuff. I don't consider it a gamble. Gambling to me means going out to get the trash can even though I might combust before I can get back under cover of the porch. Greetings from Leander @Ahskance and @Boggzy, keep up the good work guys. *I will say that it is taking a LONG time for the reward to show up in the game. I have tried logging out and in of course.
  14. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    Hit Hard and Hit Fast Campaign Question 6

    So many people are not answering the question and assuming that this person is not working toward finishing "With Honors". Only about 1.6% of players finish campaigns all the way, and some of the tasks are almost superhuman. Best of luck to you OP.
  15. Ship_of_Mighty_Pew_Pew

    A Look Through Time: Italian Destroyers

    I have re-read the rules several times and cannot determine what the end goal is. It appears to be a matching game where the match removes the pair. I have seen higher tier ship tiles appear. (Full Disclosure- I did eat my favorite color crayon in an attempt to give me more brain power, but to no avail.) Thanks in advance for any insight.