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  1. Yamashiro42

    Naval Legends: Tambovskiy Komsomolets

    What legendary deeds has that boat accomplished? I watched the video but none was mentioned.
  2. Yamashiro42

    The Potato Take: The Return of the Missouri

    BTW it is Iowa with radar (and some minor armor improvement iirc) but without the spotter plane consumable and, more importantly, without the improved repair party that Iowa and other researchable USN battleships have (which heal 33% more hitpoints per charge compared to standard, Missouri's repair). Even Massachusetts, Georgia and Ohio have better "brawling" (originally Gascogne's) repair party - although it heals standard amount of hp per charge it has halved cooldown which allows to spam it quickly when the combat is most intense.
  3. Yamashiro42

    PSA: New Code

    Worked on both my EU and NA accounts but could not be redeemed for my RU and ASIA accounts.
  4. 750k free XP seemed a lot back in 2017/2018. I think I had grinded around 600k and converted the remaining 150k for doubloons. About a year and half later the game economy changed so far that I was able to grind out one million free xp to get Alaska on release day in single week just by playing the Operation Dynamo.
  5. Well, I am still here, although by that time I did only have my EU account, not NA yet...
  6. Yamashiro42

    Missouri coming back in September?

    She was the first FXP ship to be introduced and the tag was 750k FXP. But note that FXP was much harder to get these days (no dragon flags, no clan battles, camos did not have these incredible bonuses like some have today and were generally harder to obtain). BTW gameplay-wise Missouri is just worse Iowa as she trades access to spotter plane and improved heal for short-ranged 9.5 km radar.
  7. Are you talking about battleship skill tree?
  8. What date does the discount of 360 days premium account start?