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  1. Yamashiro42

    Carrier Aquila

    Actually, Aquila has achieved one feat on her release, when she displaced Implacable from the throne of least useful premium carriers.
  2. Yamashiro42

    Brawl on the Ice Rink

    For the last cathegory (Most “Defended” ribbons earned) I see some space for not-so-sportsmanlike teams. Are you sure that you have enough tools and support staff members to handle this, @Konception?
  3. Yamashiro42

    Any of These 40K Ships Good?

    Cross of Dorn and Ship Smasha are just reskins of Mainz and Fenyang respectively. Ignis Purgatio and Ragnarok are slightly modified Amagi (more accurate main guns but with longer reload) with premium economy.
  4. Yamashiro42

    Colossus and Royal Navy Premium Containers

    Exactly. The probability of getting Colossus without having to buy the last doubloon bundle with containers is 31.5%. That means 68.5% of gamblers would have to pay over 17k gold for a T8 ship.
  5. I had couple of such issues on this map during past months, always sent a ticket with the replay and always received an answer that the devs were aware of the issue and were working on the fix. So, fingers crossed, devs!
  6. Yamashiro42

    EU Clan / Naval Battles

    You can do it yourself, but for your convenience: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clan-profile/500182477/members?source=search
  7. I guess WG should replace any un-opened old SCs in the players' inventories with double amount of new SCs when the change goes live. But I would still keep an eye on any news articles and open them before the update if no such replacement is announced. Or they can just go the lazy way and force-open any old SCs before the update...
  8. Yamashiro42

    But my portal chips!!!

    AFAIK you only get each reward max once per sprint, even if you reach multiple times of the required tokens. So expect 1 SC, 10k coal, 1 AC and 8 bonuses.
  9. Yamashiro42

    New UK Submarine Mission options

    Wolpack is not unique in this regard. Any operation can be played in a division of 4 to 7 players. If you don’t pick a specific operation and go with the random one, you can check the option to let random players from the queue join your team if the pre-made division is smaller than 7 players. If you pick a specific operation, this option is not here and you play only with people you bring with yourself. Specifically for Wolfpack it is not possible to get it as a random operation, obviously because it is designed for different class of ships than all other operations. It can only be picked in advance and played in a division.
  10. Yamashiro42

    New UK Submarine Mission options

    The divisions will not combine, only your division will be present in the match. Up to 7 players are allowed in the operation division, and at least half of them (4) are required to be able to play it.
  11. Yamashiro42

    New UK Submarine Mission options

    Nope. Human players play submarines, the enemy convoy (consisting of transport ships and their escorts) are bots.
  12. Yamashiro42

    New UK Submarine Mission options

    You can still play them in the “Wolfpack” operation, if you set-up a division of at least 4 players:
  13. Yamashiro42

    ship missing

    Iwami is a premium ship, not a tech-tree ship. Please do these steps: 1) set game mode to either Co-op or Random 2) in the ship carousel on your main port scree select filtes: tier IX, class Battleship, nation Japan You should be able to see your ship.
  14. When WG says one month, it means "at least one month but less than two full months". When there will be less than a month left the display switches to days. What I remember, the dates were always around the middle of February, May, August, and November.