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  1. I_Only_Play_Carriers

    Am I at fault?

    BBs except Yamato unless they get rid of the cheek weakness and return its original torpedo protection belt that covered the bow and the stern. Otherwise Yamato is a medium to long range BB people don't understand this it blows my mind!
  2. I_Only_Play_Carriers

    Am I at fault?

    I was playing in my shimakaze (heresy) and I get shot by my team mate who has not played any caps and I am not going to push a bunch of cruisers and die like he did. Is this my fault? Should I have played differently? Also can you team kill pink players without penalty? If so I should have sunk that Smolensk on my team. 20210323_155942_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_38_Canada.wowsreplay
  3. I_Only_Play_Carriers

    Torpedo team damage BUG

    Unfortunately My clan Leader won't let me use my other account I only play Battleships. and so and so.
  4. I_Only_Play_Carriers

    Torpedo team damage BUG

    Hi, I was playing in my Akatsuki and was torpedoing clearly away from my teammate I watched the torps proceed out wards toward the enemy and my teammate rammed me and apparently ate all the torps that were 3km away. I was penilized for a problem in the games coding please review the replay file. 20210223_162656_PJSD107-Akatsuki_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  5. I_Only_Play_Carriers

    Hakuryu a shell of it's former self

    The Hakuryu needs a buff! Ineffective against most tier ten ships and you are deplaned very quickly! My proposal is to make the reserve deck for bombers and torpedo bombers larger and make it capable of 4 torpedo runs. Basically make it a Kaga but in tier ten so that people can attack without worrying about deplaning. Or bring back the long range torps to deal damage at long ranges avoiding the ships all together! The ship is disappointing and low damage yield in tier ten or clan wars! It needs more damage.
  6. I_Only_Play_Carriers

    The Japanese Super sub!!! a Must add!!

    The sub historically is super undetectable this sub submerged off the coast of California past the US fleet, but the war ended. They were preparing to bomb the US! So Russian DD not a problem!
  7. I notice people don't like CVs, so I will move to a Submarine the I-401 super sub with bombers and aircrew. Both a CV and a submarine. God I love Japanese engineering!
  8. Yes I like subs too. Especially the I 401 IJN super sub with aircraft bombers.
  9. I approve this message. the catch is it is effective against BBs, heavy cruisers, and CVs. Devastating to DDs however.
  10. I_Only_Play_Carriers

    Carriers Underwhelming Now?

    I believe the IJN is not a glass cannon but a Glass pea shooter!!! Buff IJN CV. Make the planes that are weak dive the ships or add the ohka bomber! They need to increase the damage capability of the carriers or increase the regeneration rate. my post is on the general forms.