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  1. I respectfully disagree. Brindisi is probably the best of the tech tree T9 cruisers (admittedly not a high bar to pass, but still), Amalfi is great, and Zara and Trento aren't nearly as bad as people say they are. If you can't make any of them work, then the problem is most likely you. Venezia's advantages over the Russians are it's kiting ability (rudder shift, free disengage with smoke), massive alpha strike (especially against destroyers), and ability to damage angled targets with SAP. It's a common pick in competitive modes for a reason.
  2. Fel0niusMonk

    WOWS Numbers question-What is 'good' PR?

    Correct. However, the person who pinged you was asking about XP. For some reason, WG doesn't use base XP for your public stats, but rather base XP plus premium bonus (if applicable). This makes WG's XP stat virtually useless when comparing two players because there's no way of knowing whether or not a player had premium active for any given game.
  3. Fel0niusMonk

    Unlocking Schlieffen

    It was available for early access through the auction a few weeks ago. It'll be available to research after the new line leaves early access (either 10.10 or 10.11, can't remember when that's happening).
  4. Unless they change things this year, it will not. The Christmas crates have never included T10 ships before.
  5. Yes, this appears to have been clarified in the announcement on the launcher today:
  6. You're being pedantic. Whoever called it a profit was technically incorrect, but when your options are to sell the ship and get some credits back or not sell the ship and get nothing back (either way, you still get the same result of having GK in your port as a special ship), only one of those will result in you having more credits than you did before.
  7. This is only true if you don't already have the ship. No point buying Khaba or GK now unless you want the supercontainers from the anniversary event and whatever rewards we get for Christmas/New Years. However, if you've already purchased them, you will get some credits back. It's not exactly a profit because you did pay for them in the past, but you will end up with more credits than you would have if you just let them sit in port and convert.
  8. Fel0niusMonk

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say. All that I was saying was that the OP may not have necessarily missed out on Champagne since it has not been officially announced as "removed from sale".
  9. Fel0niusMonk

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    I can't remember if they explicitly said Smolensk will never return, but she's definitely on the "naughty list" and I wouldn't count on it. If you like the aesthetics, Ochakov is the same hull with 4x2 152mm guns instead of the 4x4 130mm that Smolensk gets. Smolensk was never really OP (she's never had a good winrate) - just horribly oppressive and un-fun to play against. Before her removal, it wasn't uncommon to see 2-3 on a team, which was just brutal to try to push into. Same as any high-ROF light cruiser with smoke and HE shells (i.e. Kutuzov, Belfast, Flint). With the commander rework, she did get a substantial nerf thanks to the removal of AFT from the cruiser skill tree, which means that you actually have to choose between range mod and reload mod in slot 6, but she's still pretty un-fun to play against.
  10. Fel0niusMonk

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    There are very few ships that fit into your second category. Kitakami is, I think, the only one. My point was that there are different degrees of the first category. Some ships have been permanently removed from sale - as in WG has explicitly said that there are no plans to sell them again. Ships like Belfast, Kutuzov, Smolensk, Mushashi, Enterprise, etc. There are also ships that have been sold in the past, but are not currently available. However, WG has not made any statements about them being removed from sale This includes Champagne and Cheshire, which have been sold on a limited basis multiple times with no announcement of their permanent removal from the shop - which means that they could very well return in the future.
  11. Fel0niusMonk

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    Yeah, like I said, not officially "removed from sale" as most of the other ships in this thread. Just sold infrequently (and not currently available). They've never said that she's not coming back like they did with Massachusetts, Georgia, Alaska, Belfast, Kutuzov, Smolensk, Guilio Cesare, etc. My point was that OP may not have missed out in her.
  12. Fel0niusMonk

    Parking American Cruisers

    What would make sense thematically would be a superheal (a la Neustrashimy) or French damage saturation and a nerf to some other stats (maybe torp reload?) to compensate. Basically, a more gun-focused Fletcher. There would be some similarities to Kidd, but being at T9 would mean that fewer nerfs would be needed.
  13. Fel0niusMonk

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    You're not missing much with Anchorage and Wukong aside from aesthetics. Both are pretty underwhelming ships to actually play. ETA: also, Wukong will likely be available again in some form for the next Lunar New Year.
  14. Fel0niusMonk

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    Pretty sure Champagne isn't actually removed. It's just sold very infrequently (2-3 times since it was released I think?). Same as Cheshire.
  15. Fel0niusMonk

    server overload errors anyone else randomly getting them atm?

    It's been happening to me for about the last two weeks. Seems to be worse today though - I've had it happen 4-5 times in the past hour, and where I would previously be able to get right into a game after getting that error, I've been seeing it 2-3 times in a row.