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  1. AdmiralFox08

    POLL: Dockyard Ships You Missed

    Have Hizen, ZF6, and D7P, if I had to pick one it would be Odin, with Anchorage as a close second.
  2. AdmiralFox08

    Apparently WG had an extra Loyang today :D

    thanks for tha advice :3
  3. Bought the moskva about 15min ago and got this from the anniversary gift SC
  4. AdmiralFox08

    KOTS Day 3 is on!

    ooooohhh now I see
  5. AdmiralFox08

    KOTS Day 3 is on!

    Wait, what happenned? had something come up and couldn't watch :(
  6. AdmiralFox08

    Favorite Sport(s)

    Um sir i believe you missed flying R/C planes (one of my favorites)
  7. AdmiralFox08

    Anyone else seeing this? ( SC contents )

    Same thing happening here, I think WG just getting desperate to keep me in the game
  8. AdmiralFox08

    FYI Twitch Data Breach.

    well at least my twitch PW is a 1-off... I'd be screwed if I had to redo all mine
  9. AdmiralFox08

    Family day in Russia?

    uhh is there a child lock on that thing?
  10. AdmiralFox08

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    Smolbote Georgia Alaska Smaland Somers kronstadt Enterprise Cesare Musashi Currently the only "rare ships" I have are Nikolai (damn lucky supercontainer pull), Konig Albert (jutland crate pull) and Massy (bought for $$$)
  11. me likey da russian CVs... I am one with da balans


    1. Wolfswetpaws







      me likey da russian CVs... I am one with da balans



    2. AdmiralFox08


      somehow RNG knew it was my birthday me thinks

    3. Wolfswetpaws