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  1. Aside from unholy amounts of flak and massive salvo size on the high tiers, none are apparent to me atm. Got Omono from the event, this line is a hard pass for me until i have nothing else worth grinding (in other words never)
  2. Me: makes new avatar

    some rando in the background: your photoshop skills score has increased by 69

    1. Wolfswetpaws


      Nicely done, @AdmiralFox08!  :-)  :cap_like:

  3. AdmiralFox08

    1v1 CV brawls are insane, and i love it

    Very much enjoying bullying people with 20k torp drops off my Nakhimov, great mode WG
  4. new randoms damage PR...

    on a loss



    1. Wolfswetpaws


      Nice performance, @AdmiralFox08.  Better luck next time.  :cap_like:



    torps go brrrrr


  6. AdmiralFox08

    What Cruiser will you play in Brawls?

    Rotating between Venezia, PR, Moskva, and Nevsky, so far so good. Avoiding my squishy CLs
  7. AdmiralFox08

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    Operations, PanAmerican light cruisers, and AA/ASW buffs (hopefully)
  8. I chose the Nueva Esparta/Aragua as they seemed like a good fit for the tier, and I was also trying to use as few paper ships (preferably none) as possible, and to represent as many nations as possible as well (It's a pan american line). However, I agree with putting the 20 de Julio as either the supership or the t10, to keep said"euro flavor", but we should still keep one imo, as they're still a good fit for the line
  9. I'm currently working on a version of this line myself, I went the hard way and dug around my books for several hours this morning. Only have a few RN, but I'll hopefully have more soon The basis of my line is slow crawling smoke gunboats with good AA and ASW, hydro and heals (if that doesn't make them OP). However, the whole line is SLOW, and doesn't have speed boost. Also possibly could have a player-aimed ASW mortar starting with the Rivieros (something similar to what we had on the Valkyrie in one of those wierd haloween modes) Currently planning: T2: IDk T3: IDK T4:IDK T5: Mendoza (Argentina) similar to the Acasta T6: Javary (Brazil) a jurua appropriated to the basis of my line T7: Greenhalgh (Brazil) Essentially a mahan clone like the line above T8: Almirante Rivieros (Chile) this ship would have 102mm guns (smallest in tier) but would have 1.8-2 second reload, also could have 1/4 HE pen if not for the whole line then at least for this ship T9: Coronel Bolognesi (Peru) Formerly the dutch Overijssel (i think thats how you spell it), sold to Peru in 1982. Could have a few more AA guns as part of a "modernization" when they were sold or something T10: Aragua (Venezuela) One of the Nueva Esparta class destroyers built in Britain that were similar to the Daring class. Exchange a rack of torps for more AA guns, better ASW, and a slight reload buff? Her 2 sisters were mmodernized, but she wasnt, leaving one of them for the supership T11 (?) Nueva Esparta (Venezuela): Up-tiered Aragua with higher AA DPS, gun reload, torp damage, gun damage, and health, and some funny button gimmick.
  10. I just like it like that for more historical accuracy (not that WG cares all that much about that)
  11. I bought the Kobayashi camo for my kii before the rework for the credit bonus, but now that they've seperated the economic bonuses from the paint what's the point in buying the paint? Just buy the bonus package, ships look better in gray. The only camo I would buy anymore are the ones available for clan/ranked tokens, just to flex
  12. I needed a new avatar


    and yes, I'm back (for now) after a 3-month break

  13. AdmiralFox08

    Who have you seen in game

    Haven't checked forums in a while... nice to see people remember me plz remind me what I was playing, my brain not work now
  14. AdmiralFox08

    So... U-4501

    Don't think we'll get to drive it for a while... ships generally get announced 3-4 updates before we can play them on live server
  15. AdmiralFox08

    So... U-4501

    Unless U-4501 handles worse than Stalingrad, good luck hitting one with planes Assuming it doesn't get nerfed, it's gonna take someone dumber than a 2 year old to let you bomb it