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  1. AdmiralFox08

    Anniversary SC, what did you get?

    Gonna run my 3 t10s (wooster, gumo, and thunderer) when i get home. will post screenshot of results
  2. I call them "super signal crates" for a reason
  3. DAAAAAAAMM! I only get 2 :(
  4. AdmiralFox08

    Check your steam inventories...

    got it on my steam alt. thanks.
  5. AdmiralFox08

    So what about your Karma?

    32 atm
  6. AdmiralFox08

    New Redeem Code

    thx @ObiphanKenobi
  7. AdmiralFox08

    Da respect from WG.....

    .... *sigh* how much longer until the next incident... the world wonders
  8. finally, the elusive witherer is MINEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    also my new random dmg recordwitherer.thumb.png.04970456c3679ceca4f194f273566351.png

  9. AdmiralFox08

    The Dubble Strike

    I have 4 of them atm, 3 of them have been in BBs with 1 mainbat and 1 secbat kill, the last one was in a kitakaze or harugumo or something like that
  10. AdmiralFox08

    A few of my most favorite things

    one of my favorite things that happened earlier this year:
  11. AdmiralFox08

    Who have you seen in game

    Ran into @Your_SAT_Score playing their Veneto while grinding my Chapayev. I was # 1 on leaderboard and they were #2. sadly a defeat
  12. AdmiralFox08

    Incoming Session of Congress

    I bet 1 credit for fxp
  13. AdmiralFox08

    ST 0.10.7, Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

    I'm suprised they didn't make them premium ships and sell them for $100 each lol