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  1. Rictor_Scale

    Transformer 2022 event?

    When will the 2022 Transformer event start? I though it would start when 0.11.5 went live.
  2. Rictor_Scale

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.5

    When will the 2022 Transformer event start? I though it would be when 0.11.5 went live.
  3. Rictor_Scale

    Lighthouse Auction: Musashi

    ~$107 I think.
  4. Rictor_Scale

    people reporting because you play a cv

    1) In real life CVs don't appear in 1:12 or 1:6 ratios. 2) SSBNs would probably differ with you.
  5. I became permanently stuck on an invisible rock ... AGAIN. Got torped and shot while I was helpless at a very pivotal point in the match. Ended up losing the match and my Naval Battle attempt. Top notch programming. Perhaps after you release your next 500 premium ships, super ships, subs, snow effect on ships, and new maps you could find a solution to this problem? 20220501_135205_PZSC508-Irian_46_Estuary.wowsreplay
  6. Secondaries. It says so right in the text, but I edited it to clear it up for you.
  7. Please add basic secondary targeting (with very slight dispersion boost) to all BBs. The 4th level Captain skill would remain the same, but without it all BBs would get some minimal secondary dispersion boost like +50% after 3 mins or +10% after 45 secs. This will have these positive effects: 1) This mimics real life. Even without the specialized Captain secondaries a crew still fine-tunes their aim after prolonged fire ... even if slightly. 2) This will not require any Capt skill re-working (since the existing dedicated Capt skill is still WAY better for those maximizing secondaries). 3) This will allow new players with minimal Capt points to get a small taste of how the mechanic works. 4) Encourages a variety of play (close quarters and sniping). 5) Uses the manual targeting you already have built into the game which goes unused for most BBs (and in fact many don't even know it's there). 6) Adds a welcome, albeit tiny, level of multi-tasking to the BB experience (similar to how focused AA sector does). 7) Since most BB players go Survival builds or full Secondary builds these days this would add more interest in various Hybrid Builds which was one of your stated purposes when you did the Commander Skill Rework. I think this would be very well received by the community with very little effect on game balance and leverages something ALREADY in the game.
  8. Rictor_Scale

    Regarding Agincourt

    100% up-voted.
  9. Stevezaxx, I agree on that one too. I noticed that same unusual 'filter' behavior back during the snowflake event.
  10. I would like to request a third option on the port screen in addition to the primary & non-primary flag. In reality most of us have three categories of ships: 1) Favorites we want to play as often as possible (especially when we can only get a few games in on a given day.) 2) Secondaries that are equipped and ready-to-play, but really aren't our favorites. 3) Non-primary that we hardly ever play (or perhaps avoid all together) and may not even have Captains or equipment set up. For example I have about 10 favorites, 30 others ready-to-play, and 100+ I never want to play except for perhaps snowflake events.
  11. Very strange, but that did work! 3.7 million ship XP. Thank you both.
  12. What happens ship XP when you reset a line for RB points? The Wiki says they are supposed to be re-allocated to the T1 ship of that line. However in my case I've reset and re-completed the Pan Asian DD line twice and the T1 has zero XP. There should be hundreds of thousands of XP in there since I regularly play many ships of that line. What am I missing?
  13. Rictor_Scale

    PTS Update 0.10.2 Bugs

    Following up on my report above, "Game locks when attempting to remove a signal flag in port", this clocking and freezing is now happening when I try to start any kind of match. Same result as detailed above. For comparison the normal NA Production version of the game is working perfectly for me.
  14. Rictor_Scale

    PTS Update 0.10.2 Bugs

    Please follow this template for submitting bugs. 1. Description Game locks when attempting to remove a signal flag in port. 2. How to reproduce In port go to exterior and signal flags. Uncheck a currently checked signal flag. 3. Result As soon as I click the flag to 'uncheck' it the screen blurs out and hangs with with the spinning medallion logo with the text "operation in progress ...". I then have to kill the game via task manager.