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    Thanks for the reply. I did take a look at the reload modification mod and wondered if I should use that or go full secondary, I'll give it a shot. Also I am quite surprised and pleased to hear the G.K is popular. Maybe matchmaking doesn't put more than 1 or 2 on each side in a game. Then again I think I have seen 3 of the same ship on a team before. I guess I've read way too many old posts on german BB's to get that german dispersion line. Thanks for letting me know that is outdated now.
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    Hi! I started playing this game recently and I have a few questions. I mostly played co-op but I recently dabbled in some randoms this past month. I recently got my first tier 10 which is the Kurfurst and began playing it in randoms. My current build is this: Main arm mod 1, Damage control 1, Secondary 1, Steering mod, Conceal mod 1, Aux armament mod 2. Captain (18 points)- PM,AR,BFT,AFT,MFC, and CE I also use the 406mm instead of 420mm 1. I've run into problems with the Kurfursts unusual attraction to being set ablaze. This led me to remove the IFHE skill on my secondary captain in favor of concealment(Which has done wonders). But I am wondering if I should go all the way and change my secondary captain build into a tank build. What's better? Secondary, Tank, or maybe Hybrid? If it is tank wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the main thing for the German line, powerful secondaries? 2. I feel there is a jarring difference between using 380mm and 406/420mm (Aside from damage). I can hit good shots with the 380 but I seem to struggle using 406/420. Where do I line up the crosshair against a broadsided target? With the 380mm it was usually at the waterline. However, with 406/420 I get mixed results aiming at the water line or slightly above it. Can I just chalk it up being German dispersion or am I not lining up the crosshair in the right spot. I do notice that aiming at the waterline often makes my shots fall short. 3. How would you play the Kurfurst in tier 10's? The Kurfurst feels so awkward to use compared to other ships in the German line. Yea you're giant and it feels great until you get spotted and announced to the whole server who they should rain HE upon. You can't sit back in this thing because it's not a sniper but you also don't want to yolo rush. 4. Where does the Kurfurst sit among all the other Tier 10 BB's? Has it been power crept by other ships? I don't see many playing the Kurfurst in randoms. I tried to find answers to these questions online but all the sources I found seem out of date (2017-2019) and maybe a lot has changed since then. I seriously feel like something is off about the Kurfurst or maybe it's just me. I do admit I need to play more games at tier 10 to get a better understanding of what it is like. It does feel weird that other BB's can stay out in the open and snipe while I'm stuck behind an island praying that the one ship raining HE doesn't start a fire. Again I am pretty new so any tips that come to mind when playing German BB's or playing in Tier 10's, in general, would be much appreciated.