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  1. derf_20


  2. the more whales spend on the game the less the rest of us get pestered by WG
  3. derf_20

    definition of 'defend'

    so, resetting the cap is the key... many thanks
  4. i thought if an enemy ship was flipping or capturing a can and you hit him with a volley (any ordinance) you got a ribbon if none of your team is in the cap, with the caveat there has to be at least 5 seconds between volley (can't have an F. Shermand rackin' up 250 of 'em). often i can land volley after volley and get nothing...i just had a match when i got one, when the ship was destroyed after many hits. sometimes i can log out and back in and it works like i think it should...for a while i did not find defended definition in the wiki pages after an admittedly short search
  5. derf_20

    just realise something about convoy

    i don't understand why they would do this... at first glance, it seems stupid am i missing something? (again)
  6. i'm wondering how large of a increase in loot boxes this would take
  7. derf_20

    WoWS-Popeye collab incoming

    depends on how badly they need some peace and quiet for a while...
  8. derf_20

    Kure Dockyard: Daisen

    what is the difference between grinding & playing? i suppose grinding is playing past the point of when you feel like stopping...to reach a goal, with or without a deadline. you DO have an opt out button for that. i play fairly often, but the only concession i might make to a dockyard (or most any other event) is look at the reqirements of game mode and possibly play some co-op instead of ops, where i spend most of my time. maybe i make it to the end (of the free stuff) maybe not, but i have gotten some rewards i would have not otherwise gotten. i'm not much on purchasing containers, so this and the battle pass are my main avenue of acquiring resources.
  9. derf_20

    Kure Dockyard: Daisen

    if i had a button i could opt out of being given 15k coal, 1500 steel, 1500 RB, 10kECXP, 5k FXP, 1.5 Million credits, 12 rare,8 special, 5 common containers, and 36 signal containers - just for playing the game... i would not use it i see the ax in your avatar but not sure why you are grinding it. what am i missing?
  10. derf_20

    duck not duck

    O M F G
  11. derf_20

    duck not duck

    hot tub event got me to wonderin'...(almost always not a good thing) not really sure what ducks would look like with out that disguise - it seems they are just birds with a plastic wolf or dog mask glued onto the front of their heads... some times it's hard to look at familiar thing the same...
  12. derf_20

    Portal Chips?

    easter egg hunt https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/easter-egg-hunt-2023/
  13. derf_20

    100% return...

    thank you for your replies i sent a ticket and got doubs returned, they were good about it i never saw a coupon - and i looked, even in premium shop, though i could have missed it. this is all rather disappointing, but not surprising as WG has a strong tendency to not make things clear. if i still have acess to the coupon, i'm not sure at this point if i wanna use it... due to the direction WG has taken, i have stopped giving my cash to them and what doubs i have left i spend slowly.
  14. ok, i am a bit too trusting and a fair bit gullable... so when i see the promise of a "100% return on doubloons" spent in the armory for the birthday bonus i thought 'well, it probably won't be a straight up rebate, but maybe credit for another like purchase? i did it and got the Bagration. and that's it wasn't there supposed to be...something else? a coupon, or some i have not taken a spin in the new ride yet 'cause if this is all [edited] i am gonna want a refund. am i missing something or not doing something i should?