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  1. weiwaynezhang

    PSA: Update on Prime Gaming Drops

    when you say next season, I was sure it would actually take a season @Ahskance
  2. weiwaynezhang


    the whole line is excellent except seattle...
  3. weiwaynezhang


    premium is not a must until above T8, then you need to decide if you really want to commit to premium. Above T8, it is almost not possible to make positive credit. If I were you, I will wait till I get the +200% bonus in dubloons. Don't spend any money until you get that coupon. I spent 120$ canadian with that coupon. I got 3 year premium at year end discounts, two black ships and still have 20K dubs left. Now it is still very far from the half premium christmas. You can still have a lot of time to decide.
  4. weiwaynezhang

    First Steel Ship?

    I got the Stalin first. I now wish the burger next. not a big fan of stalin so far
  5. weiwaynezhang

    This Week's Dockyard Missions...

    if the wife that mad, then the doobloons is not that much. even you buy all three tasks....
  6. weiwaynezhang

    Hit Hard and Hit Fast Campaign Question 6

    do you know you can redo other quest to get the stars again? if not, you are welcome
  7. weiwaynezhang

    What To Do With My Winter Linkable T8 and T9 Permacamos

    I use the permacamo on ships that I want to regrind later or play a lot. I would consider DDs if for regrinding. BB just too much exp required.
  8. 1. premium time 2. have a premium ship for the target country 3. play the premium and the target ship line everyday. ideally get first win for both ships 4. free XP and elite commander XP
  9. weiwaynezhang

    Yukon, Atlanta, and Lazo oh my!

    Lazo is fun if you like stay far and farm
  10. weiwaynezhang

    That feels when...

    I feel I had more Kraken in loss than wins. Every loss so painful to watch.