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  1. weiwaynezhang

    Seeking advice... sitting on 177k coal atm.

    I see special commander like cherry on top. They are not required for grinding. You can do fine without the reload buff for 5 min of the game. personally, I would go for coal ships now. I have more T9 and TX premium than you do and I will keep on getting those for now.
  2. weiwaynezhang

    Seeking advice... sitting on 177k coal atm.

    I have asked myself the same question lately. I checked your profile, you don't have a lot of T9 and TX. I am assuming that even if I got Lutjens now, I probably won't have the experience to max out its potential. So 90% of the time, he just sail as a regular captain. For you case, I see your German WR% and PR doesn't seem high. I will wait for a bit, maybe grind the line till T8, and see if I can trigger the lutjens speciality on a regular basis before I get him. There are some very nice coal ship right now, some of them may not always stay. Most likely, Lutjens will stay.
  3. weiwaynezhang

    Tier 5 Brawl Recommendations!

    does agincourt need a secondary specialised captain?
  4. weiwaynezhang

    1000 Karma

    that seems amazing, do you play a lot in div?
  5. weiwaynezhang

    IJN Fuso skin mission?

    based XP or credits
  6. weiwaynezhang

    Division Stars in Co-Op? Or a Misprint?

    shouldn't scenario be easier?
  7. weiwaynezhang

    Canadians Confession

    if there is more canadians, the game chat would be less toxic.
  8. weiwaynezhang

    Winrates don't tell the whole story

    I usually look at account win rate. 49 vs 49 is coin flip. ship win rate is biased because of low number of battles. 46 vs 53 doesn't mean anything. when you have account win rate within 2-3%, the one with better div/carry win. so this is just a normal game.
  9. weiwaynezhang

    A rarity for me - Kraken and....

    70K and Kraken also rare
  10. weiwaynezhang

    Smaland in Amazon Prime Gaming Mega gift container

    you are really lucky because it almost expiry time.......
  11. weiwaynezhang

    WG laziness when it comes to MM

    I use to be the "MM rules" camp, now I played enough game to get over it. I view it as if I can't kill one, I probably did not do the best I could. same, if I can't score higher than everyone else, I would not comment on how they should play or downvote
  12. weiwaynezhang

    My newest addition :)

    was definitely fun, my first game was not great, second was a blast, even got a close quarters near the end.
  13. weiwaynezhang

    high-end gameplay

    I would love to see him in a 52% team against a 48% team, he probably will win
  14. weiwaynezhang

    high-end gameplay

    I have to say I never believe you can be under 30% even when you AFK with all games. This is so unbelievable. Even when you do nothing, so one else will carry eventually I would think the match maker app is bugged