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  1. weiwaynezhang

    Win rate, skill, and random MM modeling

    The more games can't say anything about skill if the MM is biased. There is no way to separate MM+skill if the MM were designed to be biased for certain ppl. you assuming the impact that a player make can be the same as their win rate or skill for all players. but the thing is most games you need only 2.3 good players to roll and the rest have no chance. same, I bet there are much less ppl have destruction ratio over one than below one. If we can ever see that stats.
  2. weiwaynezhang

    The scope of the grind in WoWS

    how many ship you actually play in a month, the other captains just there collect dust
  3. weiwaynezhang

    why give AFKer any XP?

    it is not hard to find AFKers, the ppl so no damage only shot down planes should get no XP whatsoever. END
  4. weiwaynezhang

    Caption this

    DD wins in the end, if they live that far
  5. weiwaynezhang

    how do you deal with HE spam

    as a german battleship, when facing cruiser, slow turn and the dispersion is huge. Is the secondary build dead, only survival build?
  6. weiwaynezhang

    what is the trick to aim behind island

    how to lock on a target, then?
  7. I see so many twitch or youtube that ppl shoot targets that behind island, when aim in front of the island. Am I looking at the wrong thing or there is some key to help with that. thanks
  8. Just start recently, can't decide what to buy first when I saved enough.
  9. weiwaynezhang

    captain build for IJN BB

    I am wondering where to find the captain build guide for IJN BB. with the various setups and some basic explaining. thanks.
  10. weiwaynezhang

    Need to stop blow outs - Matchmaker

    if the numbers don't lie, why even play, just compare win rate and leave... I always learn something from blown out unless I am last guy standing in my team
  11. weiwaynezhang

    Playing for fun

    when ppl in good shape, they rarely say good stuff in time before the end of battle when ppl was killed, they rant about the remaining teammate for not helping....
  12. weiwaynezhang

    which russian line is best

    got a 10 point russian captain, very new in the game. level 6 Jap BB and level 5 US cruiser wonder which line is better in Russian for grind.