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  1. CaptainZade_NA

    A Certain Campaign

    My friend told me that I should do the Epoch Campaign so I can get a T9 permanent camo for my Iowa, my question is, how hard will it be for a player like me? What are the easiest tasks to do? and do I only get 1 perma camo for it?
  2. CaptainZade_NA

    New Orleans

    I don't really like Georgia, I've already got Iowa, Friesland I'm not keen on getting since it costs a million free xp I think, from what I've seen on Thunderer she seems too easy to play, and I did want a premium Iowa but the only thing there is Georgia and Missouri (which I can't get), and I'm grinding up the USN heavy cruiser line and I liked the look of the Des Moines so now I want a premium clone of it, and luckily Salem's there in the armory.
  3. CaptainZade_NA

    New Orleans

    Don't really want Georgia (I'm fine with my Iowa), I want to get better at cruisers, plus even if I get Des Moines I most likely will be playing it rarely since the service costs at T10 is very high and I wouldn't be able to buy the perma camo for it, and I can't get any premium time too
  4. CaptainZade_NA

    New Orleans

    Don't really have the money to get any premium high tier ships so I'm just going to go for a ship I can get for coal, right now all I've got as a premium ship is Warspite
  5. CaptainZade_NA

    New Orleans

    What of Wichita? Is it a good ship?
  6. CaptainZade_NA

    New Orleans

    @Ace_04 Thanks for the tip about the AP, it's great! Just got this right now and I followed everyone's advice here. But I'll see if it's good against T9s. If someone wants I can probably send a replay
  7. CaptainZade_NA

    New Orleans

    Yeah I've learned some of this stuff through my fun grind with the Pensacola, so I'll stick to just grinding with it and getting adjusted to it so by the time I get Salem I can earn credits in T10. I'm sure that the NO isn't bad, it's just that I dislike getting matched with T9s and my first impressions of it is very bad compared to me playing DDs for the first time.
  8. CaptainZade_NA

    New Orleans

    Finished playing and grinding the Pensacola, was fun, and now I've got the New Orleans and I think I'm doing very poorly with it, I always find myself in T9 matches where I'm very vulnerable with my 25mm armor so I get discouraged to even play it. I've watched videos on how to play the New Orleans and I'm still trying to comprehend them, so while I'm finding help on how to get out of probably my most hated ship right now, how do I play it?
  9. CaptainZade_NA

    French Battleship Accuracy

    I like the look of Republique but the turret placement concerns me a little bit, I'd rather have Richelieu's turret placement than Gascogne's.
  10. CaptainZade_NA

    US Destroyers

    Just joined it, thanks! I've also joined Lord Zath's discord an have posted some of my replays there
  11. CaptainZade_NA

    French Battleship Accuracy

    Ooh hybrids can work?
  12. CaptainZade_NA

    French Battleship Accuracy

    So what's going to be the difference between the secondary build for the French battleships and a survivability build for them?
  13. CaptainZade_NA

    French Battleship Accuracy

    Are the battleships good with a secondary build? Their armor doesn't look to be for brawling really and they are vulnerable to HE I heard
  14. CaptainZade_NA

    French Battleship Accuracy

    But it is possible to get good damage numbers on them with that accuracy right? I've seen a few videos on the French battleships where they got 120k+ damage
  15. CaptainZade_NA

    French Battleship Accuracy

    So how are the high tier French battleships' accuracy like? I heard from someone that Republique has 2.0 sigma but horrible horizontal dispersion that makes it perform better on broadsides? What does those mean and is the Richelieu and Alsace's accuracy make them reliant on broadsides?