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  1. V_Trinity

    PTS 0.10.10

    moving closer to Dx12 is amazing! I actually cannot wait until my clan mates see this update. really kicking. kudos art dept! I really think this some of the best "water" & wake work period. cheers, just stunning! Greetings, how do I feel? the bruises will heal. have to say "in-game" still feeling less than helpful with less options? more fire sources are not increasing my fun factor, that's all I'm saying here. love this game, but, it's not making it easy. not that I play for "easy", just not to leave "torqued". getting into bad positions is my greatest downfall, I'm aware, and I'm working though the grief of it. 15 full minutes of Torps locks, Flames & Flooding ...oh my, while most flanks fold or flee, it might be more of a BALANCE ISSUE? My thought is that, 50% of my matches are going to be losses, than, why play those matches? As a company that should desire greater appeal of their product, you might want a > 50% fun to suck ratio? But, I digress. what I believe could help? glad you asked... -get your cc's back, they explain your game far better than you. not a bash, just truth. -start some rework of the damage con system. there has got to be a better way to control the "helpless" feeling when you dcp one set of torps, after toughing through 2 fires & flooding, only to be tagged by another set from the same sub with 15 seconds "cool-down" remaining? lather-rinse-repeat for the entire match? then dropped into a up-tired match against unicums... Balance, players NOT SHIPS! there you go, fixed. your welcome. -reward AVID PLAYERS & PRODUCERS = fostering relationships. "unobtainium" that's what most preferable premium ship premacamos are made of. there are dozens of fixes to this that are more complex than my little brain could work out. Bet WG could. -reward/encourage teamwork; how about the addition of one more in-game chat group: "FLANK" -center -west -east which communicates to all friendlies DIRECTLY around you or within firing/spotting range? with NO CHAT, just "signals" or quick commands? just some thoughts, sorry if they're "salty"? Patching/Updates Although this is likely being addressed, as this issue appears to be less in later updates. -dotnet update sync between msft & wows seem to require installation & updates from msft prior to stabilizing post update. Noted when: physical memory < 70% system has been in "sleep mode" when Microsoft update has not been run for a few days what happens: game loader, halts (prior to increase from 2m to full load ram use) game fails to connect to wg server (less common 20:1) halt during session, both in port and in match. notification not given, "connect" option. Audio (maybe this is just me?) -adjusting in game audio volume does not decrease background white noise levels. Possibly audio driver issues? Not experienced with other applications/games. Noticeable when using better quality gaming headsets, not so much with speakers.
  2. V_Trinity

    Fair Winds and Following seas.

    o7 & farewell Master Chief
  3. V_Trinity

    PTS 0.10.4

    @alphasierra1963 I think I remember reading or listening maybe related. AI improvements? Thought that was already in? ? @Hapa_Fodder ?
  4. V_Trinity

    Update 0.9.11 - Bug Reports

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: ORDER OF OCCURANCE 1) STEAM UI Update (2nd in 2 days) [WOWS NA 0.9.11] 2) Steam WoWS (PC) Required update 3.22 GB 3) Windows Update
  5. V_Trinity

    Update 0.9.11 - Bug Reports

    C2D: 1) Loading map in DIV Mode (Pinked Me after reconnect) 2) Failed to load (similar auth0 or acct lock) 3 times, with server selection step. 3) Game loaded, C2D (in the middle of a 2nd game) game in progress. 4) Crashed directly to Windows Update Progress page (attached) **5) installed, restarted. (one offs? iCue, Radeon, Steam & discord all crashed with update). 6) KNOWN ISSUES: *Microsoft Windows Updates; Airplane mode enabled during HDW Update, RESTART REQ'd. (obviously) But this will immediately kill TCP & UDP traffic by protocol stop. May also be associated with hardware (firmware or auth0 stuff) **Microsoft / OEM Driver compliance standards uproar: Apple, Intel Chipset (integration issues look up "2.0 USB Port Voltage Fluctuations") Appears to be corrected after update and restart. -Looks like the .NET Framework requires updating as well STEAM. -Looks like this machine also required USB Hdw update as well (attachment).
  6. V_Trinity

    PTS 0.10.0

    Good to go now! Thanks Dah_Bulls269! lol NOTE: This DID require two UI game restarts. 2nd time through (assume login auth update, good call DB268). server selection option modal, makes a world of difference! thanks again HAPA! Here's follow-up & close my thread.
  7. V_Trinity

    PTS Updates 0.10.0 Bugs

    Please follow this template for submitting bugs. 1. Description Application Note: Although technically not a bug, Time, bandwidth, resource worm. -Forced to download (v10 PT1) three separate times. 49GB x 3. 2. How to reproduce Requires BOTH Steam & WGGC apps running on same machine/device. -Run Game ORDER: -Setup WG PT account (and verify) -login and enter Activation Code -Launch Game using Steam Account information (my initial mistake during Beta 9.10) -Authentication (of course) fails. -Switch accounts to WG PT -Authentication fails again at "Loggin In" pre-launch load screen. 3. Result Primarily (not a bug), authentication on single machine with multiple accounts, really buggers up the entire works. Not sure if this is related to my overarching AZ/AD Id's on this TPM (1.2 sha512 AUTH0 2)? a Stretch? NOTES: Since I do this a bit, I use separate drives for STEAM (purchased & installed) vs Candidate/A/B Pre-releases. Thus the reason for this problem. Steam now locks game <dir> outside it's defined directory structure. Allowing ONLY either previously created STEAM <dir>, or creation of NEW <dir>. This issue maybe such a on-off that it's a nonissue. Since this is my 3rd Public Test for you, it made sense to report this "time suck" FINAL WORDS: Still attempting to resolve the game KEY issue. Most likely related? One the Activation Key is added (I assume unique to installation components or dlls), other instances not only will not take the key (expected), but also, web portals (when refreshed F5) will not reveal any additional or replacement keys? That is all.