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  1. yeah, sorry. guilty necro vibe here. simply put. oops~
  2. V_Trinity

    Ops Hermes Victory Conditions

    in this op & "Raptor Rescue" it is sometimes necessary to be a meat shield for a primary objective ship. bots will make every effort to treat them as priority target, unless there is a greater threat.
  3. please forgive my corpse prodding. it truly is a forgotten art. shambling is all it does.
  4. V_Trinity

    3 mercs for the whole clan?!

    makes me wonder if a simple asterisk by the players that are LFD in CB's only? which would be the placeholder for the "crossed cannons"? might help those with a lot of contacts more easily tag them. sry, for the topic chicanery.
  5. V_Trinity

    I have to agree with Zoup.

    it seems like I've heard this before. is it more about the "meta" ~or~ just the changes coming too often? IF the later, is this an issue of adaptability to changes introduced? maybe, since I know grinding IS hard at high tier for me, protracted periods with little actual advancement. with long periods of time between "achievements". is this that "garbage" your talking about?
  6. ~or~ use OBS (or similar) on your machine. you *may upload later if you like the capture.
  7. I'm up there too (60), and I haven't played nearly as many matches as usual. I really suspect Battle Pass will add value. Additional rewards are always welcome, especially when you clear all other monthly missions in the 2nd weeks. If you play a decent amount, you should hit the "Post-Progress" infinity loop. ~tommy likeee~
  8. V_Trinity

    Catering to the Whiners!

    if there were only a meme for this... now that would be perfect :) #captainiusparadoxicalparrotus TM ~or~ #paradoxicalparrot TM
  9. V_Trinity

    I have to agree with Zoup.

    Bang On! As long as WoWS keeps it's eyes on the community & feedback. As long as the feedback is relevant, and something better than "it really sucks...". There is real longevity in this game [imho]. If it's "Fun & Enraging" that's good? If you're having "Fun.." then it's the game for you. On the other hand, the "...Enraging" is problematic. Raging can be a perfect moment, or other players "worst day ever". if that makes any sense.
  10. V_Trinity

    I have to agree with Zoup.

    spoken like a true supertest candidate...
  11. V_Trinity

    I have to agree with Zoup.

    wise perspective! I really enjoy playing WoWS a lot. Although I've only been playing it few years, if might change as time passes. Truthfully, I'm not sure that anyone is capable of "always" keeping perspective when playing anything competitively (or in a competitive way) ? I have been watching & enjoying Zoup for most of my time playing this game. I enjoy his antics & banter. Seems his feelings about this game speak to something we all hear a lot. Maybe situations have influenced his perspective, more than I a feeling yet? Dunno for certain. I can tell you this game does pump some adrenaline [https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/understanding-the-stress-response] ~ maybe ~ a bit too much of this energy is devoted to more negative affects than healthy ones, *especially* with prolonged play? That's what my thoughts are? True? It remains a question. I can also tell you, there ARE people that tend to find the negative in almost anything today. often clinging onto it like a badge. maybe the wise choice for some, would be to fold and move on? Triggering ENJOYMENT (in some way), is way more in-line with the word GAME. only my opinion. "Zoup, Out".
  12. V_Trinity

    Critical error when closing game

    that's the current fix. there is an fix incoming shortly.
  13. V_Trinity

    Game is crashing for me

    Similar error message. It's not unusual to use the same event error/crash event module. although it does make detailed diagnosis of issues more complicated. the crashreports are essential for details. don't forget to include them if you file a WG Support Ticket.
  14. V_Trinity

    Critical error when closing game

    so, server-side?