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  1. Venger_NoFear

    Mission: Operation Ten-Go

    Me complaining about a 2 CV match... Yamato: Operation Ten-Go...
  2. Venger_NoFear

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    It does, they playtested them on Twitch today and it does indeed have the roar of each monster as the horn...
  3. Venger_NoFear

    PTS 0.10.3 BUG REPORTS

    Cap points not accruing in 4v4 in Axis and Allies, and the team is dead but the game does not end...
  4. Venger_NoFear

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    Absolutely real, they'd be in hot water if they just borrowed the film and all the intellectual property of it for an April Fools Joke...
  5. Venger_NoFear

    Dry Dock: World War II Navies Compared

    Great video... now where is my redeemable code?!?!?!
  6. Venger_NoFear

    Naval Legends: Bespokoyny – Trailer

    In Soviet Russia, propellers screw you!!
  7. Venger_NoFear

    Game Log in

    Can't log in, played all day long (including a spectacular 3-12 run, thanks matchmaker!) and after a couple hour break - can't log in. Removed all mods, just sitting at Logging In... after a few seconds, it will no longer respond to the esc key either, so you have to go to Task Manager to kill the process. Aggravating, to say the least... UPDATE: Hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del did seems to break it's spell... finally got in once I did that.
  8. Venger_NoFear

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    Last set of dupes I got in the last Fates group just sold received dupes for credits...
  9. Venger_NoFear

    How It Works: The Matchmaker

    How matchmaker works? Did you just load your ships with banners? Matchmake with potatoes. Are you needing that sixth win to finish your daily missions? Matchmake with potatoes. Did you not put on an AA flag? Matchmake with carriers. Are you in a BB? Matchmake with potato DDs leaving you blind. Playing a ship with no AA? Matchmake with two carriers. It's Skynet, only rather than taking over the world, it's just passive aggressive...
  10. Venger_NoFear

    Graf Zeppelin is dying

    Good news! My only BF ship drop was the GZ! I have never played nor had the desire to play a carrier... and this thread makes me feel likely to never want to. Any other ship from that line, any other ship... but NO... gotta be a CV and apparently one of the worst at that... Happy Crapsgiving!
  11. Venger_NoFear

    Asymmetric Mode is not Asymmetric Enough

    Seems like the last 24 hours, every game ends the same - over very quickly, on points, once the low tier side takes casualties. Too many points are given to the high tier for low tier ship losses. Many games were extremely competitive and had they continued, could have been either way - the problem is the high tier ships take longer to kill, and by the time you whittle them down, time is up based on points alone. Just my observation...