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  1. 7.6 billion people living on planet earth.. and you're the only one complaining about this
  2. Fomero

    Perfectly executed. PT 0.10.3, BALANCE CHANGES!

    Oh No! Now the thunderer players have to snipe from the B line as A line is no longer no an option
  3. Fomero

    Big Bad CV...Little Ole DD

    I love how people bad players complain about dd being op when there is no cv in the game because they misposition and then get torped to oblivion also just because the some cv players perform really poorly, doesn't mean that the class is fundamentally balanced, look at Elazer for eg, he can average like 3k pr almost every match...
  4. like what I just wanted Iona because she is my fav character in arpeggio but then like I have to buy the entire pack that includes characters and ships that I dont want to pay for this is the next level of sad. plz sell Iona like in a smaller pack or just alone
  5. Fomero

    Question about CV reticle

    Just like to get my opinion on this reticle update, so if the reticle aligns perfectly with the ship you will end up hitting superstructures and what not, I think this a really stupid change from wargaming as it significantly nerfs capability of the german cv's and makes them "Inconsistent" due to lack to citadel damage. Also I don't think this is "nerfing" the cvs but rather making the cv players underperform, restricting them from unlocking the full potential of the ship, Wargaming, if you are wanting to nerf the cv, the reticle doesn't nerf the cv it self and cv players will eventually get used to the new reticle; meaning that you are only delaying the performance of cv's. If you are nerfing the cv this is not the right way to do it, and changing the reticle that so many people liked and were used to is non-sense.
  6. Fomero

    Question about CV reticle

    I found a better example on yt, as you can see the cv reticle doesn't curve in a sense (it used to overlap on the superstructure) but now its is just on the waterline.
  7. Hey guys, in the recent update I realized that the cv reticle changed from the reticle actually overlapping the ship to being on the waterline.. => After this change happened I found it very hard to citadel cruisers with german cv due to the fact that I cannot tell where my rockets are actually hitting and mostly ends up hitting the superstructure, (I don't know how to angle my rockets 45 degrees with the new reticle.) Many of you guys might think that I'm just bad at CV's which is true, but I feel like I'm struggling more with the new reticle. Does anyone know if you can change back to the old reticle somehow or do I just have to adjust and deal with the new reticle? Thanks!
  8. I am kind of new to world of warships and I had a few question after watching some videos First of all when this youtuber scopes he dosen't have the black things in the corner how can I remove that? Second what kind of crosshair is he using because I couldn't find it on the settings Third I saw some ships that had the gun alignment circle and a square instead of a circle, is that based on the ship or can I also change that Thank you so much and I appreciate your help guys, Stay safe!!