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  1. Not just the maps, but the saturation of too many ships, air cancer, and soon subs in a small battlespace. The gameplay is over-crowded and all the maps have become CharlieFoxtrot kill zones. Only thing to do is hang back and snipe if you can. Random battles have become very boring. The limit should be 7 on 7 - more like Ranked Battles. In Ranked there is more opportunity to use the map and use strategy because you are not under constant fire and torpedo attack from everywhere at once.
  2. USN_Submariner_TM

    Question for Destroyer players

    But if you see a battleship of your team - getting torpedoed and HE spammed relentlessly from an enemy DD withing your range and capability to fight - you would right? I see too many DDs with full HP bars just sitting in their smoke within a couple km of an enemy DD chunking away at a teammate BB, and doing nothing to support. That is what really has me shaking my head. Aggressive DDs who hunt and kill the enemy DDs - even if they get blown up doing it - still hugely contribute to the team effort. Without the risk of DDs torpedoing from out of nowhere, the BBs and cruisers can be more aggressive in taking and holding caps... and that is what wins games. Heck, even with plenty of HP left on ship, I've rammed the most difficult and dangerous enemy BB just to take it out so my team could win. Problem with this game is there is no willingness to take risks and sacrifice for the win - as if our pretty ships are gone forever, and we go down with them.
  3. USN_Submariner_TM

    Question for Destroyer players

    It does matter. A battleship has a certain role, a cruiser has a certain role, so do carriers, subs, support ships, aircraft, and the capatain's dinghy. The game was intended for battles between battlegroups of battleships, cruisers, and destroyers working together WITHIN THEIR ROLES to support each other in fighting the enemy. But instead every match is a clusterf*ck with everyone all over the place, and no mutual support to defend against torpedo attack and air attack because the destroyers and cruisers are all looking to make their smoke nest and just sit there. This makes for very boring and predictable matches. What happened to simulating actual REAL naval warfare? Instead it is just a shoot-em-up arcade game now.
  4. I see that a lot of DD players seem to be unwilling to engage the enemy DDs. Why is this? Do DD players think 16 inch guns with 30 second reloads are adequate for fighting off destroyer torpedo attacks and HE spamming from inside smoke? Do these DD players not realize that by not taking out the enemy DDs you leave your BBs and heavy cruisers to get chunked and killed, often before they even get a chance to get into the battle. How do you expect to win matches when you let enemy DDs decimate your teammates capital ships? Just don't get it, please enlighten me.
  5. You are right of course. Another emample of douchebagery I has today. A Colorado and my KGV has just cleared our cap and were going around the island with the river between it (twins maybe?), anyway we are both turning the corner into the enemy base - most of the enemy had decided to push the other flank, so we were basically going to cap that and keep heading to the other side to help mop up. Only problem is this persistent Nurnburg had disenagaged from our earlier fight and ran to the edge of the box but still within range of the Colorado and me. Meanwhile the Nurnburg is just laying into Colorado with HE slowly chunking away. We both fired back, but he was doing some pretty good kiting. An "allied) Fiji then comes in behind us - I ask him to chase that Nurnburg away, because some enemy BBs had finally noticed us flanking and were heading towards us. I engaged a Florida in front of me, but Colorado was blown up - and what was this ahole Fji doing the whole time? Sending some useless Brit light Cruiser AP at the Florida, which I am more than holding my own with. Meanwhile this Nurnburg now goes after me with the HE from the stbd side while I am dueling with Florida head-on. Didn't even have time to curse at the Fiji until after the game. These nitwits have no clue what the roles of these ships are supposed to be. When a BB is dueling with another BB and a cruiser is spamming HE on that ally BB, do you go after the cruiser or just sit there throwing your weak-assed useless AP into the enemy BB while your ally BB get smoked by that cruiser? Seems pretty simple to me. Of course we lost, because when you have such dumb selfish brats playing this game - as you stated - it really makes any kind of thoughtful strategy futile.
  6. I was in a KGV holding a flank with another KGV. While I was backing up bow forward in a fighting holding position against a Colorado, Gneisenau, and a couple cruisers, this other KGV is just lurking behind me the whole game, not firing a damn shot. After fighting like this for most of the match and inflicting some good damage on the Gneisenau, I finally get blown up. This useless so called teammate in the other KGV is just sitting there watching me get pounded the whole game and did nothing despite being within range of both enemy battleships. Only after I am blown up and the Gneisenau HP is left with like 10% does this 'big hero" come out from hiding to kill the Gneisenau and get a nice red ribbon for his stats. At this point it was only him left on our team, and he gets blown up by the Colorado and we lose. Let's hear the rationalizations for this crap player and his gameplay method of letting his teammates do all the fighting and dying, and then coming out to bottom feed on what's left of the enemy to pad his stats.
  7. USN_Submariner_TM

    Don't blame WG for WoWs gameplay issues

    Nice try to nullify my views through an attempt at character assasination... But I am not a professional gamer and can't be held to fixed playing schedules and Discord meetings, etc., so I chose to join a WOLF Clan like others who can't be tied down to gaming outside of actual playing time. In any case, whoever gets ad-hoc thrown together on a team - whatever clan (or no clan) - should have a clue about how to best use their ship to contribute to the overall match win for the team as a whole. If I see that the best contribution I can make at a given time in a battle is to commit to a risky move, or sacrifice my own ship, I do it. I have engaged in obviously futile attacks against, and duels with, superior ships simply in hope I can inflict some damage so my teammates can more easily finish them off, and I have kamikaze rammed others to take out a particularly troublesome uptiered and strong enemies to assist the rest of the team to rally for a win, or at least have a chance to win. I would do this for any of the random teammates I have been thrown together with, not just division or clan-mates. I have assisted teammates when I knew doing so would end up with me being blown up... why? because they asked for my help - simple enough. That is what teamwork is... considering what will help or benefit the team, and not just yourself. Maybe you simply can't comprehend what it is to work as a team with no other ties or relationships other than simply being on the same side in a fight against a mutual opponent.
  8. I've seen a lot of comments on Steam and other places blaming WG for a lot of issues with WoW and how it has taken a turn for the worse, but most of the problems I see are due to players, not ships, gimmicks, or other game issues. You can have the most realistic battle spaces, ships, planes, math, engineering, physics, and rendering but if the game isn't played realistically by the players, it simply won't be realistic or true to naval warfare. The kind of players I am talking about are those who: 1. Have no idea (or don't care) what the intended role of their ship type is. 2. Lack any boldness and initiative - it's all about following the lemming train to one flank or another with everyone hanging back and playing like scared sheep, as if they really die themselves if their ship get damaged or blown up. when one flank is being overpowered, there is no attempt to support from the strong flank... they are just circling around aimlessly like it's a Sunday stroll in park, and passively watching while their teamates on the other flank are outnumbered and/or overpowered and being decimated. As long as they stay in their "safe place..." 3. Only strategy seems to be to just hide behind a rock or in a cloud of smoke to just opportunistically chunk as much damage as they can by just exploiting whatever overpowered gimmick their ship might have. 4. No teamwork - ship types don't cover each other's weaknesses or fight in some semblace of a mutual supporting formation. Why the hell should a battleship 10km off the battle line steaming to support a weaker flank be stealth torpedoed by an enemy destroyer (or cruiser) when a friendly destroyer (or cruiser) is just sitting in his smoke cloud 2km from the enemy torpedo crapper but not engaging it? Why? because he is far more interested in sitting put quietly until a nice fat and slow enemy BB comes stumbling along so it can chunk damage off it....never occurs to them that maybe they should at least make an attempt to screen and protect their own team's BBs from destroyer and cruiser torpedo attacks. Nope, can't risk their shiny camo paint job to risk scuffing it to help a teammate. I've seen Coop PvE 'bot teams with better teamwork than I see in PvP Random Battles with breathing players. Maybe being a Navy Vet, I expect too much from gamer kids, but It is really a shame because the concept and intention of WoW is great from a naval warfare and history buff standpoint, but players like me who would like a more realistic gameplay are just thrown under the bus by opportunistic and selfish players who just see their ship as a team of its own and don't give a rat's fantail about any semblace of teamwork and/or tactics. I'm sure I'm not the only player who was real enthusiastic about this game and has been disappointed, but unless there is a way to improve gameplay through some kind of more effective in-game "reward or penalty" system to encourage more realistic gameplay, I think a lot of players will play a whole lot less or stop playing altogether. The novelty of earning new ships to play can only go so far if there is no interesting or challenging gameplay environment to fight them in.
  9. USN_Submariner_TM

    Naval History in Photos: Thanksgiving Dinner

    Thanksgiving at sea sucked, but luckily we usually never even realized it was Thanksgiving or didn't care. Just another 6-on-12 off three Watch section SSN day. Probably was a lot better on surface ships. But Happy Turkey Day to all the brothers and sisters still serving and Vets. Hope the homeless brothers and sisters can still get a good free meal despite the Covid.
  10. USN_Submariner_TM

    Protecting capital ships

    Super cute pic. But besides the fact that I know this from experience in the navy, it is also quite plain in the ship type description in WoWs.
  11. USN_Submariner_TM

    Protecting capital ships

    Let me ask you a question. In any of the national fleets and period of history represented in WoWs, what would have happened to any cruiser or destroyer capatain who sat on their [edited]while one of their battleships got a beatdown or was sunk by enemy cruisers and destroyers? Can you say "relieved of duty" or "courtmartial?" I guess it never occurs to "gamers" that WoW actually tries to be pretty realistic. Any of us who served, especially in a navy, know each ship has a role to play on a team, just like positions on a soccer team or basketball. When players don't do their jobs, the result is usually losing.
  12. USN_Submariner_TM

    Protecting capital ships

    Not against other cruisers and destroyers. Battleships are intended to engage other battleships. But as a BB player it is hard to do this when behind every rock and in every smokehole a CC or DD is crapping out high rate HE fire. Read your naval doctrine. Cruisers and destroyers are supposed to be screens and pickets - to avoid enemy BBs while engaging enemy CCs and DDs and not allowing them the luxury of just sitting in safety raining HE spam down on your BBs with impunity.
  13. USN_Submariner_TM

    Protecting capital ships

    Battlefield awareness solves that. In WoWs it is generally follow the herd, but if a lone outnumbered BB is trying to defend a flank from getting turned how about helping and not letting him get slaughtered while the lemmings all congregate on the other flank. A BB can hold off one or two other BBs with good maneuvering and angling... but not two (or more) high fire rate CCs and/or DDs, especuially when firing from behind rocks or from smoke. WoWs designed each ship type with certain strengths and weaknesses against other types PRECISELY for the notion of requiring good teamwork and mutual support. But I rarely see it. Most battles are random lopsidded [edited]beatings based on whether or not the opposing herds decide to stampede to. Whoever is outnumbered either has to run away to join the herd or get blown up in a futile last stand. Realistic battle group matches would be so awesome compared to the mindless clusterf*cks they are now.
  14. USN_Submariner_TM

    Protecting capital ships

    No, but it is a lot easier to chunk damage from BBs hiding behind a rock or in smoke. Especially when they have nobody forcing them onto the defensive. Spamming can only be effectively countered by spamming, unless you think BB main guns are effective against DD and smaller and faster CCs. And if everyone filled their intended role, not true. BBs will generally ignore CCs that are focused on other CCs if they are being engaged by another BB. Whole point is to let the BBs duke it out while the CCs and DDs keep their counterparts busy, Fighting each other, they wouldn't be so free to unload on the slower BBs in mass spamming. Bottom line is that BBs can't perform their role of countering enemy BBs effectively if they are constantly having to flee and dodge HE spam, including protecting CCs from BBs.
  15. USN_Submariner_TM

    Protecting capital ships

    WoW should factor into the point scheme the failure of CCs and DDs to protect capital ships, which is their main purpose. Blindly giving points for damage makes it all too common for DDs and CCs to just sit behind rocks and spew spam at slower enemy BBs instead of trying to protect their own BBs and CVs. Too many BBs get HE spammed to death by enemy CCs and DDs while teamate CC and DD players are in range to counter - but don't. Maybe if the match points were weighted by ship type - more points for surviving BB and CV and less if capital ships are lost, would create more incentive for CC and DD players to protect their teamates so gameplay more faithfully resemble true naval warfare and not just an every-man-for-himself point scramble.