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  1. aegisbm_1

    wut about graff spee in ops?

    Pretty much this, ops (well , coop battles in general) favor high dpm/accurate ships, Spee is neither so , barring some lucky game , most of your games will be mediocre at best, waiting 20 seconds to get a couple of overpens on fully broadside bots is neither fun nor profitable
  2. aegisbm_1


    BBs in coop are dead, the yolo torp DD is king there
  3. aegisbm_1

    ASW Aiming Reticle/sights missing

    Yep, In the middle of a game in my Zieten the aiming brackets for the airstrike disappeared after a quick shift to torp aiming, speaking of which, the white torpedo lead indicator was gone as well, deleted all mods and ran a few times the repair tool, no effect, thinking about reinstalling because is nearly impossible to land an airstrike and torps are hard to use
  4. aegisbm_1

    Yuro on submarines

    Indeed, but to be honest it is true to their design ideology, I mean the other day I was in my Haarlem when I ran into a sub, he submerged, I pop hydro then I realize my ship has no ASW, so I have no choice but to take a shotgun blast of torps to the face, that is what I call Top notch design, GG, well played, would rage again!
  5. aegisbm_1

    Yuro on submarines

    My favourite part is when the sub ram kills the DD and survives, given the fact that in real life raming a sub with a DD was a vey effective tactic to deal with them I find it hysterical that the devs think thats fine, heck they should double down and make it so subs can ram kill BBs and CVs as well